Obama as Hero? Even after 111 Terror-Related Scandals?

All Americans are pleased that terrorist leader, Osama Bin Laden, is dead. This is a victory for us all, and for President Obama. But is he a hero for doing this? Does this somehow clean his slate? I think not. His latest flip-flop on the Navy SEALS is only the tip of the iceberg! There’s enough to fill a book!


By Peter Andrew
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Some in the press are calling Obama gutsy. Really? Obama’s numerous terror scandals, lies, broken promises and flip-flops started way back on the 2008 campaign trail. Each of these items is featured on our Official Obama Administration Scandals List. From his release of terrorists back to the battlefield or his decisions to send terrorists off to a tropical resort, to his decision to read them their Miranda rights or his flip flopping on moving Gitmo to Illinois, they’re all here at ConservativeAmerican.org in one place for you!

  1. Obama Was Flippy-Floppy About Pastor Wright’s 9/11 Comments 4/2/2008 – TheObama What’s The Facts website says, “After the uproar in March (of 2008) Obama claimed he wasn’t aware of his Pastors remarks on 911 until that very moment. This NYT article proves he lied as he already answered questions about them in April (of) 2007.” From that NY Times article: “On the Sunday after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, Mr. Wright said the attacks were a consequence of violent American policies. Four years later he wrote that the attacks had proved that “people of color had not gone away, faded into the woodwork or just ‘disappeared’ as the Great White West went on its merry way of ignoring Black concerns.” … “A lot of people are going to say to Mr. Obama, are these your views?” Mr. Obama says they are not. “The violence of 9/11 was inexcusable and without justification,” he said in a recent interview. He was not at Trinity the day Mr. Wright delivered his remarks shortly after the attacks, Mr. Obama said, but “it sounds like he (Wright) was trying to be provocative.” Sooo, was that the first time you heard about it or not?
  2. Obama Terrorist Scandal #1 -Bill Ayers – 3 times before the cock crows, Obama denies having a “relationship” with Bill Ayers. Obama started his political career in Ayers’ home & served on a foundation’s education board with Ayers. Ayers is a home-grown terrorist & founder of the Weather Underground which bombed the pentagon & a judge’s home. His terrorist wife also used to work with Michelle Obama. However, Obama maintains Terrorist Ayers is “just a guy in my neighborhood.” UPDATE 6/19/9: And This from World Net Daily.
  3. Obama Terrorist Scandal #2- Rashid Khalidi – Another terrorist friend, Khalidi was an advisor to the PLO. Obama dined with him, served on a board with him, and Khalidi held fundraisers for Obama. Jesse Jackson Sr. promised one audience that the Jewish influence on American foreign policy would soon come to an end with an Obama victory.
  4. Obama Flips on Nailing Phone Companies for Helping Bush “Spy” on Americans!6/20/8 – NelsonGuirado.com’s Politics & Culture: “(10/24/07) Obama Spokesman Bill Burton: “To be clear: Barack will support a filibuster of any bill that includes retroactive immunity for telecommunications companies.”…Barack Obama Now Supports A Bill Reauthorizing Electronic Surveillance That Grants Immunity To Telecommunications Companies. Obama: “Under this compromise legislation, an important tool in the fight against terrorism will continue. It does, however, grant retroactive immunity, and I will work in the Senate to remove this provision so that we can seek full accountability for past offenses. So I support the compromise, but do so with a firm pledge that as President, I will carefully monitor the program, review the report by the Inspectors General, and work with the Congress to take any additional steps I deem necessary to protect the lives and the liberty of the American people.”
  5. Obama Flip Flopped on Capturing Osama Bin Laden January, 2009 – Politico: “During the presidential debates last year, Obama declared that capturing or killing Osama bin Laden “has to be our biggest national security priority.” In his first TV interview after winning the election, he said the terrorist leader was “not just a symbol. He’s also the operational leader of an organization that is planning attacks against U.S. targets,” and that the additional troops being sent to Afghanistan would hunt him down because “capturing or killing bin Laden is a critical aspect of stamping out Al Qaeda.” Bin Laden’s significance to Obama dissipated during the transition. By the time Obama gave another interview in early January, he said killing or capturing bin Laden was not necessary to “meet our goal of protecting America.” A few months later, when he announced his Afghanistan troop surge, he made no reference to the hunt for bin Laden.
  6. Obama Appointment Scandal # 8! Eric Let ‘em Go Holder – Obama picks Eric Holder for Attorney General. Holder was involved in the pardons of Marc Rich and 16 Puerto Rican terrorists. Another lousy pick. Republicans with no guts don’t bother to oppose him. Obama gets praise and glory for appointing a minority (Holder is black), even though Bush got little credit for appointing minorities to cabinet positions. Holder’s law firm represents 17 Gitmo terrorists. Sure will be nice for them when Obama closes Gitmo!
  7. Obama Inauguration Scandal # 3 – Obama picks a Muslim “scholar” to speak at his coronation prayer service January 21st who is the leader of a group that federal prosecutors say has ties to terrorists! Yet another instance of Obama befriending terrorists. She is Ingrid Mattson, president of the Islamic Society of North America. In July 2008, federal prosecutors in Dallas filed court documents linking her terror group, Hamas, which is hell-bent on the destruction of Israel.
  8. Obama Terrorist Scandal # 3 – Talks with Terrorists (& Obama’s Apology Tour #1!) – Obama makes a big mistake in granting his first post-inauguration TV interview to Al-Arabiya (not a US network!) and says America must stop “dictating” to others. Fox News: “All too often the United States starts by dictating … and we don’t always know all the factors that are involved. So let’s listen. And I think if we do that, then there’s a possibility at least of achieving some breakthroughs. … My job to the Muslim world is to communicate that the Americans are not your enemy. We sometimes make mistakes. We have not been perfect.”
  9. Obama Becomes 3rd Bush Term! 2/22/9-As we have posted, President Obama seems to be the 3rd Bush Term he warned us McCain would be! Alternet reports: “the Obama administration has now taken action, and it’s appalling. He’s backed the Bush administration claim that terror suspects held at Bagram Air Force base in Afghanistan have no constitutional rights.” And that’s what the democrats think of him!!
  10. Obama Terrorist Scandal # 4 -Release them in the States! 3/19/9- Fox reports: Obama’s AG. Eric Let Em Go Holder says for “people who can be released there are a variety of options that we have and among them is the possibility is that we would release them into this country.” Pure lunacy.
  11. Obama Terrorist Scandal # 5 -Moderate Taliban 3/20/9- Even the Taliban agree with our 3/8/9 post saying Obama is off his rocker for thinking there are moderate Taliban he can negotiate with. A terrorist spokesman (this is indeed a strange world) said, “I do not know why they are talking about moderate Taliban and what it means. If it means those who are not fighting and are sitting in their homes, then talking to them is meaningless. This really is surprising the Taliban.”
  12. Terrorist Scandal # 6: Terror is Nothing to Fear! KOA Radio’s Gunny Bob reports “In a March 2009 interview in Der Spiegel magazine, Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano stated that in her view the appropriate term for acts of terror is not terrorism, but rather “man-caused disasters,” as the latter term “move(s) away from the politics of fear.” You see, terror isn’t really something to fear. (?)
  13. Obama Appointment Scandal # 34 – Christopher Hill 3/25/9- Washington Times:“nominee for ambassador to Iraq, is a disconcerting choice…the current assistant sec. of state for East Asian & Pacific affairs, he presided over negotiations with N. Korea that deliberately minimized focus on the bleak human rights record…ignored its nuclear proliferation, & had the practical effect of affirming its nuclear weapons capability. Hill also has a troubling hotdog tendency to play by his own rules. A letter signed by Sen. Brownback & 4 other senators notes Hill’s “evasive & unprofessionalactivities” including “sidelining key officials” & “breaking commitments” to Congress…in July 2005…he violated U.S. policy and express orders from superiors by meeting with N. Korean Vice Minister Kim Kye-gwan in Berlin to revive the 6-Party talks….Japanese magazine Shukan Gendai [reported]…Pyongyang is conducting back-channel diplomacy directly to the Obama White House, courtesy of Hill…worth examining…” Us: Could it be Bill Clinton? Times: “Hill, as portrayed in David Sanger’s book The Inheritance, gripes about the Bush administration…”these [expletives] don’t know how to negotiate.” He said that hard-line demarches favored by “neocons” were worse than the terms offered at Appomattox. But the inescapable fact is that N. Korea…in 2006…tested its first atom bomb. Hill’s crowning achievement was having N. Korea taken off the list of terrorist states….We [Times] wonder if Hill will speak firmly to Iran regarding Iranian weapons, training & intelligence support being used to destabilize Iraq & kill Americans, or dismiss those matters as impediments to reaching a “grand bargain” with Iran.” UPDATE 9/18/9: While Hill did not make the Sean Hannity “President’s Top Ten” list, he did make our “Obama’s Most Unwanted List!” which was published prior to the Hannity show.
  14. Obama’s Pakistan Lie – 3/29/9 During the campaign, Sen. Obama repeatedly said he would attack terrorists in Pakistan with or without permission from the Pakistani government. He reiterated this policy in a debate in October 2008. On CBS’ Face the Democrat Press Nation, he now utters this lie: “I haven’t changed my approach” but goes on to say he would only go into Pakistan “after consulting with Pakistan.” A huge flip flop that Obama 2012 staffer Bob Schieffer doesn’t even ask him about. Click here for the video and fast forward to about 2:14.
  15. Team Obama Brings Teenage Pirate Terrorist to New York & Gives Him Rights of Citizen! – 4/16/9 The Pirates are coming to New York! And this time, it’s not a baseball game! As we jokingly predicted on 4/13/9, the Somali Pirate captured alive as part of the Maersk Alabama rescue is heading to the USA! Our political satire suggested: “As for the fate of the Somali freedom fighter captured alive, Attorney General Eric Holder says, “there are a variety of options that we have and among them is the possibility is that we would release him into this country.” Now it is coming true! We were making fun of the Obama Administration and Eric Holder because of what they said about releasing terrorists from Guantanamo Bay in the USA. That’s where the quote comes from. It was supposed to be a joke! It’s not a joke now though. President Obama actually is returning to the Clinton strategy of treating terrorists like regular criminal cases, trying them in court, and giving them all the same rights as a US Citizen. They are, of course, entitled to no such rights. UPDATE 4/21/9 – Teenage Pirate Terrorist is in NY now.
  16. Obama Sides with Terrorists Over Americans! – 4/22/9 – KOA Radio reports: “the Obama regime asked a federal court to throw out a lawsuit filed by Americans held hostage for 444 days by the terrorist regime of Iran during the Carter administration. The suit seeks $6.6 billion from the genocidal terrorist regime (in Iran), but the Obama regime, siding with the terrorists, says an agreement between Carter and the terrorists disallows the suit.”
  17. Napolitano – Canadian Terrorist Entry Lie – 4/24/9 Second, KOA Radio’s Gunny Bob reports Team Obama’s Janet “Napolitano claimed that some of the 9-11 terrorists entered the US via Canada. This is an outright lie. As the 9-11 Commission reported, all of the 9-11 terrorists entered the US from abroad. She then stated that no terrorists have entered the US via Mexico, which is patently false according to the Director of the FBI in testimony before the Congress.” UPDATE 4/24/9 “I knew the minute it came out of my mouth it was wrong,” she said. Republicans now are calling for her resignation. UPDATE 5/27/9 – In Canada, Fox reports: “Napolitano said she regrets that the Canadian media only seem to hear her earlier misstatement — and she wants to move on.” – What kind of apology is that? She ‘regrets’ that they covered what she said?!
  18. Obama Repeats Clinton Mistake!– 4/29/9 – Newsmax: “When Iranian government official Ahmad Samavati arrived in Washington, D.C., in February at the head of a five-man negotiating team, he thought he had an offer the Obama administration couldn’t refuse. The Iranian regime was going to turn over scores of top al-Qaida operatives, including some on the FBI’s “Most Wanted Terrorists” list. To Samavati’s surprise, the State Department officials he met declined the offer. “They told him they did not want any al-Qaida people. They told him they didn’t want them in the United States,” an Iranian source familiar with the negotiations told Newsmax…In the annual report on terrorism it released last April, the State Department blasted Iran for its unwillingness to cooperate in arresting, rendering, or controlling al-Qaida members operating from its territory.”
  19. Obama’s FBI Fails to Update Terror List– 5/7/9 – MSNBC & AP Report: The failure to place appropriate individuals on the watchlist, or the failure to place them on the watchlist in a timely manner, increases the risk that these individuals are able to enter and move freely about the country. It’s okay though, Homeland Security Chieftess Janet Napolitano says she’s working on it. Feel better now?
  20. Team Obama Flips Again on Releasing Terrorists– 5/7/9 Fox News quotes Attorney General Eric Holder: “We don’t have any plans to release terrorists,” said Holder. But he also said some of the Guantanamo Bay detainees will be released, indicating the Obama administration believes some of those held there are not terrorists. Sen. Richard Shelby, a Republican, pressed Holder to say whether he believed he had the authority to release someone with terrorist training into the U.S. The attorney general did not directly answer Shelby’s question, but said the government does not have any plans to release terrorists. “With regard to those who you would describe as terrorists, we would not bring them into this country and release them, anyone we would consider to be a terrorist,” Holder said. He added the government has no plans to release anyone considered a terrorist in a foreign country, either.” – Okay, so some of these bad guys aren’t really bad guys? Is Holder nuts? And, uhm,…you’re not going to release the terrorists in the U.S. or any foreign country either?!Where the heck will they go then?! You have got to see the scandal from 4/16/9 on Obama bringing a terrorist to New York. I’m just trying to follow this! You’re closing the terrorist prison at Guantanamo, so these people have to go somewhere but they won’t come here or be sent to any other country. So, are you going to evaporate them? Send them all to another planet? Outrageous nonsense.
  21. Obama Hold “Detainees” Forever/Habeas Corpus Flip Flop!
  22. 5/14/9 – After criticizing the Bush Administration for holding detainees for an unlimited time in Guantanamo, President Barack Obama now is considering doing the exact same thing! The proposal the Hypocrite in Chief has given to “members of Congress is another indication of President Barack Obama’s struggles to establish his counter-terrorism policies, balancing security concerns against attempts to alter Bush-administration practices he has harshly criticized.” – Wall Street Journal. – While he now says he might hold some forever, on June 24, 2007 the Washington Post notes he said: “we’re going to close Guantanamo. And we’re going to restore habeas corpus. … We’re going to lead by example, by not just word but by deed. That’s our vision for the future.” Habeas corpus is a tenet of the Constitution that protects people from unlawful imprisonment. UPDATE 7/19/9: FromFox News and the Wall Street Journal on July 7: “The Obama administration said Tuesday it could continue to imprison non-U.S. citizens indefinitely even if they have been acquitted of terrorism charges by a U.S. military commission. Jeh Johnson, the Defense Department’s chief lawyer, told the Senate Armed Services Committee that releasing a detainee who has been tried and found not guilty was a policy decision that officials would make based on their estimate of whether the prisoner posed a future threat. Like the Bush administration, the Obama administration argues that the legal basis for indefinite detention of aliens it considers dangerous is separate from war-crimes prosecutions.” – “Like” the Bush Administration?? I thought these guys hated the Bush Administration?! So much for restoring habeas corpus! UPDATE 6/3/10: Visibility 911 says Team Obama won its battle in court and now has the right to hold detainees overseas forever. So much for change.

