Obama & 300 Advisors Still Just “Monitoring” Situation in Iraq

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right

As we predicted, President Obama still is doing nothing about terrorists taking over Iraq. His first “big announcement” was that he would be “monitoring the situation” over “the next few days.” That only served to give advanced notice to the enemy that they had some time to keep moving prior to any possible action the USA might take.

Yesterday’s “big announcement” was that he is sending 300 military advisors to Iraq to — here it comes — to help him continue the same nothingness of simply “monitoring” the situation. He also took time to advise the enemy that there were no impending air strikes being considered and that he would not be sending troops back in.

Who’s side is this guy on?! Not ours!

As we wrote the other day…

There are a few rules to his victim mentality foreign policy…

  1. White people normally cannot be victims. They are oppressors.
  2. Black people are always victims.
  3. Christians cannot be victims. They have been the oppressors.
  4. Jewish people also cannot be victims for the same reason and because they are viewed as having too much money and too much power.
  5. Muslims, especially Islamists, always are victims.

Iraq is a bit of a twist for President Obama with Muslim on Muslim fighting. In that case, the victimhood status of the Islamists will out-trump the [so-called ‘normal’] Muslims. Barack Hussein Obama has no problem at all with the Sunni leaders of ISIS taking control of Iraq. In his mind, it is only right and just that these victims get power and wealth. For too long, they have been held back by whites, Christians and Jews. Don’t look for him to take any action at all in Iraq other than perhaps removing remaining Americans from that nation… The Obama Doctrine is to side with whomever he thinks the victim is.

As Rush Limbaugh pointed out yesterday, Obama said military action in Iraq won’t do any good, then in a quick display of hypocrisy sent 300 military advisors. Fox & Friends points out this morning that he blamed the Iraq government for the fact US troops no longer remain in Iraq… that despite telling Mitt Romney in a debate that it was his decision not to leave any troops behind. And Charles Krauthammer points out Obama’s public announcements of what is on the table and off the table only help the enemy.

The problem is that to Obama, ISIS is not the enemy… they are the victims.

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