More Consequences for North Korea: Carter Visit!

By Peter Andrew
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In our continuing adventure series of Nokomon vs. Obamamon, (Kim Jong Il vs. Barack Hussein Obama) Nokomon is once again having his revenge!

Nokomon at ConservativeAmerican.org

Obamamon and his Secretary of State have both been promising that North Korea will face tough and serious consequences! What were they?! The MSM doesn’t even care about this broken promise.

Remember when North Korea was subjected to a visit from Former President Bill Clinton? That was their “tough consequence!.” Oh, that sure made Nokomon shiver in his dictator boots (NOT). Surely that would teach the evil Nokomon will see the error in his ways and behave himself. Riiiiiiiiiiiight?

But wait…we learn today, there is another tough consequence: Nokomon is now facing a visit from former President Jimmy Carter, who loves President Obama. Of course, Bill Clinton only went because he heard he could pick up not one, but TWO INTERNS at once! Now President Carter has been sent to punish Nokomon by picking up an American who wandered into North Korea from South Korea and was captured.

Obamamon at ConservativeAmerican.org

Obamamon at ConservativeAmerican.org

Now, feeling insulted with these tough consequences from the Superhero ObamaMon, Nokomon is continuing to bad-mouth and threaten the USA!

Will Obamamon save the day? Will he have time to actually figure out what a real consequence is before it’s too late? Or will Super Hero Obamamon walk away and focus on our raise our taxes in January? Nah…..that’s stupid. Soooooooo, Stay tuned for the next exiting episode!

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