  23. Democrats Tell Obama “No” to closing Guantanamo!– 5/19/9 – President Obama can’t even convince his own party that closing Club Gitmo is a good idea! Democrat-Socialist congressmen and senators both plan to remove the money from Obama’s proposed budget that would be needed to close the terrorist prison in Guantanamo.Fox reports: “(Senate Leader Harry) Reid mangled his (own) party’s position on the congressional news of the day, that Senate Democrats would join their House counterparts in withholding the money President Barack Obama needs to close the Guantanamo Bay prison until Obama comes up with a plan for relocating its prisoners. But Reid went further than saying he wanted to see a plan for the money before Congress approves it. “We will never allow terrorists to be released into the United States,” he said. “Part of what we don’t want is them be put in prisons in the United States,” Reid clarified but digging himself into a bigger hole by departing significantly from some of his colleagues and administration officials. “We don’t want them around the United States.” Did the administration put Democrats in an awkward position, asking for the money before setting out how it would be spent? “Not at all,” said Reid. “Yes,” his deputy, Sen. Dick Durbin replied to the same question.” UPDATE 6/9/9 So much for Harry Reid’s promise to never, ever bring terrorists from Gitmo to the U.S.A. Ghailani arrived in NY today and entered a not-guilty plea.
  24. Obama Bringing Terrorist to the USA!– 5/20/9 Just one day after democrat-socialists promised not to bring terrorists to “prisons in the United States,” that’s exactly what Team Obama is doing! AP reports “A top al-Qaida suspect held at Guantanamo Bay will be sent to New York for trial,…Ahmed Ghailani would be the first Guantanamo detainee brought to the U.S.” Obama’s Attorney General, Eric ‘let ‘em go’ Holder has said BOTH that the terrorists could be brought to the U.S. ANDthat they won’t be brought to the U.S. This is the second terrorist Obama has brought to New York. Remember the teenage pirate brought here (see scandal dated 4/16/09)? From that scandal listing: ‘We were making fun of the Obama Administration and Eric Holder because of what they said about releasing terrorists from Guantanamo Bay in the USA. That’s where the quote comes from. It was supposed to be a joke! It’s not a joke now though. President Obama actually is returning to the Clinton strategy of treating terrorists like regular criminal cases, trying them in court, and giving them all the same rights as a US Citizen. They are, of course, entitled to no such rights.’
  25. Obama Terror Talk # 1 – Lie About Waterboarding– 5/21/9 – In his “major address on terror” today, President Obama said “brutal methods like waterboarding” were not necessary to keep us safe. To those, like VP Dick Cheney, who say these methods were not only necessary but prevented a 9/11 style attack on Los Angeles, President Obama said, “I could not disagree more.” He added, “I categorically reject the assertions that these are the most effective means of interrogation.” Even though they worked. See Scandal dated 4/21/9 “Interrogation techniques lie!” While Obama released memo’s about the process, he has failed to release the memo’s that prove it worked. Dick Cheney would like to know why. KOA reports Leon Panetta refused Cheney’s request to release the memo’s that show the waterboarding worked!
  26. Obama Terror Talk # 2 – Error on the Purpose of Guantanamo Prison– 5/21/9 -”Guantanamo became a symbol that helped Al Qaida,” said President obama. “A symbol that helped Al Qaida recruit terrorists to its cause.” Obama also incorrectly said the purpose of the prison at the Navy base in Guantanamo Bay was “serving as a tool to counter terrorism.” Wrong. It wasn’t part of some PR or marketing campaign. It was created to house terrorists and interrogate them to prevent future attacks. Both of those efforts have been very successful. Still obama made the outrageous claim: “Indeed the existence of Guantanamo likely created more terrorists around the world than it ever detained!” Quite a claim with no evidence at all to back it up.
  27. Obama Terror Talk # 3 – Obama’s Biggest Hypocrisy Yet: Says Guantanamo Helped Terrorist Recruiting!– 5/21/9 – “Guantanamo became a symbol that helped Al Qaida,” said President obama. “A symbol that helped Al Qaida recruit terrorists to its cause.” Interesting. Okay, if that’s true, then “Obama’s Gitmo“…the terrorist prison at Bagram Air Force Base in Iraq where he said he might abandon habeus corpus and hold people indefinetly…must also be a symbol to recruit terrorists.See the Obama Gitmo scandal dated 4/21/9 If we wanted to make up a “fact” as President Obama did in the previous scandal, we could say “Indeed the existence of President Obama’s Gitmo, the terrorist prison at Bagram Air Force Base in Iraq, is likely creating more terrorists around the world than it could ever detain!” Obama wants to show the nation how cool he is for shutting down Gitmo while he hopes no one notices that he has Gitmo II at Bagram in Iraq!!! So, Bagram must also be (as Obama described Gitmo) “it is a rallying cry for our enemies.”…Wait, I forgot (silly me) the media only tell the public it is “bad” when a republican does it. So with our nation’s first socialist President in charge, it must be okay now. My apologies.UPDATE 5/22/9 – Fox Reports democrat-socialist Alcee Hastings is proposing Guantanamo Bay Lite, or Gitmo version 2.0!Jon KylJon Kyl

    UPDATE 5/24/9 Four days after we brought it up here, republican US Senator Jon Kyl says, “I mean, it’s palpably false to suggest that the existence of Gitmo created terrorism, and yet the president gets away with that.” He doesn’t get away with it at ConservativeAmerican.org because we are Leading the way Right. Kyl toldFox News I don’t think you saw guys sitting around in some coffee shop in Saudi Arabia, saying, ‘You know, those Americans have this prison called Gitmo, I think I’ll become a terrorist.’”

