Obama Blows Off France Again by Releasing Terrorists to Conduct Next Attack!

obama-dressedPresident Barack Hussein Obama blew off France the other day so he could watch the Dallas Cowboys lose to Green Bay on TV. Now, he’s done it again. This time he freed some terrorists and sent them to Yemen, the base claiming credit for the terror attack in France. This will help Al Quaeda to conduct its next attack on France. Thanks, Obama.

The president continues his nonsensical release of dangerous terrorists from the detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. He’s hell-bent on setting these terrorists free. His desire to set them free is tied to his victim mentality foreign policy. The President will always take the side of those who he sees as the victims. Muslims, in his eyes, cannot be oppressors. He views them as victims of white, United States, oppression… the same way he views himself.

This President is a bad person who is doing great damage to our nation.

I guess with the terrorists in France dying, the President figured he needed to make things ‘fair’ by restaffing the Al Qaeda Yemen office with this prisoner release.

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