Obama: Fighting Communists Doesn’t Work, So We Surrender

The President believes in punishing the United States for what he sees as past sins.

Once again His Smarter-than-Thouest, King Barack Hussein Obama, has made a terrible swap with a foreign dictator. Remember him giving away five key terrorists in a trade to get an American soldier back? Not only is the five –for-one trade obscene, but the man’s fellow soldiers said he left them on purpose and freely decided to join the enemy! To save Obama’s face, he may never be punished for his actions.

As you know, President B-Rock has done it again today. This time he toned it down a bit, just three Cuban prisoners for one US prisoner. It’s still obscene. The Prez is admitting that he thinks the U.S. has to give more in any agreement to release an American.

Obama is also letting the world know that if you grab an American, he’ll make a deal with you. Want some of your citizens out of our jails? Just grab an American tourist and call the White House.

They’ll transfer you to the deals-are-us division where they will work out how much we should punish ourselves for being the bad guys. Do we have to give you back 5 people for one of ours? 10? A hundred? Mike Gonzalez at Fox News agrees with us.

It’s all part of his Victim Mentality Foreign Policy that we’ve written about before.

Cuba got much more than just three prisoners. The Prez said he’ll also normalize relations with Cuba, something Conservative American US Senator Marco Rubio says is a BIG mistake.

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