North Korea Nuke & Team Obama

Hillary - Tough on N Korea?

Hillary – Tough on N Korea?

President Obama’s plan to restore “respect” for the U.S.A. around the world so all nations could be Rodney-King-Land and just ‘get along’, isn’t going so well

Fox News is reporting North Korea just announced that it successfully tested a nuclear weapon underground.

Remember back in April when the big, scary Barack Obama Administration “warned” North Korea not to test a missile? We remember it. From our post on April 6th:

President Obama’s Secretary of State warned North Korea not to launch its missile. North Korea did it anyway. Sec. of State Hillary Clinton: “It is an unfortunate and continuing example of provocation by the North Koreans,” Clinton told a news briefing at a conference in The Hague, Netherlands. “There will be consequences” if North Korea launches a missile” Okay. They launched. Where are the consequences? Will there be any from Team Obama?

Still no consequences from Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama or his administration. We’re not holding our breath for any either. All that blame America and try to be friends with everyone foreign policy “strategy” from Obama is not getting us anywhere. Votes mean things, folks. We have to remind voters of instances like this in 2010.

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