Obama Gives Away 5 Terrorists and 6 Dead Americans to Bring Traitor Home?!

Time.com Pic - Click2Visit
Time.com Pic – Click2Visit
The more we learn about the case of Bowe Berghdal, the more troubling the President’s behavior becomes. The Rolling Stone magazine “has details of Bergdahl’s background and the New York Times has emails that prove Bergdahl was ashamed to be an American.”

The military never listed him as a POW. He walked away. Yet the military went out and tried to “rescue” (recover is probably a better word) Bergdahl in an operationthat left six Americans dead. Ah, but as Hillary Clinton would say, “What difference, at this point, does it make?! We have six dead Americans!”

Then, President Barack Hussein Obama, who attended a Muslim School in Indonesia, trades five Islamist Terrorist leaders to get this man back?!

Barack Obama is so proud he has helped yet another “victim” of US Aggression against Muslims, that he parades the parents out for cameras at the White House! THis is disgusting. His foreign policy is designed to fundamentally transform the nation. The man who won’t say “War on Terror” preferring “overseas contingency operation” instead, has made another awful mistake. The man uncomfortable with the word “victory,” who is planning to simply leave Afghanistan without victory, has once again apologized for the USA’s behavior by carrying out this illegal deal.

Congress must act against this President now. Or, the people should peacefully rise up and act against both the President and the Congress.

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