  28. Obama Terror Talk # 4 – Releasing Terrorists in the United States (The flip, flop, flop, flip!)– 5/21/9 First Team Obama said they would consider releasing terrorists in the United States. Then they said they would not. Then they did it (see scandal dated 5/20/9), and now the President claims he won’t do it! “We are not going to release anyone if it would endanger our national security. Nor will we release detainees within the United States who endanger the American people.” Translation? If these guys are found innocent in a U.S. Criminal Court, they walk free…in the United States…after all, they were innocent, right? Yeah, right. And that’s why we have Guantanamo; to hold a bunch of nice guys who were wrongly accused. (*GAG*) Now the Prez says he’ll put them in tough prisons here “to the same types of facilities in which we hold all manner of dangerous and violent criminals.” Obama is turning out to be Bill Clinton III. We’re right back to the failed policy of treating terrorists the same way we treat an armed robber in Detroit. See all four “Obama Terror Talk Scandals”in his own words here from FOX news.
  29. VP Biden Admits Cheney Was Right!– 5/27/9 Nolan Finley of the Detroit News: “Good ol’ Joe Biden. The vice president who was supposed to be so much smarter and more sophisticated than the GOP’s Sarah Palin keeps making the Alaskan governor look better and better. In Kosovo last week on the last leg of an Eastern European tour, Biden was asked about his boss’ decision to close the Guantanamo Bay terrorist prison. He said the number of prisoners “who are a real danger … has not been established.” In other words, the current vice president confirmed what former Vice President Dick Cheney charges: That the decision to close Guantanamo was recklessly made.”
  30. Team Obama has no idea if it is FOR or AGAINST releasing terrorists in the United States!!– 6/3/9 – Fox News: “Attorney General Eric Holder and National Intelligence Director Dennis Blair have said it’s possible some Guantanamo detainees would be released in the U.S. but Solicitor General Elena Kagan strongly disagrees…Conflicting statements from the Obama administration suggest there’s an internal disagreement over whether to bring some of them to the U.S.”
  31. Team Obama helps Terrorists with Release of Nuclear Secrets!– 6/3/9 – NY Times: “The federal government mistakenly made public a 266-page report, its pages marked “highly confidential,” that gives detailed information about hundreds of the nation’s civilian nuclear sites and programs, including maps showing the precise locations of stockpiles of fuel for nuclear weapons…David Albright, president of the Institute for Science and International Security, a private group in Washington that tracks nuclear proliferation, said information that shows where nuclear fuels are stored “can provide thieves or terrorists inside information that can help them seize the material, which is why that kind of data is not given out.”
  32. Obama Appointment Scandal # 51 – Philip Mudd – – 6/5/9 – Associated Press: “President Barack Obama’s pick for intelligence chief at the Homeland Security Department withdrew from consideration Friday amid questions about his role in the CIA’s interrogations of suspected terrorists. Philip Mudd was scheduled to appear next week before senators considering his nomination as undersecretary of intelligence and analysis. He notified the White House on Friday that he was withdrawing his name because he did not want to be a distraction. At issue was the extent of Mudd’s involvement in the interrogation program while he was a senior CIA official in the Bush administration. The interrogation methods have been criticized by Democratic lawmakers and Obama. “I know that this position will require the full cooperation with Congress and I believe that if I continue to move forward I will become a distraction to the president and his vital agenda,” Mudd said in a statement.”
  33. Hillary Clinton Invites Jihadist to Tea! – 6/8/9 Fox News: “A Muslim leader invited by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to participate in a conference call after President Obama’s speech in Cairo last week oncetold a crowd that “the jihad way is the way to liberate your land.” Esam Omeish, a surgeon and community leader who is running for Virginia state assemblyman, made the statements in 2000 at pro-Palestinian rally where he spoke out against Israel and urged Muslims to support the Palestinian liberation movement. “We the Muslims of the Washington Metropolitan area are here today in sub-freezing temperatures to tell our brothers and sisters in (Palestine) that you have learned the way, that you have known that the jihad way is the way to liberate your land,” Omeish said, just three months into the Al-Aqsa uprising that would claim over a thousand lives through Palestinian terrorist attacks..”
  34. CIA Director Disagrees with President on Releasing Terrorist Interrogation Info! –– 6/9/9 – Even Obama’s own team members disagree with him! Fox reports: “CIA Director Leon Panetta told a federal judge that releasing documents about the agency’s terror interrogations would gravely damage national security. Panetta sent a 24-page missive to New York federal judge Alvin Hellerstein, arguing that release of agency cables describing tough interrogation methods used on Al Qaeda suspects would tell the enemy far too much about U.S. counterterrorism work.” As we note in our scandal dated 4/17/9: Obama released interrogation details anyway, joining with the ACLU in an attempt to continue campaigning against George W. Bush for another four years.
  35. Obama Miranda Rights to Terrorists!– 6/11/9 – How far off the left deep end can this neo-socialist President go?! Fox News: A senior Republican on the House Intelligence Committee is accusing the Obama administration of quietly ordering the FBI to start reading Miranda rights to suspected terrorists at U.S. military detention facilities in Afghanistan. The move is reportedly creating chaos in the field among the CIA, FBI and military personnel, according to Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich. The soldiers, especially, he says, are frustrated that giving high value detainees Miranda rights — the right to remain silent, the right to an attorney — is impeding their ability to pursue intelligence on the battlefield, according to a story first reported by the Weekly Standard. “What I found was lots of confusion and very frustrated people on the front lines who are trying to, well, make Afghanistan successful for the United States and its allies,” said Rogers, who serves on the House Intelligence Committee. Rogers, a former FBI special agent who served in the U.S. Army, just returned from Afghanistan and a visit to Bagram Air Base, where he said the rights are being read.
    “I witnessed it myself, talked to the people on the ground,” he said. “What you have is two very separate missions colliding in the field in a combat zone. Again, anytime that you offer confusion in that environment that’s already chaotic and confusing enough, you jeopardize a soldier’s life.” UPDATE 6/25/9Fox News quotes U.S. Sen. John Cornyn: “I believe it unnecessarily undermines our ability to gain valuable intelligence from terrorist detainees who would rather talk to their lawyers than to U.S. interrogators. And if this ill-conceived practice is allowed to continue, I fear we are headed down a slippery slope that could lead to dangerous scenarios where American soldiers and Marines are forced to pause and read would-be suicide bombers Miranda rights before detaining them.”
  36. Obama Sending Terrorists on Vacation to “Paradise”– 6/11/9 –“Oh Dear, I’m so glad you brought me to Bermuda on our honeymoon! Where else could we be on a beach with Terrorists in swimsuits?!” – Obama Terrorism Policy is a Joke! It’s not funny though. Fox News: “Guantanamo detainees are taking a trip to paradise, as the U.S. government divvies up a group of 17 Chinese Muslims between two island nations better known as vacation getaways than safe havens. Four of the Chinese Turkic Muslims in custody, ethnic Uighurs, have been sent to Bermuda, the administration announced Thursday. Abdul Nasser, one of the four detainees who landed in Bermuda early Thursday morning, issued a statement through his lawyers, saying: “Growing up under communism we always dreamed of living in peace and working in free society like this one. Today you have let freedom ring.” The rest of the detainees are expected to be sent to the South Pacific island of Palau, temporarily, though the deal is not yet final.”
  37. Team Obama calls protests “Low Level Terrorism!”– 6/19/9 – Remember the Obama Homeland Security report that said pro-lifers were “right wing extremists?” Team Obama is out with another effort to redefine opposition to their President. The Obama Pentagon was giving a quiz to Department of Defense employees that defined protests as “low-level terrorism!” The President just this week praised those PROTESTING in Iran. However, if you protest HIM back home in the United States of America, you are a terrorist!
  38. Obama Terrorist Scandal # 7 – Talk with the Tollah!– 6/24/9 – The Washington Times says President Obama wrote a nice little letter to the Ayatollah in Iran prior to the Iranian election asking for a chat and hoping to improve relations between the United States and this terrorist nation! He wants to Talk with the Tollah! Obama said the Iranian people could speak for themselves and the rest of the world, under his President-of-the-World leadership, will just “Watch”…”I’ve made it clear that the United States respects the sovereignty of the Islamic Republic of Iran and is not interfering with Iran’s affairs. But we must also bear witness to the courage and the dignity of the Iranian people.” Bear witness? Just sit and watch? Watch while you sit down for Tea with the Tollah!
  39. Obama’s Gift to the Bush Haters: Releases “Torture” Details!– 7/1/9 President Barack Hugo Obama today releases portions of detailed information on CIA interrogation techniques he claims are “torture.” He can use the word “torture” despite being unable to say the word “terrorism.” He’s only releasing information that makes George W. Bush look bad, of course. He won’t release details on how the methods worked, kept us safer, and prevented attacks that would have cost thousands more lives! The foolish move goes against the advice of 4 CIA directors.
  40. Obama: More Love for Dictators! Shakes Hands with Qaddafi!
  41. 7/9/9 – This Fox News/AP photograph is worth a thousand words…

    Fox News/ AP Photo - Obama shakes hands with Libyan Leader Muammar al-Qaddafi

    Fox News/ AP Photo – Obama shakes hands with Libyan Leader Muammar al-Qaddafi
    Barack Hugo Obama also took time to shake hands with Hugo Chavez, another dictator.
    Fox quotes Muammar
    : “”Iraq was a fortress against terrorism. With Saddam Hussein, Al Qaeda could not get in, but now thanks to the United States it is an open arena and this benefits Al Qaeda,” he said. He also compared the U.S. air strike on Tripoli in 1986, in which one of his daughters was killed, to an Al Qaeda attack.”What difference is there between the American attack on our homes in 1986 and bin Laden’s terrorist actions?” he asked. “If bin Laden has no state and is an outlaw, America is a state with international rules.”” – Gotta love him, right?

