Obama: “I want you to hold me Accountable!” – Okay, we will.

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

“ This probably my most important message today. I’m gonna need your help. I can’t afford to have all of you as bystanders in this debate. I want everybody to be in the game. I want you to hold me accountable; I want you to hold all of Washington accountable. There are powerful lobbies and special interests in Washington.”
– President Barack Hugo Obama 4/19/11 asking to be held accountable for nationalizing healthcare through a Socialist power-grab and for quadrupling the huge federal deficit in just two years. Okay, Mr. President, we will hold you accountable! We’ll hold you accountable for the more than 2,300 broken promises, lies, flip-flops and scandals you and your administration have thrust upon us!

Obamacare. Great Haste. Less Served.The list below contains all of the Obama Administration mistakes, blunders, broken promises, flip flops, gaffes, lies, etc. That’s too long of a name, so we called it “the Official Obama Administration Scandals List.” This list covers Barack Obama and his pals from day one through September 4th, 2011. At that point, the list was discontinued. We present this list to you as an accurate and complete historic detail of the Legacy of Lies President Obama leaves behind for the time period starting with his youth and going until September 4th, 2011. Not responsible for any broken or out-of-date links. They worked when we posted them. Some may redirect you to the wayback machine.

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  1. Obama is Lying About Border Security
  2. 6/10/11 Top News Reports highlights another instance of President Obama misrepresenting the truth: “The Associated Press report by Paul J. Weber entitled: “Texas Agency: Authorities take gunfire on border” is another strong indictment against the lie of the Obama Administration that the Southern Border with Mexico is secure… Yet, the Obama Administration continues to ignore these incidents; preferring to keep American citizens in harm’s way. The border with Mexico is not secure when drug runners are within shooting range of Border Patrol Agents.”

  3. Obama is Lying About Immigration Court Stats
  4. 6/10/11 Grendel Report says Barack Obama and Eric Holder both are lying about immigration data. “The suspected pervasive corruption allows deportable aliens to evade hearings without consequences and permits more than 1 million removal orders to be ignored by the Obama Administration, say officials with Judicial Watch, a public-interest group that investigates public and political corruption. ‘Adding insult to injury, U.S. taxpayers finance the enormous number of court appeals filed by illegal immigrants — through their taxpayer financed legal counsel deported — for criminal convictions and fraudulent marriages. From 2000 to 2007, Americans doled out $30 million for aliens’ court costs, according to a new report from a former immigration court judge — Mark H. Metcalf — in south Florida, considered a hotbed within the immigration system.’ ”

  5. Obama’s Racial Quota Scandal at the Justice Department
  6. 6/10/11 Fox Nation: “Judicial Watch uncovered hundreds of documents from the City of Dayton, Ohio, showing that Department of Justice (DOJ) officials pressured the Dayton Police and Fire Departments to lower testing standards because not enough African-American candidates passed the written exam… now these new documents detail a scheme by DOJ officials to bully the City of Dayton, Ohio,… One of the most shocking claims by the DOJ is that it’s not all that important for firefighters to be able to read and write!”

  7. Obama talks Recovery while nation talks Depression!
  8. 6/15/11 While President Barack Insane Obama continues to try to spin the economy saying we are in a recovery that’s just not as fast as he would like, a new study shows the housing market collapse is worse than it was during the great depression. The report is “estimating that since the collapse began from the pricing peak of 2006, prices have fallen 33 percent — more than the 31 percent dive recorded between the 1920s and 1930s.”

