The Obama Death Count

By Peter Andrew
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Remember how very important the liberals and Bush-haters thought it was to tell us every day how many soldiers had died “Because of him?” They chanted their stupid “Bush Lied! People Died” and marked each “milestone” in the death count with news releases and celebrations. Each time the number grew, it gave them more “ammo” and hatred for President Bush. 3/6/9 UPDATE: Some of them continue their Bush Death Counts to this day! UPDATE 10/19/9: Rush Limbaugh said on his show today that democrats “reveled in the number of deaths, trumpeted it, made it sound like it was the first time we ever had a death in war.”

It’s fair to have an open and honest debate about a war in this country. Freedom of speech is part of what makes us great! It’s also fair to debate the merits of preemptive war. Some in that debate called it imperialism. Others called it self-defense. Many chose to hate Bush because of his decision to go into Iraq. They claimed it was an unjust war. And, they kept count.

Through any historical lens you choose, the number of deaths from the wars President Bush was in charge of was statistically quite low. Still, that doesn’t help at all if you lost someone you love in battle. It is important to know about the brave men and women who sacrifice for this great nation. It also is important to keep that in an honest perspective.

They never counted the millions of people Bush freed from tyranny and terrorism. They didn’t even count how many minorities or Muslims he freed. They only counted the deaths.

To point out to them the error in their ways, we have created THE OBAMA DEATH COUNT. You can find it on the right of our page. We just want to see if they will scream and chant, “OBAMA LIED! PEOPLE DIED!” After all, didn’t he say he would end the war? That’s a broken promise….Or, is it a lie?

If the new President Obama was republican, the lefty anti-war crowd would shout out “He lied! He didn’t end the war like he promised! And, because he didn’t end it and fighting goes on, more people have lost their lives. So, Obama Lied, People Died!” Fox News could even help them out. They reported today Obama promised in July he would have a meeting with the Joint Chiefs of Staff his first day in office to lay out a quick end to the war in Iraq. He did not do that. Another broken promise for the Official Obama Administration Scandals List!

He quickly changed his ‘prerecorded inauguration song’ to say he would end it “in good time,” maybe 16 months. Then even that changed. Now, he’ll end that war in good time, and STEP UP war measures in Afghanistan. He has abandoned his anti-war supporters. No big surprise there.

If the anti-war crowd is consistent and does chant “Obama Lied! People Died,” and if they start to hate Obama for “his war” as much as they hated Bush, then we likely will take our count down. We doubt that will happen. They only are against war when it is a republican in charge. Just like they only want a black candidate if he is a democrat.

So, we’ll leave the absurd ‘Obama Death Count’ up to point out how absurd their Bush death count was. It will also draw attention to the hypocrisy and lies of the anti-war crowds. Republican war is bad. Democrat war is good. Pass the Kool-aid!

TO SEE THE LIST OF BRAVE MEN AND WOMEN WHO HAVE GIVEN THEIR LIVES SINCE JANUARY 20TH, 2009, CLICK HERE for page one. Page two of the list is here. Page three is here and Page Four is here.

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