  42. AP Exclusive: Holder may prosecute Bush Team over so-called “Torture” methods 7/12/9 After saying on 4/17/9 (and repeating later) that those who were doing their duties kept us safer and will not be prosecuted, Obama later said it was up to Attorney Generalista Eric Holder. Obama also said he was not in favor of prosecuting team Bush because it could get “politicized” and then flipped to say it was okay if it was bipartisan. Today, Nedra Pickler at the AP reports “Holder is considering whether to appoint a prosecutor and will make a final decision within the next few weeks.” – Team Obama continues to play both sides of the issue as it has all along. Robert Brothers Gibbs and Rahm Emanuel have both said Obama does not favor prosecuting Team Bush, while behind the scenes giving the order to Holder to go for blood. See related scandals # 225, 232 & 350.UPDATE: 8/24/9 Fox News: “Attorney General Eric Holder plans to appoint a special prosecutor to examine allegations that terror suspects were abused at the hands of their CIA interrogators. The highly controversial decision comes as the Department of Justice releases a 2004 report from the CIA’s inspector general detailing allegations of harsh interrogation practices — which Holder cited in his decision. “As a result of my analysis of all of this material, I have concluded that the information known to me warrants opening a preliminary review into whether federal laws were violated in connection with the interrogation of specific detainees at overseas locations,” Holder said…The newly-released document claims one interrogator said a colleague once told Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed that if any other attacks happened in the United States, “We’re going to kill your children.” –ConservativeAmerican.org thinks: Yeah, so? It’s now torture and the subject of a national investigation if we lie to a terrorist!! Insanity gone wild!
  43. Obama To Move Gitmo Prison to Kansas or Michigan! – 8/2/9 – While the media still refuses to acknowledge Obama has created his own Club Gitmo Prison at Bagram Air Force Base in Iraq,Obama is looking to create his second Gitmo…this one on the U.S. mainland! Team Obama has been both for, and against, bringing terrorists here from the beginning. Still King Obama has promised to close Guantanamo Bay by January, 2010. Reports now are coming out that claim he might put terrorists at a soon-to-be-closed maximum security prison in Michigan or “the 134-year-old military penitentiary at Fort Leavenworth, Kan.,…to hold the 229 suspected Al Qaeda, Taliban and foreign fighters now jailed at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp in Cuba.” – – Harry Reid has promised Americans that no terrorists from Guantanamo will come the the U.S.! But Obama is planning to do just that! ObamaAttorney General Eric Let ‘em Go Holder has said BOTH that terrorists could be brought here and that they won’t be brought here! Meanwhile, from Fox: “Some lawmakers have already voice opposition to bringing Guantanamo detainees to the U.S. for trial, even in heavily guarded settings.” — FBI Director Robert Mueller told Congress that bringing Guantanamo detainees to the United States could pose a number of risks, even if they were kept in maximum-security prisons. White House Spinster Robert Brothers Gibbs and Attorney General Eric Let ‘em Go Holder both quickly responded that Obama would never do anything to endanger Americans. The Hypocrite-in-Chief is, in fact, planning to endanger Americans by bringing these monsters to the midwest.Why doesn’t he put these terrorists in his own home state of Illinois with his terrorist pal Bill Ayers?
  44. Team Obama wants to Prosecute CIA Interrogators while at the Same TimeSetting a Terrorist Free and Giving Him a Trip home to His Family! – 8/25/9 – FromFox News & Reuters: “the administration released Mohammed Jawad to his home in Afghanistan. Jawad had been accused of throwing a grenade in 2002 that injured two U.S. soldiers and their interpreter in Kabul. He has returned to his family, according to his lawyer. Kirk Lippold, former USS Cole commander and fellow at Military Families United, criticized the decision in a statement Monday, calling it part of a “sadly familiar pattern.” “No coherent policy in the war on terror. No comprehensive plan in place to deal with the future of Guantanamo Bay detainees. No accountability for terrorists who harm our brave fighting forces,” he said.” – UPDATE 9/1/9Fox News quotes former VP Dick Cheney: “It’s an outrageous political act that will do great damage, long-term, to our capacity to be able to have people take on difficult jobs, make difficult decisions, without having to worry about what the next administration is going to say.”
  45. Obama Changing 9/11 Day of Remembrance into Democrat Holiday! – 8/26/9 Just 8 years after 9/11 and the leader of the nation is ready to “change” the way we honor the victims and remember the event. The American Spectator: “The Obama White House is behind a cynical, coldly calculated political effort to erase the meaning of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks from the American psyche and convert Sept. 11 into a day of leftist celebration and statist idolatry…into a celebration of ethanol, carbon emission controls, and radical community organizing…The plan is to turn a “day of fear” that helps Republicans into a day of activism called the National Day of Service that helps the left…They’re taking that day and they’re breaking it because it gives Republicans an advantage. To them, that day is a fearful day.”
  46. Holder’s Latest Gitmo Flip Flop 9/1/9 – Fox & Friends points out that in 2002 Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, said terrorists held in Guantanamo Bay were not entitled to be treated in accord with the Geneva Convention. Then, last year, Holder said he can’t believe he lives in a country (or as he says, a “nation of cowards”) where the terrorists are not treated in line with the Geneva rules. Glenn Beck’s take? This “game” (our word not his) of prosecuting the Bush CIA Team is all Politics.
  47. Team Obama War on Terror Lingo Flip Flop 9/1/9 – Remember how Team Obama decided it was better to call the terrorists’ war on us an “overseas contigency operation?” The memo went out and the feds no longer call it a “War on Terror.” That was Bush’s thing. White House Spinmeister Robert Brothers Gibbs either screwed up or the White House has flip flopped on its lingo memo! From Fox News: “You can’t under-resource the most important part of our War on Terror, you can’t under-resource that for five or six or seven years — whether it’s under-resourced with troops, whether it’s under-resourced with civilian manpower, whether it’s under-resourced with economic development funding — and hope to snap your fingers and have that turn around in just a few months,” Gibbs said during the daily briefing to reporters. Asked Tuesday whether the use of the phrase was (used) intentionally, Gibbs answered, “We’re focused on getting the strategy right.” …counterterrorism adviser, John Brennan, went beyond that early last month telling reporters that “describing our efforts as a ‘global war’ only plays into the warped narrative that al Qaeda propagates.” UPDATE 1/7/10: The ultra liberal Daily Kos website says we’re wrong about this and that Obama says War on Terror all the time.
  48. Obama Friend & Communist Green Jobs Czar Believes 9/11 was an Inside Job!9/3/9 – Fox News: “Jones joined the“9/11 truther” movement by signing a statement in 2004 calling for then-New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer and others to launch an investigation into evidence that suggests “people within the current administration may indeed have deliberately allowed 9/11 to happen, perhaps as a pretext for war.” The statement asked a series of critical questions hinting at Bush administration involvement in the attacks and called for “deeper inquiry.” It was also signed by former Rep. Cynthia McKinney and Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans.” –ConservativeAmerican.org asks: How long until Van Jones resigns/gets fired? His is only one of 60+ (so far) Obama appointment scandals on this list!UPDATE 9/5/9:From Jake Tapper at ABC comes this update necessary to be fair (yes, even to someone like Van Jones)…”It’s worth pointing out that Ben Smith at Politico has spoken to two signatories of that petition, Rabbi Michael Lerner and historian Howard Zinn, who say they were misled about what they were signing. And the conservative website Little Green Footballs points out that Rachel Ehrenfeld, author of “Funding Evil; How Terrorism is Financed and How to Stop It” has posted on her website, the American Center for Democracy: “PLEASE NOTE: Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld is not a signatory of the 911Truth.org. She has asked several times to have her named removed from the list, but the organization failed to comply.” –UPDATE 9/5/9: Hold your horses! Right Wing News says Van Jones was part of a March in San Francisco to demand the investigation into 9/11 being an inside job!
  49. Obama’s Political Organization Calls those against Obamacare “Right Wing Domestic Terrorists!!” 9/3/9 – The Fox & Friends morning show reported today that Obama’s political group, “Organizing for America” had information about the 9/11 memorial indicating that it was a day to remember the 3,000 Americans killed by terrorists and to renew the fight against “Right Wing Domestic Terrorists” fighting the Obama Agenda!!! These guys are far, far beyond “beyond belief!” They want the CIA in jail, those who oppose are called terrorists, but they give a free plane ride back home to an Afghan Terrorist who attacked U.S. Soldiers and simply set him free!! (See scandal dated 8/25/9) Scandal doesn’t seem like a big enough word.
  50. As Predicted, Obama Knew About Release of Lockerbie Bomber Ahead of Time, then Pretended to be “Outraged!”
  51. 9/7/9 – As reported August 28th, Conservative American Ken Blackwell was among the first to question the supposed Obama Administration “Outrage” over the release of this terrorist. Allahpundit at Michelle Malkin’s Hot Air asks, “Is this a scandal?” Heck yes it is! From his post: “British officials claim Mr Obama and Mrs Clinton were kept informed at all stages of discussions concerning Megrahi’s return. The officials say the Americans spoke out because they were taken aback by the row over Megrahi’s release, not because they did not know it was about to happen. ‘The US was kept fully in touch about everything that was going on with regard to Britain’s discussions with Libya in recent years and about Megrahi,’ said the Whitehall aide. ‘We would never do anything about Lockerbie without discussing it with the US. It is disingenuous of them to act as though Megrahi’s return was out of the blue.” — ConservativeAmerican.org: In “Obama’s Watergate,” we pointed out Obama may have to answer the Watergate questions: what did he know and when did he know it? Will anyone ask him? Will he apologize to the nation during his talk to Congress this week? He should.

  52. Obama is Bush 3! – Wants wiretapping without going to Court for Warrant! 9/15/9 – Remember when liberal democrats blasted George W. Bush for “warrantless wiretaps?” Hypocrite-in-Chief Barack Obama wants to quietly keep those going. Shhhhh! Fox news: “The Obama administration supports extending three key provisions of the Patriot Act that are due to expire at the end of the year…it wants to preserve the post-Sept. 11 law’s authority to access business records, as well as monitor so-called “lone wolf” terrorists and conduct roving wiretaps…The roving wiretaps provision was designed to allow investigators to quickly monitor the communications of suspects who change their cell phone or communication device, without investigators having to go back to court for a new court authorization. That provision has been used an average of 22 times a year, officials said.”UPDATE 2/28/2010: Obama signs another one year extension of Bush policy!
  53. Obama Invites a Terrorist to the White House as a GUEST! 10/31/9 – Remember when candidate Obama lied and said Weather Underground Terrorist Bill Ayerswas just some guy in his neighborhood? One of thousands of people that he just knows? Hmmm. They published a visitors list to the White House online now. Seems that Barack has had his pal Ayers (who has never apologized for his terrorist acts against our great nation) as a GUEST at the White House twice!! I thought Obama said Ayers would play no role in his administration! What an amazing liar this President is! Ayers is playing some kind of role for Obama. This one should make the blood boil of everyone who voted against him and should demonstrate to those who voted for him what an absolute fool he made of them!
  54. Obama’s Attorney General Welcoming Five Terrorists to New York! 11/13/9 Team Obama’s outrageous handling of Extremist Muslim Terrorists continues. TheAssociated Press and Fox News report Eric Holder will be bringing the 9/11 Mastermind, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and 4 other Guantanamo Bay terrorists to New York City! Once here, Holder will give each of them a welcoming gift…all the rights of a U.S. citizen who is to be tried in criminal court. They are, of course, entitled to no such rights!!! Obama and Holder are employing the Billy Bob Clinton strategy of trying these madmen in criminal courts. From AP: “Bringing such notorious suspects to U.S. soil to face trial is a key step in President Barack Obama’s plan to close the terror suspect detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.” ConservativeAmerican.org points out that even socialist-democrat majority leader Harry Reid in the U.S. Senate said he did not want these nut job terrorists coming to U.S. Soil. Will he come forward now to argue against this?
  55. Team Obama’s Hypocrisy on where to put Terrorists on Trial 11/16/9 –Blogs.Reuters.comBlogs.Reuters.com

    Dana Perino on Fox & Friends this morning said the Obama administration is being hypocritical about where to put terrorists held in Guantanamo on trial. Attorney General Eric “Let ‘em Go” Holder said Khalid Sheik Mohammed would be tried in federal court because the crimes he’s accused of committing were against civilians in New York, whereas the people being brought before the military commission for attacks on the USS Cole committed crimes against the military. Perino wants to know how the Obama adminsitration explains the 9/11 attacks on the military at the Pentagon! UPDATE 11/17/9The Freedom Phile and Naked Emporer News remind us that even Barack Obama himself said Khalid sheik Mohammed should not be tried in a criminal court!

    UPDATE 11/18/9: Meanwhile, President Obama said in one of a series of TV interviews during his trip to Asia that those offended by the legal privileges given to Mohammed by virtue of getting a civilian trial rather than a military tribunal won’t find it “offensive at all when he’s convicted and when the death penalty is applied to him.” Obama quickly added that he did not mean to suggest he was prejudging the outcome of Mohammed’s trial. “I’m not going to be in that courtroom,” he said. “That’s the job of the prosecutors, the judge and the jury.” – He’s promising he’ll be convicted by also promising a “fair” trial!