  9. Obama Libyan Scandal # 55 – Bipartisan Lawsuit Against Obama for Illegal War for Oil in Libya!
  10. 6/15/11 A bipartisan group of ten lawmakers has filed suit against the White House accusing President Obama of violating the war powers act with his illegal war for evil, black, slimy corporate oil! You know, this is the war that’s not about killing Muammar Qadaffi, though each night we see how we are trying to bomb Qadaffi compounds to kill him. Obama did not get permission from congress for his illegal war and those who filed the legal action say as of this Sunday, he will be in violation of the act. John Bolton told FOXy Blondes News that the courts won’t even bother to hear the case because the court should not get involved in disputes between the legislative and executive branches of government. But, Bolton also disagrees with Conservative American presidential candidate Michele Bachmann on the war in Libya. Bolton says he thinks there is a legitimate reason for the US to be at war with Libya and to remove Qadaffi. Hmmm… UPDATE 6/20/11: FOXy Blondes News reports more in congress now are upset over Obama’s Unconstitutional war. Even Johny MaverDick McCain (who supports the Obama war) says Obama should step up to explain his strategy. Can you say “Exit Strategy?!” Remember when libs were demanding an exit strategy from Bush? They’re all silent now! Fox: “As members of Congress drift back in to Washington today, there is a sense of anxiety as members confront the fact that addressing (or not addressing) Obama’s unauthorized use of force means not only setting new precedents for the separation of powers in Washington, but possibly the end of NATO. The NATO-led coalition has failed to deliver the swift victory Obama once promised and over the weekend managed not only to accidentally blow up a column of rebel troops but also killed an unknown number of Tripolitan civilians in an errant bombing run. The Europeans lack the precision munitions and firepower to knock over Qaddafi or avoid errors like the ones of the past several days, but because Obama has adopted the legal stance that the conflict is too small for him to seek permission the administration is loathe to provide the firepower needed to bring the war to a swifter resolution.” — ConservativeAmerican.org says that sounds like Viet Nam! Obama’s Viet Nam! So, we’re in a war that the President won’t quit because that would make him a loser, but he also won’t “provide the firepower needed to bring the war to a swifter resolution.” Uh-huh. We tried not winning a war like this before.

  11. Obama’s Gun-Runner Scandal Gets Worse
  12. 6/15/11 FOXy Blondes News reports today, “Three federal firearms investigators told the House Oversight and Government Reform committee that they wanted to “intervene and interdict” loads of guns, but were repeatedly ordered to step aside. “Allowing loads of weapons that we knew to be destined for criminals — this was the plan,” John Dodson, [an ATF agent] …testified to the panel. “It was so mandated.” He added: “My supervisors directed me and my colleagues not to make any stop or arrest, but rather, to keep the straw purchaser under surveillance while allowing the guns to walk.” – ConservativeAmerican.org emphasizes that Team Obama’s plan was to sell weapons to criminals in Mexico – “This was the plan.” Some plan.

  13. Obama’s Bundler Scandal # 1
  14. 6/15/11 from the iWatch website: “…Overall, 184 of 556, or about one-third, of Obama bundlers or their spouses joined the administration in some role. But the percentages are much higher for the big-dollar bundlers. Nearly 80 percent of those who collected more than $500,000 for Obama took “key administration posts,” as defined by the White House. More than half the ambassador nominees who were bundlers raised more than half a million.”

  15. Obama’s Bundler Scandal # 2
  16. 6/15/11 from the iWatch website: “…The big bundlers had broad access to the White House for meetings with top administration officials and glitzy social events. In all, campaign bundlers and their family members account for more than 3,000 White House meetings and visits. Half of them raised $200,000 or more.”

  17. Obama’s Bundler Scandal # 3
  18. 6/15/11 from the iWatch website: “…Some Obama bundlers have ties to companies that stand to gain financially from the president’s policy agenda, particularly in clean energy and telecommunications, and some already have done so. Level 3 Communications, for instance, snared $13.8 million in stimulus money. At least 18 other bundlers have ties to businesses poised to profit from government spending to promote clean energy, telecommunications and other key administration priorities.” — see the entire, lengthy and fantastic report by Fred Schulte, John Aloysius Farrell and Jeremy Borden at iWatch News online.

  19. Obama Still Flip-Flopping on Gay Marriage
  20. 6/23/11 Liberal gay rights supporters are upset with President Obama for his off-again support of gay marriage. From Washington Blade: “It’s been painful to watch various White House spokespeople over the past week twist themselves into knots trying to explain President Obama’s flip-flop on marriage equality. In 1996, while running for a seat in the Illinois state Senate, Obama stated in a written questionnaire that he supports same-sex marriage. Obama wrote, “I favor legalizing same-sex marriages, and would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages.” That infamous questionnaire has haunted him ever since… White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer… suggested the questionnaire response was not written by Obama, asserting that the survey, “was actually filled out by someone else, not the president.” Then Shin Inouye, a White House spokesperson, issued a statement clarifying that Pfeiffer “was not familiar with the history of the questionnaire.” Finally, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was drawn into the dispute under questioning from the Blade’s Chris Johnson. Carney said that Pfeiffer was mistaken and was referring to some other, unnamed questionnaire…”

