Obama: 984 Lies, Broken Promises & Scandals in One Year!

January 20th, 2013

In about six weeks, my new book will come out detailing Barack Obama’s first year in office. The Obama Administration has left 2009 with a legacy of lies. Our Official Obama Administration Scandals List features 984 items…all the lies, broken promises, flip-flops and scandals of Barack H. Obama and his Administration. It is an amazing list.

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By Peter Andrew
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Obama First Year: 984 Lies, Broken Promises, Flip-Flops & Scandals!

Obama First Year: 984 Lies, Broken Promises, Flip-Flops & Scandals!

We probably missed a few items (though not many!) on our Official Obama Administration Scandals List, so 984 may actually turn out to be 1,000. Nearly three items a day. Every day. For an entire year.

This isn’t a list of rants. We have dates, facts, figures, links and sources for nearly every single item on the list. There are more than 90 Appointment Scandals. More than 100 lies and broken promises related to health care. The list features the 21-Lie Salute (21 lies in one talk, starting with Scandal # 504), Ali Obama & The 40 Lies (starting with #667) he told in one day, 22 pieces of bull he shared at the Brookings Institution, (Brookings Bull starts at #881) and on and on. There are about 100 items related to war, the military and terrorism. All of them combined gave us the Obama-intended Chaos of 2009.

Ali Obama & The 40 Lies!

Ali Obama & The 40 Lies!

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It’s a great big giant list of all the Obama lies, broken promises, flip-flops and scandals.  Come back often and tell your friends. Thanks!


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