  56. White House Refuses to Provide Witnesses to Congress for Hearings into the Counterterrorism Failure at Fort Hood! 11/17/9 Can you imagine the outcry if George W. Bush had simply refused to send witnesses to a congress looking into a counterterrorism failure?! Ed Morrisey at Michelle Malkin’s Hot Air website reports today, “Congress wants to determine what failures allowed Army Major Nidal Hasan to kill 14 people and wound dozens of others in a premeditated shooting spree at Fort Hood. The Obama administration has refused to cooperate into a probe to find those failures. Ben Pershing at the Washington Post wrote last night that the White House refuses to provide witnesses to Congress for hearings into the counterterrorism failure: The first public congressional hearing on the Fort Hood attack will not include testimony from any current federal law enforcement, military or intelligence officials because the Obama administration “declined to provide any” such witnesses, according to a Senate committee source.” So much for open and transparent!
  57. Obama & Holder Lie About Who Decided to Put Terrorists on Trial in New York!11/23/9 Both President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have maintained it was Holder who made the decision, not Obama, to put terrorists on trial in New York. The move was designed to protect Obama from the political fall out and set up Holder as the fall guy. One little problem, as noted by Brian Kilmeade at Fox News…Holder has no authority of the Military and cannot order them to release these prisoners from Guantanamo Bay and send them to New York. That power belongs to the Commander-in-Chief. President Obama was not just aware of Holder’s decision, he approved it.
  58. Commander Obama Prosecuting Navy SEALs over a bloody lip!! 11/24/9 In the upside world that Commander Obama is in charge of, the bad guy terrorists get criminal trials with all the rights of U.S. citizens and the good guy Navy SEALs who capture them get to…GO TO JAIL?!!! A terrorist gets a bloody lip (don’t you feel bad for him?) and the radical extremist leadership of our very own nation is prosecuting the soldiers who captured him!! “Instead of being lauded for bringing to justice a high-value target, three of the SEAL commandos, all enlisted, face assault charges and have retained lawyers. Matthew McCabe, Jonathan Keefe, and Julio Huertas.” ConservativeAmerican.org, for one, thanks them for their service.
  59. Obama Accidentally says the word, “Terror!” 12/1/9 President Obama goofed up tonight and violated his own administration’s policy against using the word “Terror.” While he carefully avoided saying “terrorist,” he stumbled and said that in the last few months people have been arrested in the United States who were planning “new acts of terror.” Oops.
  60. Holder Sending Gitmo Terrorists to ‘Rehab’ in Saudi Arabia where Some Simply are ‘Lost!’ 12/9/9 Fox News; “A senior Republican senator is demanding Attorney General Eric Holder suspend transfers of Guantanamo Bay detainees to Saudi Arabia until the “failures” of that kingdom’s so-called rehabilitation program are addressed. Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala.,…wrote…that 11 of Saudi Arabia’s 85 most wanted terrorists are “graduates” of the country’s rehab program, including some high-profile names. “The list of failed participants in the Saudi program reads like a ‘who’s who’ of Al Qaeda terrorists on the Arabian Peninsula,” Sessions wrote…Sessions’ office notes that about 120 detainees, many of neighboring Yemeni descent, have been sent to Saudi Arabia. Of that number, 108 have reportedly “graduated” and about 20 percent of that number have disappeared. The rest appear to be complying with the rules of rehabilitation.” – ConservativeAmerican.org: Disappeared?! So Obama’s plan to close Gitmo is simply to send these terrorists to the House of Saud where they “disappear?!”
  61. Obama Welcoming Terrorists to His Home State! 12/15/9 The President announced today he will bring about 100 terrorists from Guantanamo Bay prison to Thomson, Illinois where they will be granted the full rights of a U.S. Citizen instead of being treated as prisoners of war. Fox reports, “The American people and a bipartisan majority of the Congress have already rejected bringing terrorists to U.S. soil for long-term detention, and current law prohibits it,” Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said in a statement. “The administration has failed to explain how transferring terrorists to Gitmo North will make Americans safer than keeping these terrorists off of our shores in the secure facility in Cuba…House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, blasted the move as “preposterous” and said the administration will look to “paint this as jobs plan while making Americans less safe. We’ve had votes in Congress that made it clear we want to keep terrorists out of America,” Boehner said on the House floor Tuesday. “I can tell you I won’t vote to spend one dime to move prisoners to the U.S.” ConservativeAmerican.org notes even Harry Reid has said he is against bringing any of these people to American soil. He hopes we will forget about that though. Perhaps Bill Ayers can make them feel at home! UPDATE ADDED 12/26/9: Hot Air says, “Newest broken promise: Gitmo to close no sooner than early 2011…officials now believe that they are unlikely to close the prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, and transfer its population of terrorism suspects until 2011 at the earliest.”
  62. Obama’s Broken Promise to Take on Terrorists in our Sights 12/16/9 From National Review Online, Newsweek and Allahpundit at Hot Air: “Geraghty (NRO) counts this as another star in the great galaxy of broken Obama promises, dating to the convention when he vowed to take out Bin Laden and his underlings “if we have them in our sights.” True? Five administration officials tell NEWSWEEK that the president has sided with political and diplomatic advisers who argue that widening the scope of the drone attacks would be risky and unwise. Obama is concerned that firing missiles into urban areas like Quetta, where intelligence reports suggest that Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar and other high-level militants have sometimes taken shelter, would greatly increase the risk of civilian casualties. It would also draw protests from Pakistani politicians and military leaders, who have been largely quiet about the drone attacks as long as they’ve been confined to the country’s out-of-sight border region.”
  63. Obama Sending Terrorists Back Home to Yemen! 12/18/9 The Washington Post: “The Obama administration is planning to repatriate six Yemenis held at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, a transfer that could be a prelude to the release of dozens more detainees to Yemen, according to sources with independent knowledge of the matter. The release is a significant first step toward dealing with the largest group of detainees at the prison — there are currently 97 Yemenis there — and toward meeting President Obama’s goal of closing the facility. But Yemen’s security problems and lack of resources have spawned fears about its ability to monitor and rehabilitate returnees. Critics of the administration charge that returning detainees to Yemen, a country where al-Qaeda is believed to be thriving, is tantamount to returning terrorists to the battlefield.
  64. Napolitano Says The System Worked with the Man Who Tried to Bomb a Flight to Detroit!
  65. 12/28/9 – The Cypress Times: “Maybe Secretary Napolitano meant to say that the system didn’t work before it worked. Actually, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano who changed the term “terrorism” to “man-caused” disaster shortly after taking office this year said yesterday on CNN that “the system worked”. She added, “there is no suggestion that the suspect was improperly screened”. Apparently aside from the fact that he got on board a plane with powerful explosives on his person. This morning on the Today Show, Napolitano said, “Our system did not work in this instance. No one is happy or satisfied with that.” Which is it?…maybe, in the interest of the truth, Napolitano should have said “We blew it”, because the Obama Administration has blown it on terrorism since they took office. First and foremost by appointing Napolitano as Secretary of Homeland Security. ”

  66. Obama Calls Terrorist “Alleged,” and an “Isolated Extremist!”
  67. 12/29/9 From the Obama File: “Obama’s reference to the “alleged” Crotch-Bomber as an “isolated extremist,” and Napolitano saying there was “no indication” that the attack was “part of anything larger,” seems to be Obama’s default setting when faced with terrorism. He said as much about the Nov. 5 Fort Hood massacre, even though the FBI had previously monitored communications between shooter Nidal Hasan and Anwar al-Awlaki, the radical imam and al Qaeda commander born in New Mexico and believed to be in Yemen. The Crotch-Bomber also reportedly is one of al-Awlaki’s followers and said he was one of many bombers trained by al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula who will seek to attack the United States. Other evidence pointing to a larger plot includes a report that the Crotch-Bomber had an accomplice in Amsterdam, the sophistication of the bomb design, and al Qaeda’s admission that it was behind the attempt.” The Obama File is an excellent site. Check in with them often.

