Newsweek Bachmann Pic – Queen of Rage

Bachmann newsweek cover
Another cheap shot from the DeadStream Media’s “Obama 2012” division at Newsweek. This one is a purposefully lousy shot of Conservative American Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann along with a headline calling her the “Queen of Rage!


By Peter Andrew
The King of Conservative American Rage!


The fraudulent bastards working at Newsweek for the Democrat party and the Obama 2012 campaign are up to their old tricks again. Someone in the White House must have let the Democrat Newsweek magazine know that they are very worried about Michele Bachmann.

”Not to worry,” the answer must have come back. “We’ll join with your claim that the Tea Party is responsible for America’s meltdown and we’ll get her good on our cover.” No doubt this was met with a comment of gratitude from the Obama 2012 machine. Newsweek is a partisan rag hardly worth the space at the bottom of your bird cage.

What a bunch of scums! These liberal sleeze-bags hate Conservative Americans. They also hate beautiful women. The only thing that could be worse would be a beautiful Conservative American woman with brains! Soooo, combine all three into one Michele Bachmann, and you’ve got someone they really, really hate!

Bachmann is a lovely woman, a great Mom, an intelligent leader who listens, and a person who deserves respect.

America knows Michele Bachmann and her Tea Party Conservative Americans are the ONLY ONES who stood up for them in the recent debt debate. The Tea Party Conservatives were the ONLY ONES SAYING NO HIGHER TAXES. Don’t kid yourself, that “higher taxes only on the super rich” line was BS. They would increase taxes on every single one of the 52% of working Americans who pay federal income tax. Bachmann and her Tea Party Conservatives STOOD UP FOR YOU! Bachmann and the others also were the ONLY ONES to DEMAND some real, actual cuts in spending. Both parties abandoned you on that one. Republicans and Democrats were more than willing to come up with a list of fake cuts and try to pass them over on you (and on Standard & Poors).

Michele Bachmann does not want to be Queen, like Queen Michelle-uh. She wants to be President. If she is Queen of anything, Michele Bachmann is Queen of the hearts of red-blooded Conservative Americans fed up with socialists, democrats and wimpy republicans… You know, all those Americans “enraged” about the nation’s first Socialist President, Barack Hussein Obama.

FOXy Blondes News even reports the NOW gang is even outraged by Newsweek’s blatant kiss-the-butt-of-Obamaism on this one!


You can see real pictures of Bachmann in her beauty by clicking here. Bachmann was number two on our list of Top 10 most popular Conservative Women!

Attacks on Bachmann are not new for the left.

Published on August 9, 2011

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