NCLA National Liberal Champion Andrew Cuomo!

By David Kraemer – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

Liberal Andrew Cuomo is the National Embarrassment!

Cuomo is one of the "No Tolerance" New York Stooges!
Cuomo is one of the “No Tolerance” New York Stooges!
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has won the National Collegiate Liberals Association (NCLA) National Championship! Cuomo had a tough opponent in Liberal Senator Mary Landrieu who cast the deciding vote to pass the Obamacare Nightmare. In the end though, Cuomo defeated Landrieux 60 to 54 to secure the March Liberal Madness title.

NCLA 2014 Liberal Champion
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Over the weekend, Cuomo had surprised the nation with an easy defeat, 63 to 53, of presumed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. The victory is seen as a prequal of their 2016 battle for the socialist-union-democrat party nomination, and it doesn’t turn out well for Her Hillaryness.

Also over the weekend, Landrieu defeated Harry Reid in a close one, 74 to 73.

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