  68. Obama Administration Fails to Fill Key Anti-Terror Positions 12/29/9 Fox News: “Two federal agencies charged with keeping potential terrorists off airplanes and out of the country have been without their top leaders for nearly a year. It took the Obama administration more than eight months to nominate anyone to lead the Transportation Security Administration and the Customs and Border Protection agency. The attempted Christmas Day terrorist attack on a Detroit-bound airliner has prompted a review of U.S. security policies. The acting heads of those agencies — both created in response to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks — will be at the forefront of these discussions.”
  69. Obama Disagrees with His Own Homeland Security Chieftess! 12/29/9 In Obama’s second attempt to address the public about the Christmas Day Terror Attack (since his first attempt was such a miserable failure), the President took issue with Janet Napolitano’s statement that “the system worked.” AP reports Obama said, “systemic failure” in security allowed the attempted Christmas Day attack on a Northwest Airlines flight. Mr. Obama said information that could have prevented the would-be bomber from boarding the plane did not get the attention it deserved.” Obama still did not manage to find a tie or a razor. Those must be hiding under his golf clubs somewhere.
  70. Obama Has Done Nothing To Make Us Safer Despite His Own Words! 12/30/9 In August of 2007, Senator Barack Obama declared, “We are no safer now than we were after 9/11.” He became president in January. Are we still “no safer?” What has he done since taking office to make us safer? Nothing. Yesterday he admitted there were both “human and systemic failures” that resulted in a Nigerian man boarding a plane bound for Detroit with explosives.
  71. Obama Wants to Be Fair to Islamist Extremists?! 12/30/9 Peter Johnson, Jr. reported on Fox News this morning that Obama once indicated he wanted terrorists tried in civil, or criminal, courts rather than military tribunals to show the Muslim world we are a fair people! The fatal flaw in the Obama logic is that having them view us as Fair Great Satans is no different than having us be viewed as Unfair Great Satans! Republican Congressman Pete King is demanding Obama put Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab on trial in a military court, not a civilian court. With Obama’s desire to deny that we’re really in a war on terror at all (he has only used the word “terror” a handful of times in the last year), he has no interest in responding to Representative King. Meanwhile, the lefty Think Progress(ives) website is upset with Dick Cheney for saying Obama is, “trying to pretend we are not at war.”
  72. Obama’s Customs Staff Changes Story on Christmas Terror Attack! 1/2/10 MLive reports, “A spokesman for U.S. Customs and Border Protection now says that a man who was handcuffed and questioned by authorities on Christmas Day was a passenger on Northwest Airlines Flight 253 — just days after saying that person arrived to Detroit aboard a different flight. In an email to The Detroit News Thursday night, Customs spokesman Ron Smith acknowledged that a person from Flight 253 was handcuffed after search dogs found something in his carry-on bag. Smith said the email — which was also sent to attorneys Lori and Kurt Haskell — was based on new information he had received. The passenger was not arrested or detained, and was allowed to leave Detroit Metro Airport with the rest of the Flight 253 passengers, according to WWJ. The News said nothing was found in the man’s bag. The Haskells and at least two other Flight 253 passengers said they saw a man being handcuffed and taken away by authorities.” U.S. Customs & Border Protection staff initially denied the claims.
  73. Obama Aide Offers Deal to Terrorist! 1/4/10 John Brennan says “in terms of plea agreements, we’re going to pursue that.” He was talking on NBC’s meet the Depressed…
  74. Team Obama Says There’s No Upside or Downside to Trying Terrorists in Criminal Courts! 1/4/10 As Team Obama continues to provide the Constitutional rights of a U.S. citizen to a foreign terrorist, an Obama Aide says it doesn’t matter if the terrorists are tried in criminal or military courts! From the Weekly Standard: “Instead of just admitting that the liberal lawyers at the Justice Department and the administration believe being nicer to terrorists will pay some amorphous and as yet unseen dividends in the way the world perceives us, thereby creating fewer terrorists, Brennan tries to argue there is no upside to bringing this terrorist into civilian courts: WALLACE: Just briefly, what’s the downside of treating him as an enemy combatant? BRENNAN: “There’s — there are no downsides or upsides in particular cases. What we’re trying to do is to make sure we apply the right tool in the right instance. In this case, we made a determination that he should be tried in U.S. criminal court.” WEEKLY STANDARD: Well, one of the upsides would be you wouldn’t have to plea bargain with a terrorist. Another would be while you weren’t plea bargaining, you could be getting actionable intelligence about other terrorist attacks. But instead of wrestling with those issues, Brennan chooses the “trust me” message Holder used when confronted by 9/11 family member Alice Hoagland in November over the KSM trial: “This is almost a ‘trust me’ thing, I suppose,” he said. “There are reasons why bringing this case in an Article III [federal] court, when it comes to the admissibility of certain evidence, is really the right way to go, and really maximizes our chances of getting a successful outcome.” Yeah, Mrs. Hoagland wasn’t convinced either.”
  75. Obama’s Homeland Security Failure 1/5/10 Obama’s Terror Guy, John Brennan, insisted Sunday there was no smoking gun that would have lead them to prevent the attempted Christmas Day bombing over Detroit. Even liberal hero Maureen Dowd isn’t buying that nonsense! She writes, “If we can’t catch a Nigerian with a powerful explosive powder in his oddly feminine-looking underpants and a syringe full of acid, a man whose own father had alerted the U.S. Embassy in Nigeria, a traveler whose ticket was paid for in cash and who didn’t check bags, whose visa renewal had been denied by the British, who had studied Arabic in Al Qaeda sanctuary Yemen, whose name was on a counterterrorism watch list, who can we catch?”
  76. Obama Diverts Intelligence Money to Climate Research! 1/5/10 The National Center for Public Policy Research says, “The Obama Administration is tasking some of our nation’s most elite intelligence-gathering agencies to divert their resources to environmental scientists researching global warming. Experts with The National Center for Public Policy Research are decrying this practice as a distraction from important counterterrorism duties. They further question if it a possible avenue to renew climate change subterfuge already plaguing some of these scientists. “This is another example of President Obama not taking terrorism seriously,” said Deneen Borelli, a fellow with the National Center’s Project 21 black leadership network. “Our enemies must be laughing at the Obama Administration’s incompetence.” A January 5 article in the New York Times reported that the White House restarted a program in which scientists are obtaining classified intelligence data from the Central Intelligence Agency and National Reconnaissance Office. Information from these secret government surveillance programs is being used to track climate change. A similar program was discontinued by the Bush Administration in 2001. Former vice president and current climate change entrepreneur Al Gore began lobbying for its renewal in 2008…”Given the very real threat posed by terrorists, it is ridiculous and downright dangerous to divert any intelligence resources to monitoring polar ice,” added Borelli. “Its said this won’t hinder regular intelligence-gathering, but it’s also clear that agencies can’t yet share data and track a terrorism suspect who was identified by his own father. It’s unwise to further distract our intelligence network by forcing it to consult with scientists about icebergs, polar bears and sea lions. The Obama Administration appears to be putting a left-wing political agenda before the safety and security of our nation.”
  77. Obama Tosses Counterterrorism Director Under the Bus! 1/7/10 – The White House has reportedly found its fall guy…a guy who kept falling on the ski slopes as the attempted Christmas Day terror attack unfolded! Fox News: “National Counterterrorism Center Director Michael Leiter didn’t cut his holiday ski trip short upon learning of the attempted bombing of a Detroit-bound airliner Christmas Day, the New York Daily News reports.Leiter, who is in charge of analyzing terror threats, reportedly didn’t return to his office post in McLean, Va., until several days after the holiday, and his decision to do so has been looked down upon by intelligence officials.”People have been grumbling that he didn’t let a little terrorism interrupt his vacation,” a source told the Daily News.” ConservativeAmerican.org notes Obama also didn’t let a little terrorism interrupt his vacation. Obama’s first remarks were that this was “isolated” and we should “jump to conclusions” assuming this was even a terrorist attack. Are you safer now than you were when Obama took office? Look for Leiter to be out by this weekend. The President should also send Janet Napolitano and John Brennan packing. Will he?
  78. Obama Staff Says Shock & Awe On the Way From Terror Report! – Two Strikes Against Obama! 1/7/10 Fox News: “Americans will feel “a certain shock” when a report is released today detailing the intelligence failures that could have prevented the alleged Christmas Day airline bomber from ever boarding the plane.In an interview published Thursday in USA Today, White House national security adviserJames Jones said President Obama “is legitimately and correctly alarmed that things that were available, bits of information that were available, patterns of behavior that were available, were not acted on.” “That’s two strikes,” he was quoted as saying, referring to the failed Northwest jet attack and the shooting massacre at Fort Hood, Texas, in November.” ConservativeAmerican.org asks if this is two strikes, does that mean Obama’s OUT on the third strike?!
  79. Homeland Security Failed to Warn Northwest Pilots of Terrorist on Board Christmas Day! 1/7/10 Fox News: “Homeland Security said…officials flagged Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab as someone who should go through additional security screening in the United States. The department said his potential ties to terrorists came up in a routine check of passengers en route to the United States. The Los Angeles Times, which first reported the development, wrote that security officials “learned” of the link while he was in the air. But the administration official said “no new information” emerged when the plane was in the air. Rather, the official said customs officials followed normal procedure in checking incoming passengers’ names against the massive terror database of more than a half-million names. That’s where the suspect’s name showed up. “They were going to ask him a few additional questions after he landed before allowing him admission into the country,” the official said.” – ConservativeAmerican.org asks if the routine check while he was in the air turned up the information that authorities needed to question this guy when the plane landed, then the LA Times is correct in stating they learned of that link while Umar (Rush today called him the “Fruit of the Kaboom Bomber!”) was in the air. They also reportedly failed to inform the pilots this man was on their plane.
  80. Obama Releases Two Terrorists To Algeria 1/25/10 Despite the Christmas Day attempted terror attack over Detroit by an Algerian, the Barack Obama Administration announced it has released two terrorists held at Club Gitmo by sending them back home to Algeria! Uber-Lefty Andy Worthington at the Public Record reports: “On Friday, perhaps as a sop to critics — myself included — who have been complaining about President Obama’s failure to close Guantánamo by his self-imposed deadline of January 22, 2010, the Justice Department announced in a press release that two Algerian prisoners had been released. Releasing prisoners to Algeria has always been a dubious business, akin to Russian roulette, as I explained when two men were released by the Bush administration in July 2008, because there appears to be no way of knowing whether these men will be released on their return or imprisoned…” – Of course Worthington is worried they might be put in prison and subjected to unfair treatment and punishment! His headline is that two “Torture Victims” were released from Guantanamo! More of the bass ackwards Obama World!
  81. 2010 State of Obama # 14 – Suddenly Tough on Terror? 1/27/2010 – The President found himself in the awkward position of bragging that he killed more terrorists in 2009 than Bush killed in 2008. Yeah, so take that! I wonder if any of the anti-war, anti-killing crowd heard that? He then made a claim that few believe saying that since the day he took office he has renewed the focus on preventing terror attacks. How’s that working out so far?! He needs to fire Napolitano and Holder to start.
  82. Holder is The Lonely Looney! – The “Real Scandal” of the Christmas Day Attempted Terror Attack 1/29/2010 Charles Krauthammer calls this the “real scandal” and writes that Eric Holder acted in haste and by himself in deciding the Christmas Day Terrorist should be given Miranda rights: “After 50 minutes of questioning him, the Obama administration chose, reflexively and mindlessly, to give the chatty terrorist the right to remain silent. Which he immediately did, undoubtedly denying us crucial information about al-Qaeda in Yemen, which had trained, armed and dispatched him. We have since learned that the decision to Mirandize Abdulmutallab had been made without the knowledge of or consultation with (1) the secretary of defense, (2) the secretary of homeland security, (3) the director of the FBI, (4) the director of the National Counterterrorism Center or (5) the director of national intelligence (DNI). The Justice Department acted not just unilaterally but unaccountably. Obama’s own DNI said that Abdulmutallab should have been interrogated by the HIG, the administration’s new High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group.” — ConservativeAmerican notes: Only there isn’t any such group on the mainland yet. Obama, claiming in his State of Obama address that Terrorism is Job # 1, put this on the back burner to battle the public on health care instead!
  83. Obama Leaking Information to Terrorists to Save His Own Rear End! 2/4/9NowPublic.com reports, “Sen. Christopher Bond…, sent a letter to President Obama urging him not to disseminate ” sensitive information vital to the defense of the American people.” The letter was in response to a White House briefing to reporters that Christmas Day bomber Umar Farouq Abdulmutallab is cooperating with federal law enforcement officials. Mr. Bond said a White House briefing to reporters that details that the Nigerian man is cooperating with law enforcement has no doubt “reached the ears of our enemies abroad.” — The Washington Times says the White House response was to ask Bond to apologize.
  84. Obama Flip-flop-flip-flop-flip on Trying Terrorists in New York!
  85. 2/8/10 The President and his Attorney General, Eric Holder, have flip flopped so many times on this issue, I can’t even keep it straight. FitsNews.com reported in November that the Obama administration had flipped and decided to hold the trials in New York after all. Giving in to public pressure, FitsNews says by the end of January, the administration had flopped back saying the trials would NOT be in New York. Then…don’t feel bad, we get confused too… on February 7th Couric-BS news asked Obama if his administration still planned to hold the trial in New York City. Obama replied, “I have not ruled it out.” — Only to flip again an instant later, playing both sides of every issue again, and adding, “If you’ve got a city that is saying ‘no’ and a police department that’s saying ‘no’ and a mayor that’s saying ‘no,’ that makes it difficult.”

  86. Obama’s Hypocrisy on Giving Terrorists Miranda Rights! 2/10/10 Yid with Lid and Hot Air catch this blazing hypocrisy: “We are talking about the man who told 60 minutes that he opposed giving terrorists Miranda rights, and then allowed his Attorney General to “Mirandize” the underwear bomber.”
  87. Obama’s “Gitmo Appointees!” – Appointment Scandals # 135-143 2/23/2010 The New York Post is reporting that President Obama has nine employees working for him in the Department of Justice who either represented or advocated on behalf of, terrorists at the Guantanamo Bay Prison! Jennifer Fermino reports that Eric Holder wrote to Republican Senator Charles Grassley: “”To the best of our knowledge, during their employment prior to joining the government, only five of the lawyers who serve as political appointees in those components represented detainees,” said Holder in the letter, which is dated Feb. 18. “Four others either contributed to amicus briefs in detainee-related cases or were otherwise involved in advocacy on behalf of detainees.” Holder refused to reveal the names of any of the DOJ lawyers who worked on behalf of terrorists or their positions in the department, except for two officials whose advocacy for Gitmo detainees had already been reported. Neal Katyal, the department’s principal deputy solicitor general, was once the lawyer for Osama bin Laden’s driver. Jennifer Daskal, part of Obama’s Detention Policy Task Force, advocated for detainees at Human Rights Watch.” — ConservativeAmerican.org notes Holder himself was involved in the pardons of 16 Puerto Rican terrorists. The law firm Holder worked for at the time of his appointment represented 17 Gitmo Detainees. How much money will all these lawyers make if Obama shuts down Gitmo and these men go free? UPDATE 3/19/10: The LA Times calls this scandal a “silly smear.”
  88. Team Obama To Flip-Flop on its Flip-Flop, Flip-Flop (following that?) on Terrorists on Trial in the U.S. 3/5/2010 – The Obama administration sent out signals this week that it soon will overrule itself and change back to Bush Administration policy of trying terrorists in military tribunals instead of civilian court. Eric Holder got to take the bullet on this one for the President. Obama has claimed he was not in the loop when Holder’s decision to try them in New York courtrooms was announced, an obvious fabrication. The Washington Post says Obama will cave to pressure and flip-flop back to having the trials in military courts. Rush Limbaugh today said it might be part of a plan to get Lindsey Graham to support the closing of Club Gitmo. The bottom line is the public wins if the trials are conducted by the military and the progressive Socialists, who appear unconcerned about the War on Terror, lose.
  89. Obama Returning Terrorists to the Battlefields! 3/30/2010 Fox News: “Prior to his release in December, Abdul Hafiz was Prisoner Number 1030 at Guantanamo Bay. Now, less than four months later, he’s back home in Afghanistan and working for the Taliban — just the latest of more than 100 released detainees who have returned to terrorism, according to the Pentagon. Hafiz, suspected in the March 2003 kidnapping and murder of an International Red Cross worker, was the “Taliban head of all Madrassas … responsible for recruiting and sending young men to fight for the Taliban,” according to U.S. government memos. He was said to have maintained contacts for Mullah Mohammad Omar, the leader of the Taliban of Afghanistan, and to have admitted to participating in jihad against the Soviets. But despite the list of charges against him, the U.S. government transferred Hafiz to his home country in December. And now, a senior U.S. official tells Fox News, he is back on the battlefield.” — ConservativeAmerican.org says this is all in the name of closing Gitmo. Obama has to pay off his lefty fringe voters with this closing, even if it puts Americans at risk!
  90. Obama Still Trying to Make Friends with Islamist Jihadists!
  91. 4/7/2010 The nation’s first Socialist president, the man who is personal friends with terrorist Bill Ayers and terrorist Rashid Khalidi, is again reaching out to the Muslim world to make sure we don’t offend any radical Islamist Jihadists!!! This is so freaking unbelievable! Could any of us have imagined such a ridiculous thing just 9 years after 9/11?! He’ll offend Tea Partiers, but he doesn’t want to hurt the feelings of an Islamist Jihadist! Fox News reports, “President Barack Obama’s advisers will remove religious terms such as “Islamic extremism” from the central document outlining the U.S. national security strategy and will use the rewritten document to emphasize that the United States does not view Muslim nations through the lens of terror, counterterrorism officials said. The change is a significant shift in the National Security Strategy, a document that previously outlined the Bush Doctrine of preventative war and currently states: “The struggle against militant Islamic radicalism is the great ideological conflict of the early years of the 21st century.” — ConservativeAmerican.org believes this naive head-in-the-Jihadist-sand President just wants to pretend there is no war against militant Islamic Radicalism! Shhhhh! If we just don’t talk about it, maybe it will go away! It is unfortunate for history’s sake that the first biracial President will have to be recorded as a radical extremist himself. Perhaps the biggest crime in 2008 was the failure… no, it wasn’t a failure because they never tried… was the lack of any interest by the MSM in vetting Barack Obama as a Presidential candidate.

