Obama Asks Congress to Postpone Vote on attacking Syria

President Obama tonight changed his mind again on Syria, asking Congress to just wait a while and see if the Russian deal to get Syria to quit using its chemical weapons will work.

He took plenty of time to blast republicans. Asking them to “reconcile” their lack of support for his plan to attack with their stance on the military and war.

He said, “The facts cannot be denied,” in this case. He also reminded America he is the commander in chief and he can make the decision by himself. He was just trying to be a nice guy asking congress and those mean ol’ wascally wepublicans wouldn’t support him. Guess what, Mr. President, it’s YOUR democrats that control the senate and they won’t support you either.

Out of one side of his mouth he says we have to act and act now against this. Out of the other side of his mouth he says, let’s just all calm down and wait a while. Once again he is trying to have it both ways. That is what ConservativeAmerican.org calls “the Obama pattern!”

The president also took time to repeat his No Boots on the Ground Lie!

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