Obama Did Know About Website Problems

By David Kraemer – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right

You know, the President never said he did not know about all of the major problems his Obamacare Nightmare website was having prior to launch on October 1st. What he said was, “I was not told DIRECTLY…”

News reports say the White House asked for a report in March on how the site was coming along and was informed there were major problems. So, did that word get to the President and he continued to say how great things were going to be? Remember he said it would be similar to using Amazon.com. Or, was he never told at all.

President Obama wants you to hear, “I was not told…” so you have the answer to your doubt about his honesty. However, you have to hear the next word: DIRECTLY. So he may well have been very aware of the website problems despite telling the press that he’s not “stupid” and would not have promoted it as being as easy as Amazon if he had known about the problems.

He may have been informed by someone who attended the meeting where the report was presented. So, in fact, he was not told “directly.”

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