Obama Economy So Bad, Democrats Want More Unemployment Benefits!

While democrat politicians today try to change the subject off of the Obamacare Nightmare, they also seem to be admitting they have failed to do a darn thing about the economy they promised to fix in 2008.  Obamanites are begging for an even longer extension of unemployment benefits.  Rush Limbaugh today pointed out liberals even claim unemployment benefits create jobs! He asked if listeners knew how…

seriously insane all of this is? How insultingly stupid all of this is?!…The man [Obama] needs to be laughed out of town.”

So, the Obama Economy is sooooooooo bad, they want more unemployment benefits.  Interesting.

Meanwhile, Fox “Oh, look! Another blonde news reporter” News today says nearly 4-million jobs are available right now, 3.5-million in the private sector…

So, the democrat left says the economy sucks. I thought they were supposed to back President Obama?! And the Fox news station says the economy has 4-million jobs right now? I thought the democrat left said Fox hates the President?! So why the ‘switching sides’ today?

So, what about extending unemployment benefits? Erika Johnsen at Hotair.com correctly writes today…

“It seems to be a truth only very selectively acknowledged that, when you tax something, you’ll end up with less of it (the corollary being that, if you subsidize something, you’ll get more of it). Progressives seem perfectly capable of recognizing this truth in the context of sin taxes and green-energy subsidies, yet when it comes to things like the extension of unemployment benefits… they seem to think that such policies are immune from the most basic of economics.” 

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