Obama Breaks Promise: Leaving 10,000 ‘Non-combat’ Troops in Afghanistan

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right
If we were in Kansas, I would have to fire you.

Well, here we go again. After promising to bring all of our troops home, Obama instead leaves thousands behind. Nope, not Iraq this time, but Afghanistan. Oh, but he will tell you the fighting is all over and these are what he calls “non-combat” troops.

See if you can tell the difference in the photo below between a combat soldier and a non-combat soldier…

Non-Combat Soldiers
Non-Combat Soldiers

Yeah, me neither.

Obama is claiming that by the end of the year only about 10,000 soldiers will be in ‘harm’s way’ in Afghanistan. Remember all the troops he left behind in Iraq? They don’t count because he decided that war is over.

Now he is deciding the war in Afghanistan is over. He is not concerned with victory, and doesn’t even like the word. To him, its more important to just get out. He used to say this was the good war, the one we could not lose. Now he is not concerned with winning or losing.

No mention of the soldiers who have died since 2008, more than 2,050 of them.

This man is a joke and has no idea how to create a successful foreign policy.

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