  21. Overseas Critics: Obama Flip-Flopping on Missile Defense
  22. 6/23/11 From Motl’s Blog: “Obama would only make statements that were compatible with the opposition. He didn’t want to pursue untested systems, he told us. A couple of years later, it is clear that Obama is continuing with pretty much the same plans that George Bush Jr would pursue if he continued to be the president. The system may obviously be very useful and it may significantly diminish the capacity of rogue nations to hurt America, to say the least. Bush has always been right. Even though Obama has adopted Bush’s plans, the critics of George Bush Jr are suddenly silent. The missile defense system was just a theme they used to attack Bush…”

  23. Overseas Critics: Obama Flip-Flop on Wars
  24. 6/23/11 From the International Business Times: “For anti-war Democrats, Obama’s early opposition to the invasion of Iraq was akin to a litmus test… “At a certain point we have to say no to George Bush,” Obama said in 2003 speech. That was then but as he set his sights on higher office, Obama sang a different tune. In 2004, while running for the U.S. Senate, Obama said the American military should stay in Iraq to stabilize the country, adding, “there is not much difference between my position and George Bush’s position at this stage.” Now, after more than two years in office, Obama and Bush remain brothers in armed combat adventures. The current Commander in Chief continues to rev-up America’s war machine. In addition to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, Obama this year used American military force in Libya…”

  25. Obama Goes Back on His Promise Not to Micromanage GM!
  26. 6/23/11 The Daily Caller and Human Events are reporting Team Obama is actively involved in day to day decisions and trying to make sure union-socialist-democrat voters are taken care of!! “…President Obama declared, “What we are not doing – what I have no interest in doing – is running GM. When a difficult decision has to be made on matters like where to open a new plant, or what type of new car to make, the new GM – not the United States government – will make that decision.” …Senior Treasury Department advisor Ron Bloom reinforced this point in testimony to Congress, stating: “From the beginning of this process, the President gave the Auto Task Force …clear directions …to refrain from intervening in the day-to-day management of these companies.” …emails “show high-ranking Treasury Department officials, including Matthew Feldman of Treasury’s Auto Task Force, corresponding with senior GM officials on how to make certain decisions regarding who was going to win and who was going to lose.” Among the losers are non-unionized salaried employees of General Motors spinoff company Delphi, whose pensions were cut “to expedite GM’s emergence from bankruptcy…”

  27. Obama’s Afghan Address New Lies # 1 – “New Threat”
  28. 6/23/11 We have outlined Team Obama’s 65 previous Afghan War lies here. The Johnny Bibs blog adds a few from the President’s address yesterday. For starters, this one: “[OBAMA] This mass murder was planned by Osama bin Laden and his al Qaeda network in Afghanistan, and signaled a new threat to our security — one in which the targets were no longer soldiers on a battlefield, but innocent men, women and children going about their daily lives.” [BIBS:] “Usama bin Laden attacked “innocent men, women and children going about their daily lives” numerous times before the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001…” Not a “new threat.”

  29. Obama’s Afghan Address New Lies # 2 – Which Side are We On?!
  30. 6/23/11 The Johnny Bibs blog adds another from the President’s address yesterday. “[OBAMA] After this initial reduction, our troops will continue coming home at a steady pace as Afghan security forces move into the lead. Our mission will change from combat to support. By 2014, this process of transition will be complete, and the Afghan people will be responsible for their own security.” [BIBS:] “That is a very scary statement because it plainly means that the very people they were just fighting, they will soon support. Either this was a mistake and poor wording by the college ****** weed smoker that is writing Obama’s speeches, or Obama will soon support the al-qaida and taliban!” — ConservativeAmerican.org realizes Johnny Bibs makes some other claims in his post, but does not agree with several, including when Bibs suggests Bin Laden is not dead.

