Obama, CDC Not Trying to Keep us Safe from Ebola

What other conclusion can one draw? The administration of President Barack Obama and the leadership of the Centers for Disease Control are not even trying to keep us safe from Ebola. While the CDC Director goes on TV daily to tell us everything is fine, it really isn’t.

If Obama or the CDC truly wanted to keep us safe…

  • …Why not stop admitting all travelers to the country who have been in nations with Ebola outbreaks? The nuts at the United Nations don’t like this idea because it might hurt the economy of those small nations. It might keep us alive though! This means no one comes over our borders in cars or planes or boats who is coming from one of these nations. Seal off the damn borders! Ah, but that would cost the democrats illegal votes in November, not a price they are willing to pay even if it means someone in your family dies.
  • …Why wouldn’t they be more forthcoming about the risks of getting Ebola? For example, we are told by the CDC it can only be transmitted through bodily fluids. Personal protective equipment to avoid contracting a disease spread by bodily fluids includes, goggles, face masks, gloves, etc. There would NOT be any need for the guys in the space-suits or haz-mat suits. That would protect someone from AIRBORNE diseases. If that’s not the issue, then they should explain why this precaution is being taken.
  • …They would have cleaned up the Dallas apartment building where patient zero was immediately upon learning of his illness. Some reports say it still has not been properly cleaned. Video images today show men removing boxes. Notice that the men are not even wearing protective gloves! Other reports say the man’s vomit outdoors by the apartment building was simply swept or power-washed away. This is nuts.
  • …They would not allow those in close contact with this man, especially those who stayed with him in the same apartment, to move around freely. These people would be quarantined.

They are not stopping infected people from coming here. They are not containing the disease already here. They are not doing enough to take this seriously. Do they even care?

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