Obama Hasn’t Learned You Can’t Golf While Americans Die

The Prez is rightfully getting blasted today for taking about a minute to change clothes and hit the golf course after giving a supposedly “heart-felt” press conference about the murder of American Journalist James Foley. He’s being called “cold” even by lefties. Here’s a pic from Foxy Blondes News today…

Obama Golfs While Americans Die
Obama Golfs While Americans Die

From the Official Obama Administration Scandals List, we are reminded that Democrats used to be against Presidents golfing. How soon they forget!

Obama Hasn’t “Learned He Shouldn’t Golf While Soldiers Die!”

10/27/9 War time is Tee Time for Obama! President B-Rock Obama has been on the golf course 24 times, mostly on Sundays, since taking office. He’s only been to Church a few times and didn’t attend a single service his first 11 weeks in office. We’re patiently waiting for Michael Moore-on to blast Obama for this as he blasted George W. Bush. Michael Moore-on still has a youtube video up entitled “George Learns He Shouldn’t Golf While Soldiers Die.” Seems odd considering Bush only golfed a handful of times and Obama is out nearly every weekend. Odd, he still hasn’t had time to make up his mind on troop levels! As death tolls rise in Afghanistan, when will Obama realize the bad message this sends out?! Or will the left and the media just keep giving him a free pass?

If Michael Moore-on wasn’t such a blatant hypocrite, he’d make a movie now about how awful it is that President Obama is constantly on the golf course while American soldiers and civilians alike are getting murdered by scumbag terrorists.

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