New York Times Sold To New Owners?

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Proudly consuming fossil fuels.

NYTI’ve searched everywhere online and I can’t find a single media outlet that has covered the sale of the New York Times.  In fact, I checked with the State of New York and they have no record of the sale yet either.

How can such a big story go unreported?

Hmmm.  It’s obvious to most Americans the so-called “news” paper has been sold to none other than Bill & Hillary Clinton.

If they haven’t bought the newspaper, then how is it that they control the content?!

That report by David Kirkpatrick has been discredited by both democrats and republicans.  It has been called false by other media outlets.  Seems like maybe David Kirkpatrick should be vacationing with Lara Logan soon.

Instead of defending their reporter, the NY Times editorial board basically said, “Hey! Look over there!”  They made no attempt to explain why they lied just to help Hillary’s 2016 Presidential Campaign.  Instead they said, those mean ol’ wascilly wepublicans are just big meanies and they don’t even want Hillary to be President.  

Maybe they figure if Bill, Hillary and Barack can simply lie all the time, why can’t the New York Times?


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