Obama Cries Wolf from Golf Course, Russia Advances

“OMG! I can’t believe the Obama Administration thinks any nation takes it seriously anymore!” – That’s what we wrote February 27th.

Remember all those threats Obama tossed at Russian President Vladimir Putin over the situation in the Ukraine? No one took them seriously. Today, it looks like Russia, or at least Russian separtists in the Ukraine, may have accidentally shot down a passenger plane with 295 people on board. So much for Obama’s tough-guy sanctions!

President Obama continues to cry wolf, no doubt from somewhere on the 11th hole of a golf course.

President Obama again promising non-existent consequences
The Obama Who Cried Wolf

Back in February, former Vietnam liar, John Plastic Face Kerry — who got promoted to Secretary of State as a reward for his lies — said Russia better not get involved in the Ukraine or else!

Really? OR ELSE WHAT?!

You mean Team Obama might really, really, really do something this time?! Yeah right. No one believed it then. And I, for one, don’t believe it now. The U.S. will make some noise and blow some smoke, but will basically do absolutely nothing… again.

From our even earlier post way back on February 19th…

The headline at ABCDEmocrat news today is “Obama Threatens Consequences for Violence in Ukraine!”

Yawn. We’ve heard that lie beforefrom the ‘President who Cries Consequences.’ The Obama foreign policy is a joke.

North Korea was testing missiles. Obama told them to stop or there would be consequences. Hillary joined in on the threat. Empty threat. North Korea kept doing it. No consequences.

From our post in May of 2010:

Now she [Hillary Clinton] is promising “severe consequences” for Pakistan if there ever is a successful terror attack connected to their nation.

Let’s see… “severe consequences,”… hmmmm. That sounds familiar.

You mean like the severe consequences she promised for Iran if they didn’t comply with nuclear program UN resolutions?! Wasn’t the deadline back in January? So far those severe consequences have been President Obama writing personal letters to their terrorist thug of a leader. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew Scaaaaaaaaaaary!

Or there were the “severe consequences” Hillary and Barack promised for North Korea. Remember those? If they tested another missile, we were going to get severe with them!!! The only severe consequence they received as a visit from Billy Bob Clinton who swooped in for photos and a long plane ride alone with not one, but two interns.

Gosh, what will the scary “severe consequences” be this time? Another UN resolution?

Oh, and what about that, uhm… what was it? a blue line, a silver line?… Oh! What about that Red Line Obama promise? If Syria used chemical weapons on its own people, there would be severe consequences. Nope. Nothing.

President Obama is a complete foreign policy failure. The United States has gone from being a force to be feared under George W. Bush to a laughingstock that takes advice from Vladimir Putin (Syria) on foreign policy.

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