Obama, Buzz Lightyear & Dreamworks

Barack Obama as far left as we can and beyond

With absolutely no idea how to run anything or how to fix the disasters he has created, King Obama visited his royal court jesters in Hollywierd.  He’s again repeating his nonsensical claim that it is “1 faction of 1 party in 1 house of congress” that is causing all of his problems.

In reality, President Obama himself is 1 man in 1 far left faction of 1 party in 1 branch of government and he is proceeding with his socialist utopia of redistributing wealth.

It’s odd how the wealthy, like Jeffrey Katzenberg who runs Dreamworks, love the fact Obama wants to redistribute their wealth to others. Why is it that Buzz Lightyear is in love with Barack Hussein Obama?  Why do they want his socialist destruction of the wealth machine that made them all millions to succeed?

Obama should get out of Hollywood and at least pretend that he actually is the President.

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