  92. Schumer Battles Holder on Flip-Flop!
  93. 4/14/2010 NY Congressman Chuck Schumer says the Obama administration knows it’s not going to hold the terror trials in New York and should just say so already! Eric Holder went against the White House assertion that the trials will not be held in New York. Today he told congress that the option of New York trials “is not off the table.” So can Team Obama get its act together? Is New York back on the table? Or is New York not an option?

  94. Team Obama Flip-Flop on Saying “Terrorist” (AGAIN)
  95. 5/4/2010 Attorney General Eric Holder did a flip-flop on the Obama Administration policy of not using the word “terrorist.” He referred to Faisal Shahzad, the man authorities are charging with attempting to blow up a car bomb in NY Times Square, as a “terrorist.” He knows darn well he’s supposed to call him an “Agent of Man-Caused Disaster!” Why is it when a foreign terrorist does something bad, Team Obama calls it a “man-caused disaster,” and when a naturalized U.S. citizen, a Pakistani-American, is accused they call him a terrorist? I guess it fits the whole, “Americans are the REAL bad guys mold. No matter the reason, Holder Flip-Flopped… again.

  96. Team Obama Initially Said They Were Watching as Faisal Shahzad Boarded Plane
  97. 5/5/2010 – Associated Content reported 5/4/10: “Police, who knew the identity of Shahzad at the time he boarded the plane, waited until the last minute to apprehend Shahzad to see if he was going to have anyone joining him on that flight. This report is conflicting with the original report that they apprehended Shahzad as he attempted to board the plane.” Rush Limbaugh indicated the FBI had initially made this claim, only later acknowledging they lost him! NewsCore and Fox News reported later: “An FBI team tracking the man suspected of the failed Times Square car bomb attack lost him for crucial hours before he drove to John F. Kennedy Airport and boarded a plane to Dubai, The (London) Times reported Wednesday. The FBI team did not know Faisal Shahzad, an American of Pakistani descent, was planning to fly abroad until a final passenger list was sent to officials at the Customs and Border Protection agency minutes before the Emirates flight EK202 was due to take off, intelligence officials said Tuesday.”

  98. Despite Reports of Taliban Ties to Times Square Bombing, Taliban Isn’t on Obama’s Terrorist List!
  99. 5/6/2010 National Review Online: “…the State Department won’t even designate these independent Taliban entities as Foreign Terrorist Organizations. Here is the FTO list. No Taliban … even though we’ve been at war with the Afghan Taliban for nearly nine years. (About a year ago, Fred [Gedrich] wrote an article for the New York Daily News calling for designation of the Taliban — so far, to no avail.)”

  100. Eric Holder Calls Times Square Bomb Attempt a “Successful Operation!” – Has His Own ‘The System Worked’ Moment
  101. 5/7/2010 Ozark First reports, “Alaska Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski pressed Holder on federal terror watch and no-fly lists and asked, “How did he get on that plane?” Holder noted that certain federal security procedures are being recalibrated in the wake of the Times Square incident. He said, quote, “We have to look at this successful operation and determine how we can do it better next time.” — ConservativeAmerican.org is all for the ‘better next time’ idea.

  102. Radical Holder Can’t Say “Radical Islam!”

  103. Holder – Attorney General of Cowards – Hasn’t Read the Bill!

    5/15/2010 Why can’t Socialist Attorney General Eric Holder even say the words, “Radical Islam?!” From

National Review Online
: “What with the Fort Hood mass murderer, the Christmas Pantybomber, and now the Times Square bomber, you may have noticed a little uptick in attempted terrorist attacks on the U.S. mainland in the last few months. Rep. Lamar Smith did, and, at the House Judiciary Committee, he was interested to see if the attorney general of the United States thought there might be any factor in common between these perplexingly diverse incidents. “In the case of all three attempts in the last year, the terrorist attempts, one of which was successful, those individuals have had ties to radical Islam,” said Representative Smith. “Do you feel that these individuals might have been incited to take the actions that they did because of radical Islam?” …“ There are a variety of reasons  why I think people have taken these actions,” replied Eric Holder noncommittally. “I think you have to look at each individual case.” The congressman tried again. “Yes, but radical Islam could have been one of the reasons?” “ There are a variety of reasons why people
. . . ” “But was radical Islam one of them?” “ There are a variety of reasons why people do things .” — ConservativeAmerican.org thinks Holder is nuts. This entire administration is on the wrong course. UPDATE 5/16/2010: Washington Times
: “Obama’s invisible Islam – Democrats refuse to admit who the jihadist enemy is.”

  • Team Obama Says Jihad is Legit!!
  • 5/27/10 – President Obama’s Top Terrorism Adviser says Jihad (or Islamist Holy War) is “Legitimate!” Fox News: “The president’s top counterterrorism adviser on Wednesday called jihad a “legitimate tenet of Islam,” arguing that the term “jihadists” should not be used to describe America’s enemies. During a speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, John Brennan described violent extremists as victims of “political, economic and social forces,” but said that those plotting attacks on the United States should not be described in “religious terms.” He repeated the administration argument that the enemy is not “terrorism,” because terrorism is a “tactic,” and not terror, because terror is a “state of mind” — though Brennan’s title, deputy national security adviser for counterterrorism and homeland security, includes the word “terrorism” in it. But then Brennan said that the word “jihad” should not be applied either.” — ConservativeAmerican.org says now we have a new word Team Obama never wants to hear: “Jihad!” This head-in-the-sand group of clowns in the Obama administration is going to get Americans killed. Enough is enough. Brennan, Napolitano, Holder… they all need to go!

  • Obama Scandal: Dangerously Too Low Key on Islamic Radical Terrorists!
  • 7/12/2010 The Associated Democrat Press reports: “The Obama administration’s recent move to drop rhetorical references to Islamic radicalism is drawing fire in a new report warning the decision ignores the role religion can play in motivating terrorists. Several prominent counterterror experts are challenging the administration’s shift in its recently unveiled National Security Strategy, saying the terror threat should be defined in order to fight it. The question of how to frame the conflict against al-Qaida and other terrorists poses a knotty problem. The U.S. is trying to mend fences with Muslim communities while toughening its strikes against militant groups. In the report, scheduled to be released this week, counterterrorism experts from the Washington Institute for Near East Policy argue that the U.S. could clearly articulate the threat from radical Islamic extremists “without denigrating the Islamic religion in any way.” President Barack Obama has argued that words matter, and administration officials have said that the use of inflammatory descriptions linking Islam to the terror threat feed the enemy’s propaganda and may alienate moderate Muslims in the U.S.

  • Obama: If We Can’t Close Gitmo, Let’s Make it a Luxury Hotel!
  • 7/13/10 Catherine Herridge of Fox News was among those who took a tour of the Islamic radical terrorist prison camp at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base yesterday. She reports not only has President Obama failed to close the prison as promised, he has turned it into the lap of luxury for the murdering thugs held there!! They get Wii and PlayStation 3 game systems, books like the Twilight series, classes on personal finance, resume building and staying healthy!! This is an absolute outrage. The Islamic Extremists could have no better friend in the White House than President Obama. Maybe they will like us now and stop killing us since we let them play exercise games on the Wii game system! President Obama should resign or be impeached.

  • Obama Breaks Surveilance Promise
  • 7/30/10 NY Times: “It is just a technical matter, the Obama administration says: We just need to make a slight change in a law to make clear that we have the right to see the names of anyone’s e-mail correspondents and their Web browsing history without the messy complication of asking a judge for permission. It is far more than a technical change. The administration’s request, reported Thursday in The Washington Post, is an unnecessary and disappointing step backward toward more intrusive surveillance from a president who promised something very different during the 2008 campaign… President Obama campaigned for office on an explicit promise to rein in these abuses. “There is no reason we cannot fight terrorism while maintaining our civil liberties,” his campaign wrote in a 2008 position paper. “As president, Barack Obama would revisit the Patriot Act to ensure that there is real and robust oversight of tools like National Security Letters, sneak-and-peek searches, and the use of the material witness provision.” Where is the “robust oversight” that voters were promised?”

  • Obama Sides with Muslims Again!!! – Drops Case Against USS Cole Attackers
  • 8/28/10 Atlas Shrugs has the details, “Obama is dropping the case against the Cole bombing, a jihadist act of war. In October 2000, the Cole was attacked by Muslim terrorists in a homicide attack in the Yemeni post of Aden. Seventeen sailors were killed and thirty-nine were injured, and the ship was damaged. Today we hear they are dropping the case. Another big fat lie, to what end? To advance what agenda? Whose interests? Certainly it’s not America’s.” Andrew McCarthy adds, ” It’s a sleepy Friday in late August, the president is on another vacation, Congress is out of town, no one is paying much attention. What better time for the Obama administration to pull the plug, once again, on military commissions? This time, it has halted the case of top al-Qaeda operative Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, who was to be prosecuted by a military court for the Cole bombing… None of this is terribly surprising. Prosecuting the Cole case by military commission sticks in the Left’s craw because it shows the incoherence of the Obama/Holder position. They want to treat the war like a crime and endow our enemies with all the rights and advantages of civilian courts; yet, they went military in the Cole case, despite the fact that there is a pending Justice Department civilian indictment addressing that attack.”

  • Obama says U.S. can simply “Absorb” another Terror Attack!
  • 9/22/10 The same book by Woodward explains that after the President was warned repeatedly by top advisers about the possibility of another terror attack in the U.S., Obama responded by saying the U.S. could “absorb” another terror attack and that we made it through 9/11 and came out “stronger” so we could do it again. Not exactly the kind of “change you can believe in,” is it???

