Obama Admin Knew Big Co’s Would Report Big Losses with ObamaCare!

By Peter Andrew
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Somebody better tell Progressive-Socialist Rep. Henry Waxman to shut up! Apparently Team Obama knew ahead of time that big companies would get hit hard by ObamaCare and yet they said nothing before the vote!!! Reports out today quote a top White House official as saying the press releases from John Deere, AT&T and the others were “not unexpected.” In other words,they were expected!

The Obama Administration “Expected” Businesses to Lose Billions of Dollars with Passage of ObamaCare Nightmare!!! This is amazing.

Valerie_Jarrett_official_portrait_smallObama’s Chicago-style Street Gang Politics pal, and White House Adviser Valerie Jarrett says the big losses being reported by AT&T, John Deere and others were not “unexpected!” John McCormick at Bloombergreports, “Jarrett said the charges taken by companies such as AT&T weren’t unexpected.”

McCormick reports Jarrett, “…doesn’t believe businesses are trying to damage the image of the health-care overhaul with accounting charges tied to the law… AT&T, based in Dallas, announced last week that it was taking a $1 billion charge because of the change in law. Moline, Illinois-based Deere, the world’s largest maker of farm machinery, announced a $150 million charge. And Peoria, Illinois-based Caterpillar, the world’s largest maker of bulldozers, has claimed a $100 million charge. “The companies who are reporting this charge against their net earnings aren’t pushing back,they’re following the law,” Jarrett said.”

So, if Jarrett told McCormick these huge losses were “not unexpected,” thenwhy didn’t the Obama Administration admit ahead of time this bill would clobber big employers?!

Jarrett apparently didn’t get the DNC memo from Congressman Wormtail Waxman! McCormick reports, “Representative Henry Waxman called March 26 for the CEOs of several companies to provide evidence to support costs they plan to book as a result of the change.”


Apparently we’re not the first to notice the way Waxman looks like Wormtail on Harry Potter (darnit). Here’s a pic from Framing The Dialogue


Waxman apparently thinks the companies are just playing games and trying to hurt the Progressive-Socialist Democrat party! He apparently is unaware of SEC regulations requiring companies to report immediately on changes like this.

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