Obama & Dems May Shut Down the Government!

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Proud driver of a non-hybrid gas burning automobile.

The U.S. House soon will vote (again) on a continuing resolution, this time trying to delay the implementation of the Obama-doesn’t-Care Nightmare, rather than voting to defund it.

Fox – Oh Look! Another blonde anchor!News reports:

President Obama would veto such a proposal, almost guaranteeing a government shutdown.”


How can this be? I thought only the evil anarchist tea partiers were wiling to shut down the government!  That’s what the Socialist-Democrats and the Democrat-media have been telling us every hour.  Hmmmm.

Seems they were wrong.  Those awful tea partiers are trying to keep government going, while the Democrats refuse to go along.

The Hypocrite-in-Chief, His Barackness, the nation’s first white-black President… (sorry, I get riled up easily) will say it just can’t be delayed another year.

Oh Really?!  That will be LOL funny!  He has delayed other parts of the law (what gives him the authority to pick ad choose parts of a law to just skip for a while?!) and exempted all of his donors and supporters.

Why can’t the rest of us get the delay as well?

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