National Journal Working Awfully Hard to Defend Hillary Clinton

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

Alex Seitz-Wald writes at the National Journal that the huge Benghazi revelations this week only “appear” to maybe, perhaps, kinda sorta suggest something may have been downplayed a bit. No smoking gun in this week’s news, he writes! Seitz-Wald says the Ben Rhodes White House email released this week…

appears to show that the White House downplayed the possibility of terrorism in the aftermath of the attack, instead blaming an anti-Muslim video that had sparked violent protests in more than a dozen Muslim countries around the attack.

I added the emphasis. What the hell does he mean by “appears to show?!” I guess that’s how a liberal trying to cover for Hillary 2016 Clinton writes “clearly shows.”

Then he says maybe, just maybe mind you, the White House may have, perhaps, “Downplayed the possibility of terrorism.” Downplayed? Is that the author’s word for “LIED?!” They didn’t downplay anything. This email shows there was a deliberate attempt to mislead the American people in order to avoid showing the truth of a policy failure just before an election. That’s why most (not Seitz-Wald) call this a smoking gun.

And what does he mean by “possibility” of terrorism?! Seitz-Wald is absolutely off his rocker if he intends to claim here, in May of 2014, that there is any shred of doubt that this was terrorism! We know it was terrorism. That’s a fact. No one, except perhaps the National Journal, is claiming anything else! Sorry to break it to you, Alex, but this WAS terrorism! For Pete’s sake, can’t you even bring yourself, your Hillary voter id-card, to admit that?!

To be fair, Seitz-Wald does write that Hillary may never be able to shake the Benghazi issue off and that she’ll have to learn to answer questions about it.

Thank God House Speaker Boehner FINALLY appointed a special congressional committee to investigate Benghazi and put Conservative American Trey Gowdy in charge.


  1. Siamo says:

    You’re definitely nuts.

    1. Peter Andrew says:

      Glad I have that verified! But seriously, you are always welcome to stop by and disagree with us. Substance usually works a bit better than just saying we’re nuts, but that works too! Thanks for stopping by.

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