No Teeth to North Korea Sanctions

By Peter Andrew ConservativeAmerican.org

Leading the way Right, we have been telling you for several months now that the promise by the Obama Administration to have “consequences” for North Korea was nothing but rhetoric. Our Conservative American Think Tank continues to be proven correct!

The other day, Fox News said the U.S. might need to make a “good will gesture” (what kind of “consequence” is a good will gesture?) to gain the release of two journalists held by North Korea. Despite promises by both Obama and Madame Hillary Clinton, no consequences have taken place for North Korea. Today, so-called “key” players at the United Nations have agreed to what they are calling ‘consequences.’

See what you think of them…

Fox News: “The sanctions would allow foreign countries to stop and search ships heading to and from North Korea, pending approval from the country whose flag the vessel was flying.” So, if we say ‘Pretty please,’ maybe…just maybe…the country might let us on the ship to look around. Ouch. That’s sure a tough sanction. I’m not sure how North Korea will survive with such tough consequences from the Obama Administration!

Fox again: “The resolution does not, however, authorize the use of force should the stopped ships refuse to allow searches, but the sanctions should allow for more ships to be checked.” Okay, so we say ‘pretty please,’they say no, and then….nothing. You guessed it. Still NO CONSEQUENCES at all!!!

The self-described cussing-and-spitting U.S. Ambassador Susan Ricepresented the draft resolution to the 15-member council. Fox reports: “Saying it would create “an unprecedented, detailed” regime in which nations “are expected to inspect suspected contraband cargo” on land and the high seas, and then seize and dispose of any contraband.”

Uhm. Seems like she left off the pretty please part, and the part where we can only do it if they let us. She probably just forgot that. The bad guys are quaking now. If they let us board their bad guy ships, we might actually destory their contraband.

Of course, they could just say No, and keep sailing.

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