Obama Flip-Flops on Iran

Published February 15, 2011 – obama-pattern1-250x172Suddenly the President of the United States is telling protesters in IRAN that he’s with them! But is he really? He wasn’t last time.

By Peter Andrew
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It was late November of 2009, when Barack Obama offered lofty and hollow words of support to those living in places like Iran. He was speaking at West point and here’s what he said

And we must make it clear to every man, woman and child around the world who lives under the dark cloud of tyranny that America will speak out on behalf of their human rights, and tend to the light of freedom, and justice, and opportunity, and respect for the dignity of all peoples. That is who we are. That is the moral source of America’s authority.

All that big talk resulted in nothing. In fact, in June of 2009 when the Protests were at fever pitch in Iran, he said he shouldn’t get involved and that the Iranian people could speak for themselves

Despite the headlines cheering for Hollywood Star Barack Hugo Obama, what he did say was that the Iranian people “can speak for themselves.” That’s the headline folks. Your U.S. President says he won’t speak up for them. After all, why should he? Let them speak for themselves….right? You know, like the lady shot in the head, Neda Soltan. Let her speak for herself. Why should Obama stick his nose in and meddle? Yes, Obama did say he thinks the violence is horrible. Yes, that is good. However, those trying to,…as he puts it…speak for themselves…are being murdered by a so-called religious government. Okay, Mr. President. They’ll speak for themselves. And they’ll die doing it. And then you will say?….

Fast forward to 2011 when the President is frightened of again turning up on the losing side (like he did in Egypt), and suddenly he claims to be all for the Protesters planning to gather tomorrow in Iran?!

the Obama administration appears to be fanning the embers of unrest in Iran, calling on the country’s theocratic regime to permit a new wave of demonstrations against its rule. Iran, after cracking down on dissent following the disputed 2009 election, is once again vowing to stifle the opposition as anti-government organizers call for a nationwide march Monday… But while the Obama administration, which did not openly back Iranian protesters in 2009, is hardly calling for regime change, top officials have made clear that the people of Iran should have their voices heard — just as they did in Cairo… Reza Pahlavi, the eldest son of the last shah of Iran who was deposed in the 1979 revolution, told Fox News… He urged “free countries” to drop their attempts at dialogue with Iran and offer more support for those trying to effect a change in leadership.

In other words, Pahlavi wants Team Obama to drop the stupid and naive foreign policy that they should just sit down and chat with Iran and all would be well. Even Pahlavi says Obama is wrong!

ConservativeAmerican.org is glad to see the White House standing with the people of Iran who want freedom. However, will the Obama White House mean what it says this time? Will that light of freedom be there for those living under the dark cloud of Tyranny in Iran? Time will tell.

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