MIT Economics Professor Helped Obama Lie to American People

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

You’ve heard from Rush Limbaugh about the nutty professor from MIT, Jonathan Gruber, who admits he helped team Obama lie about Obamacare in order to pull a fast one on the “stupid” American voters. Megyn Kelly from Fox News uncovers even more from this arrogant man…

Remember the story about Brenden Eich, CEO at Mozilla, who was fired for supporting Proposition 8 in California? This was an outrageous move by the supposedly tolerant democrat liberals to dump someone who dared (on his own private time) to disagree with them.

We suggest MIT should fire Professor Gruber immediately for his betrayal of the American people while serving as a representative of MIT. Not only was he paid $400,000 in blood money to sell us all out, he even laughed about it. Surely there is someone who loves this nation that works at MIT. Perhaps one of those brave employees can suggest the removal of Mr. Jonathan Benedict Arnold Gruber. Perhaps the real “stupid” Americans are those who continue to employ this man or allow their children to “learn” economics from such a liar.

He is a disgrace to the University and should resign.

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