NY Man Wants Role for Palin

The Albany, New York “Times Union” newspaper ran a letter to the editor this week from a man named Patrick Reilly. We’d like to share some of his thoughts with you on Governor Sarah Palin. Here’s what Mr. Reilly had to say:

With regard to the editorial “Breakup the GOP” and the uncalled for swipe at Gov. Sarah Palin, I am extremely tired of the print and electronic media dumping on her. That goes double for those un-named McCain staffers dumping on her. If I recall correctly, she did not simply show up at the McCain for President office and demand the vice presidential nomination. Someone called her. Have the unnamed media sources missed what happened following her selection? McCain was eight points or more behind when the GOP arrived in St. Paul for their convention; by Sept. 10, thanks to Palin, McCain was in the lead. She lifted the roof off the convention center. Money started pouring into the Republican national headquarters. Volunteers showed up at McCain headquarters in every state. At every public appearance up to Election Day, she motivated the base and gave the McCain campaign the boost the ticket needed. The collapse of Wall Street banks, the fall of AIG and the resulting loss of trillions of dollars wreaking havoc on our 401Ks are a major reason for the GOP loss. Given the situation facing the McCain–Palin ticket, their keeping the race as close as it was in the popular vote gives hope to the future of the Republican Party. For the party to rebuild, it is time for new blood, less K Street and a return of a Republican Party dedicated to the moral and cultural issues that emerged following the defeat of another Arizona senator, Barry Goldwater. After some well-deserved rest and reflection, I hope Gov. Sarah Palin takes a leadership role in the rebuilding of the GOP. – Patrick Reilly

Patrick, we agree. Thanks for taking time to write your thoughts down!

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