Obama Foreign Policy Easy to Figure Out

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

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I keep hearing political analysts and commentators saying there is no rhyme or reason to the Obama foreign policy or that it is so hard to figure it out. “What is the Obama Doctrine?” they ask.

I don’t believe it’s all that difficult to follow. President Barack Hussein Obama has always viewed himself as a victim in life. It’s something we have written about. Dr. Keith Ablow has discussed this on Fox and Rush Limbaugh has on his radio show.

His foreign policy, and every other policy for that matter, flows from that victim vantage point. He has serious mental problems that are going untreated. Instead, he sees his own eternal salvation tied to his ability to help other victims.

So, who does he side with? How does he figure out which team to back on foreign policy issues? To know that, you have to ask who the victim in the case is from Obama’s vantage point.

There are a few rules to his victim mentality foreign policy

  1. White people normally cannot be victims. They are oppressors.
  2. Black people are always victims.
  3. Christians cannot be victims. They have been the oppressors.
  4. Jewish people also cannot be victims for the same reason and because they are viewed as having too much money and too much power.
  5. Muslims, especially Islamists, always are victims.

Iraq is a bit of a twist for President Obama with Muslim on Muslim fighting. In that case, the victimhood status of the Islamists will out-trump the Muslims. Barack Hussein Obama has no problem at all with the Sunni leaders of ISIS taking control of Iraq. In his mind, it is only right and just that these victims get power and wealth. For too long, they have been held back by whites, Christians and Jews. Don’t look for him to take any action at all in Iraq other than perhaps removing remaining Americans from that nation.

Dr. Keith Ablow said this victim mentality may make President Obama unfit to lead this nation. We agree.

The Obama Doctrine is to side with whomever he thinks the victim is.


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