#NBCnews ignoring Bill Clinton Cheating on Hillary

It seems like a hundred years ago when a guy named Gary Hart ran for President. When questioned about a rumored extra-marital affair, he not only denied it but encouraged the media to try to prove it.

By today’s standards this is an obvious mistake. But the Colorado democrat grew up in an era when everyone in the media knew John F. Kennedy was unfaithful to his wife but none of them dared to report it. Hart must have figured it would work for him too. It didn’t. The Miami Herald went after him.

Have things gone backward to the JFK days? NBC news, Lester Holt, and the rest of the media have simply decided to ignore the reports that the spouse of a current presidential candidate is having at least one extra-marital affair. General Colin Powell discussed it in one of his leaked emails saying its common knowledge that Billy Bob Clinton is still blank-ing bimbos in his New York home while Hillary is out of town.

Is that true? If so, where’s the Miami Herald now? Where’s Lester Holt? Why no reporting on this? Would it be the same if Holt found out Melania Trump was getting it on with one or more young studs while Donald was out campaigning?! Of course not.

Sean Hannity even reports the secret service has a code name of “the energizer” for Bill Clinton’s true love. So what’s Hillary ‘s code name? The deflator?!

If it’s so public, why the news blackout? Hey Lester, still claim to be neutral?

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