obama doesn't care about you

…about you.

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org

Let’s be honest.  “Obamacare” isn’t a very good name for this nightmare.  Because Obama and “Care” don’t belong together in the same word unless it is used to discuss the President caring about himself!

If you are one of the millions losing your plan, Obama doesn’t care about you.

If you are not impacted yet and think you are safe for now, beware!  You may find out in a year that your company has dropped you into the unaffordable doesn’t-care act (UDA).  You will realize when that happens, and you will remember reading this; Obama doesn’t care about you either!  I’m concerned that there are millions of Americans upset about the President’s lie, but taking some comfort in the fact this hasn’t effected them.  They have not yet realized there will be tens of millions that will lose the plans they like when their own employers stop providing coverage and dump them into this nightmare.

Rest assured, Obama won’t care then either.

If he did care, he would have proposed an actual “fix” yesterday, rather than a delay for a few months.

The lies President Obama has told are outrageous.  This man has committed high crimes and misdemeanors and it is time to impeach him. I don’t care what color his skin is.  He has done things worse than any other President ever has (Benghazi, Gun-running, IRS Scandal, James Rosen scandal, the if you like your plan lie, etc.), and yet no one with any guts in the U.S. House is pushing impeachment.

If it were a republican in the White House, you can bet Nancy Plastic Face Pelosi would be talking about it daily and taking steps to make it happen.

Eric Holder [who himself is the subject of a resolution today in the house to impeach HIM!], the racist Attorney General who called us a nation of racial cowards, was correct in one respect.  There are some DC republicans who indeed seem to be racial chicken sh*** afraid to impeach a half-black president.  They don’t dare impeach Obama because their own political “genius” advisers tell them Obama is considered a nice guy and people wouldn’t like them if they tried.  Bull.  They’d be heroes. 

Perhaps the impeachment of Eric Holder introduced today is a trial balloon to see if impeaching President Obama could work?  Maybe the DC republicans are finding some courage after all?  Hmmmm…

Why is it that Conservative Americans outside the beltway have guts, but DC-republicans often seem not to?

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