No Money in Obama’s Stash for Military

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Obama's Mission Accomplished image President Barack H. Obama always seems to find money for projects he thinks are important. He finds hundreds of billions of dollars for solar and wind energy firms. He finds a billion dollars to do something about the drought in California. Today he found hundreds of billions of dollars for roads (again)!

That’s what he told us the trillion-dollar economic stimulus package was for; building roads and schools with shovel-ready projects. Nonsense. The money went to political supporters in Obama-approved industries. Can you say Solyndra?

All of the President’s decisions are based on politics and what is best for him, not necessarily best for the nation or those who fight to protect it.

As Karl Rove laughed about yesterday on FOX News, this week Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel declared two things simultaneously; the nation faces more and greater threats than ever, and he and others on Team Obama are planning to reduce the military to a size not seen since prior to WWII. It’s not really funny, but we understand Rove chuckling at the stupidity of the two conflicting statements.

Team Obama plans to slash $75-billion from the military, reducing Army ranks by as many as 80,000 soldiers. $75-billion in cuts because there’s just not enough money to have such a large military. Hey, even the republicans talk about how broke we are, right?

So where the hell is the $300-billion Obama announced today supposed to come from? If that money exists, and it likely does not, at least $75-billion should restore these Obama-inspired cuts in the military.

As the President approaches the milestone of 2,000 military deaths under his command, which most in the media will ignore completely, he’s demonstrating once again he just doesn’t care about the military, the wars, or victory.

Republicans made a deal a while back with democrats to cut both military and entitlement spending. Later, republicans caved and allowed democrats to restore that funding for their beloved entitlement programs which cost about 4 times as much as the military budget. Now, guess what? Big surprise! Obama is cutting the military anyway. So, democrats get what they want and republicans get… wait, let me check,… nope. Nothing.

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