  • Obama’s TSA Thanksgiving Gate-Rape!
  • 11/23/10 While liberals were quick to blast George W. Bush for wanting to monitor phone calls between U.S. Citizens and known terrorists overseas, and while they blasted him for wanting to check library records to see who is checking out bomb-making books and terrorist guides, they are silent as Obama’s Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) is practicing “Gate-Rape!” As Thanksgiving travelers head to airports, there are cries of “Grope and Change” and “Don’t Touch My Junk!” The administration has gone WAY, WAY TOO FAR with this one. The idea of allowing the government to simply decide it has the authority to photograph and touch your genitals is the death of personal liberty in this nation. Americans must not stand for this and must not allow it to continue. If we allow it, there is nothing the government cannot do to us. All Americans, regardless of party, must stand up and demand that this practice cease. This is among the top 5 outrageous Obama Scandals of all time!

  • Janet Incompetano: Maybe Muslim Women Can Pat Themselves Down!!!
  • 11/23/10 We only wish we were kidding. So not only will we not profile the radical Muslim extremists who want us all dead, Team Obama and Janet Napolitano may allow Muslim women to “Pat themselves down!” That’s the scoop from the Council of Conservative Citizens!

  • Oops! Team Obama Negotiates with Fake Taliban Leader in Afghanistan!
  • 11/23/10 Just in case you needed a boost in your confidence in Team Obama, Fox News reports, “The top commander in Afghanistan suggested Tuesday that the United States suspected all along that a man leading peace talks on behalf of the Taliban was an impostor, even though the bogus militant was allegedly receiving payments from the West while he was duping them…” – ConservativeAmerican.org groans, uh-huh. Let’s go with that explanation. Yeah. We knew it all along. Uh-huh.

  • Obama’s Intel Chief Missing the Chief Intel!
  • 12/22/2010 Foxy Blondes News is reporting today, “The White House counterterrorism adviser acknowledged Wednesday that the reason the nation’s top intelligence official was stumped on an interview question two days ago about a major set of terror arrests in Great Britain was because his staff hadn’t told him about it. Adviser John Brennan said that Director of National Intelligence James Clapper should have been kept abreast of the situation and that “steps” are being taken to ensure he’s not kept in the dark on such significant developments in the future…” – ConservativeAmerican.org notes that’s not very comforting.

  • Obama’s Homeland Security Department is Closed One Day a Yearl!
  • 12/22/2010 Fox & Friends notes there was another goof in the same interview in which Clapper had no idea about the London terror arrests. Janet “When are they going to fire me?” Napolitano said, “Thousands of people are working 24/7 364 days a year to keep the American people safe.” – ConservativeAmerican.org asks, Uhm… wouldn’t you want to be open every day of the year?!

  • Obama’s Broken Promise on Indefinite Detention!
  • 12/25/2010 The ultra left Socialist-Democrat website The Daily Kos is upset with Obama over this one! They even compare him to Bush! “…the new executive order, about to be signed by Obama, which will allow indefinite detention of prisonerswithout trial. She makes note of what really haunts those who worked so diligently and passionately for Obama’s election: ‘The problem is not just the disturbing fact that the Obama policy perpetuates a piece of the Bush detention regime. Indefinite detention was the very heart of the Bush policy’ Have we managed to elect a smarter Bush? A man with the same ideals as his predecessor, but someone who manages a more eloquent and palatable shoving down the throat of the public his neo-conservative views. There are caveats in the article that many of us would like to cling as compromises, but in the end it is still an end to due process, to basic human rights and basic human dignity.”

  • Obama Appointment Scandal # 168 – Looney Lefty James Cole!
  • President Obama this week skipped congress and used his recess appointment powers to put some unpopular people into powerful positions. One of them was James Cole to be deputy Attorney General for the Department of Black Justice. Fox News says the liberal Cole once compared the attacks of 9/11 to the drug trade! Foxy Blondes News reports “Cole, had been in limbo since he was nominated in May, though his name did clear the Senate Judiciary Committee over the summer. Republicans had questioned his past consulting work with bailed-out insurance giant AIG but had been particularly critical of his stance on prosecuting terror suspects. That concern flared up again after Obama installed Cole on Wednesday.Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., incoming chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, accused Cole of wanting to pursue terror suspects as a criminal matter in civilian courts. He cited a 2002 Legal Times column in which Cole called the Sept. 11 attacks “criminal acts of terrorism against a civilian population” – like the Oklahoma City bombing. Cole went on to write that the United States has faced “many forms of devastating crime,” from the drug trade to organized crime to rape and child abuse. “The acts of Sept. 11 were horrible, but so are these other things,” he wrote…”

  • Even Democrats Try to Stop Obama’s Weak Stance on Terrorism
  • 1/7/11 Jake Tapper at ABC reports, “President Obama today signed the Pentagon Authorization into law today – and issued a “signing statement”… Section 1032 of the Pentagon Authorization bill bans the use of defense funds from being spent on transferring detainees from Guantanamo into the United States. President Obama called that a “dangerous and unprecedented challenge to critical executive branch authority to determine when and where to prosecute Guantanamo detainees, based on the facts and the circumstances of each case and our national security interests.” He said the prohibition, which was inserted by Democrats in the Senate, “undermines our Nation’s counterterrorism efforts and has the potential to harm our national security.”

  • Obama’s HUGE Flip-Flop on Military Tribunals!
  • 1/20/11 Day one in office, President Barack Hugo Obama put an end to those nastyBush-supported military tribunals. So there! Guess what? Democrat-run Couric-BS News is reporting that Team Obama is “…reportedly preparing to drop a ban on military tribunals against prisoners at the Guantanamo Bay terror detention facility which has been in place since the day Mr. Obama was inaugurated. The New York Times reports… the president is relenting… Defense chief Robert Gates is expected to sign off on an order permitting the tribunals to resume at Guantanamo, and new charges against some of the people in detention could be filed within weeks.” Obama sure had all those lefty, anti-Bushers snowed. All he cares about is his own rear end and his own power. Now that his name will be on the ballot, he’s trotting right back to Bush policies!!

  • Obama Lies About Muslim Brotherhood!
  • 2/7/11 Joseph KleinAs Joseph Klein points out at NewsRealBlog, “Obama told O’Reilly that he’s not terribly concerned about the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. After all, according to Obama, who invited members of the Muslim Brotherhood to attend his own speech in Cairo in June 2009 and who has invited the president of a Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Islamic organization in America to the White House for Ramadan dinners, only certain “strains” of the Muslim Brotherhood’s ideology ”are against the U.S.” and the Muslim Brotherhood is only “one faction in Egypt.” That’s like saying that there are only certain strains of a dangerous virus that will kill us immediately as opposed to causing a long painful illness. Could Obama be hoping for something in his Obamacare legislation that will provide a cure? Perhaps the President has forgotten that the Muslim Brotherhood spawned the terrorist organization Hamas. Perhaps he skipped over the senior London-based Muslim Brotherhood leader Muhammad Ghanem’s statement to Iran’s Arabic-language news station, Al-Alam, that the Egyptian people “should be prepared for war against Israel.”

  • Obama Admin Refuses to Call Attack in Germany “Terrorism!” 3/3/11 Fox Nation: “He Yells ‘Allah Akbar,’ Murders 2 U.S. Soldiers and the White House Refuses to Call It Terrorism – U.S. State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley on whether the murder of two U.S. airmen was a terrorist attack: “Was the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords a terrorist attack? I mean, you have to look at the evidence and look at the motivation and then you make a judgment,” Crowley told the Press.”
  • Hillary Clinton Says the Terrorist News Network is “Real News!” Clinton calls Aljazeera real news3/3/11 From theRush Limbaugh Show: “It was a Senate foreign operations subcommittee of the Senate Appropriations Committee, and there’s a Q&A, Ron Johnson(Republican-Wisconsin), said, “I totally agree with you about the power of information. I’d like to have your evaluation in terms of the priority of our information initiative. I mean, what are the components that you want to most emphasize in that region, the Middle East, of the world?” HILLARY: (shouting) Al-Jazeera has been the — the leader in — that are literally changing people’s minds and attitudes. And like it or hate it, it is really effective. Viewership of al-Jazeera is going up in the United States because it’s real news! You may not agree with it, but you feel you’re getting real news around the clock instead of a million commercials and, you know, arguments between talking heads and the kind of stuff that we do on our news — which, you know, is not particularly informative to us, let alone foreigners.”From page 42, comes this flip flop…
  • Obama Flip-Flops (AGAIN) on KSM Terror Trial Location!
  • 4/4/11 The Foxy Blondes news website headline reads: “Obama Flip-Flop: 9/11 Suspects to Face Guantanamo Military Tribunal.” So much for the “fair trial” nonsene Team Obama had been pushing off and on since day one. VP Joey Buttafuoco Biden even promised the nation Khalid Sheikh Mohammed would be convicted after his “fair trial.” What happened to Eric “let ‘em go” Holder insisting that military tribunals were bad, nasty Bush-like things?! What happened to Obama promising to restore Habeus Corpus? This is so much BS, the BS meter actually broke. He’s been sitting in Club Gitmo for years while Team Obama tried to figure out how to get out of its ridiculous position that he should be tried in New York City, just blocks from where the 9/11 attacks took place. This news comes on the same day that BHO announces he will seek reelection with his hopless un-changey thingy.

  • Obama Lied During Announcement that Osama Bin Laden was Killed
  • 5/1/11 President Obama told the nation late tonight that he made the capture or killing of Osama Bin Laden a “top priority” and instructed CIA Chief Leon Panetta to make this job number one. That’s great! If only it were true. Unfortunately this is another example of Obama’s revisionist history. Obama Flip Flopped on Capturing Osama Bin Laden January, 2009 – Politico: “During the presidential debates last year, Obama declared that capturing or killing Osama bin Laden “has to be our biggest national security priority.” In his first TV interview after winning the election, he said the terrorist leader was “not just a symbol. He’s also the operational leader of an organization that is planning attacks against U.S. targets,” and that the additional troops being sent to Afghanistan would hunt him down because “capturing or killing bin Laden is a critical aspect of stamping out Al Qaeda.” Bin Laden’s significance to Obama dissipated during the transition. By the time Obama gave another interview in early January, he said killing or capturing bin Laden was not necessary to “meet our goal of protecting America.”

  • Obama Flip Flops on Navy SEALS over Osama Bin Laden Death
  • 5/3/11 Navy SEAL Matthew McCabe Remember
    Navy SEAL Matthew McCabe? He was one of the brave Navy SEAL heroes forced to stand trial by the Obama Administration for roughing up a terrorist thug murderer. This story was our number one  on our Top 10 Obama Scandals from 2009 The terrorist got a bloody lip (poor fellow… NOT) from three Navy SEALS who, rather than being thanked, were forced to stand trial. The Commander in Chief could have put an end to the nonsense but chose not to do so. That’s when it was cool for him to be against everything George W. Bush was. For President Obama, sacrificing the careers of three fine Navy SEALS was well worth it to please the wacko leftists. And the gutsy and courageous Barack Hussein Obama put them on trial for giving the slime bag a bloody lip. Now compare that to Obama and the Navy SEALS who actually KILLED a murdering thug terrorist slimeball.  So Commander Obama is pissed off when a murdering thug gets a bloody lip , but he’s cool with it when those same highly trained Navy SEALS shoot another murdering thug in the head? Give me a freakin’ break!Agree? Disagree? Are we nuts or Leading the way Right? Leave a comment below!

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