Obama – He’s the Kinda Guy Who Laughs at a Funeral

By Peter Andrew –

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So King Barack Obama was having a great time at Nelson Mandela’s funeral.  Talk about rude and inconsiderate. He’s just that kinda guy.  As the song says, ‘Can’t understand what he means, well you soon will…’


Obama selfie during funderal

Obama Selfie

While Queen Michelle tries to behave appropriately, His Obamaness has found himself a blonde white lady to have his picture taken with! Wait till he shows his Sunday golfing pals that pic!

Obama apparently has ‘a tendency to wear his mind on his sleeve. He has a history of taking off his shirt’ (Bare Naked Ladies – One Week song). So his latest display of losing his mind is to flirt with a blonde dignitary while his wife gives him the very, VERY cold shoulder!

The entire United States should give this mindless man the cold shoulder.



  1. I’ll be glad when #Beelzebama is arrested or deported back to Kenya where it belongs.

  2. LD Jackson says:

    Obama seems to have little or no feeling for decorum. Just another reason why I will be glad when he moves back to Hawaii.

    1. Peter Andrew says:

      The problem he has is that this is not acceptable behavior in the USA, but funerals are big fun parties in South Africa. Hard for him to win.

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