New York Dems Go Crazy – Want Political Opponents to Get Out!

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – I’m sexy and I know it.

No Tolerance from New York Democrats!
No Tolerance from New York Democrats!

Imagine if George W. Bush had said liberal democrats were extremists and were not welcome in this country. The press would have went nuts, demanding apologies if not resignations. But Heather Long at the Guardian says democrat New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

“…recently told conservative Republicans – specifically anyone who is pro-traditional marriage, pro-life or pro-guns – they “have no place in the state of New York”. Conservative media has jumped all over Cuomo and rightfully so. It was a silly thing to say…”

No calls for him to apologize.  No press reports suggesting he should resign.  Silence.

Not to be outdone in socialist-union-democrat circles, The NY Post says New York City’s Plowgate Mayor, Bill de Blasio, joined the chorus…

“I agree with Gov. Cuomo’s remarks… I think he was absolutely right to say what he said,” de Blasio added.

The crazy lack-of-tolerance talk from the liberal left (you know, the same guys who want you tolerate gay marriage, abortion and the government taking your guns… yeah, those guys) doesn’t stop at the Governor’s desk, or even the mayor’s desk.  It takes a seat in the U.S. Senate as well.

NY Senator Chucky Doll Schumer said the tea party members are “know-nothings,” government should spend more, corporate taxes should be raised, and the Supreme Court should overturn the ‘Citizens United’ case.  As our friends at the American Thinker point out, Schumer also admitted he is scared to death of the tea party…

Schumer implicitly admitted he is terrified of the Tea Party and the perhaps existential threat it presents to the hardcore Left that now maintains a death grip over an increasingly imperial White House and the do-nothing U.S. Senate. He wondered aloud, “Why does the Tea Party, a group that seems to represent a small but extreme part of America, have such an undue power which all too often results in a stranglehold over our politics and policies? Ever since its rise in 2009, the Tea Party’s influence has been undeniable. They’ve won elections, stymied Democratic priorities…”

 Awww, poor Chucky Doll Schumer feels stymied!  And the nerve of those wascilly tea partierswinning elections!


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