  31. Obama Flip Flop on Tapping Energy Reserves!
  32. 6/23/11 abcdemocrat newsFrom Ann Compton over at ABCDEmocrat News: “…Worrying about the high-demand summer driving season, President Obama has agreed to join other oil-producing nations to release some strategic reserves into the global oil markets. Energy Secretary Steven Chu: …“We are taking this action in response to the ongoing loss of crude oil due to supply disruptions in Libya and other countries…,” and he signaled there might be more tapping of the oil reserves later.” I thought Obama was against tapping oil reserves?!

  33. Obama Calls Jobs Question “Skewed?!”
  34. 7/6/11 Yahoo! News reports: “After embarking on a record spending binge that left us deeper in debt, where are the jobs?” Boehner asked. Obama chuckled, and called Boehner’s question “slightly skewed.” Through a spokesman, the Speaker fired back: “‘Where are the jobs?’ isn’t a ‘skewed question’ to the millions of Americans who lost jobs since President Obama’s failed ‘stimulus’ spending binge began,” Boehner spokesman Brendan Buck told Politico.

  35. Obama Breaks Yet Another Iraq War Promise!
  36. 7/6/11 Once again, Obama is abandoning all his anti-war buddies and planning to leave troops in Iraq for… oh, who knows how long! FOXy Blondes News: “The White House is willing to keep up to 10,000 U.S. troops in Iraq next year, a source with knowledge of the deliberations told Fox News… “Any request to keep troops in Iraq beyond the agreed upon withdrawal date of December 2011 would have to come from the government of Iraq and would be given serious consideration by this administration,” another U.S. official told Fox News.”

  37. Obama Violates His Own ACORN Funding Ban!
  38. 7/6/11 FOXy Blondes News: “Judicial Watch says that in March, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) issued nearly $80,000 in grants to Affordable Housing Centers of America (AHCOA), which the groups says is an offshoot of ACORN. “This was an ACORN affiliate at the time of the funding ban and it has not changed in sum or substance since then,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton told Fox News in an interview…”

  39. Obama Abe Lincoln Railway Gaffe
  40. 7/6/11 Obama said Abe Lincoln helped to build the “intercontinental” railway, not the “transcontinental” railway!

  41. Obama Didn’t Realize Recession was a Big Deal!!
  42. 7/6/11 OMG! Obama admitted he had no idea the recession was any big deal. After all, he had socialism on his mind. Who can be bothered with people losing their jobs! Couric-BS News reports: “Obama says he didn’t realize magnitude of recession at first… The magnitude of the worst U.S. recession since the Great Depression escaped President Obama when he first stepped into office, the president acknowledged today at his “Twitter town hall.” Asked what mistakes he made in handling the recession, Mr. Obama said today he could have done a better job at explaining “to the American people it was going to take a while to get out of this.” — Or he could have told the truth; that his plans had no chance of helping the economy!

  43. Queen Michelle Obama’s Second (or Third, Fourth or Fifth) Hamburger Scandal!
  44. Michelle Obama fat butt7/15/11 The nation’s First Lady Hypocrite is at it again! While preaching to all of us about healthy eating, she swooped down and devoured another hamburger and fries! From EURweb: “The blogosphere is crying hypocrisy over the First Lady – leader of the “Let’s Move!” initiative to curb childhood obesity – ordering a highly caloric meal of burger, fries, chocolate shake and Diet Coke at the new Shake Shack in Washington D.C. The Washington Post calculated the amount to be about 1,700 calories. The uproar follows similar controversy last month over President Obama’s sausage-featured photo-op with British Prime Minister David Cameron…”

  45. Socialists: Obama is a Hypocrite on Corporate Jets!
  46. 7/12/11 From the World Socialists own website comes word that Obama is a hypocrite! “In his press conference last week calling on congressional Republicans to agree to token tax increases on the wealthy in the name of “shared sacrifice,” President Barack Obama mentioned the elimination of special tax treatment for corporate jets no less than six times in the space of 45 minutes. He returned to the subject repeatedly in ensuing days.This harping on the corporate jet tax loophole is a red herring that only underscores the cynicism and hypocrisy of Obama and the Democratic Party. When the Democratic Party controlled the House and Senate with huge majorities in 2009 and 2010, the White House never seriously pushed for and Congress never approved any measures to limit the plundering of the public treasury by corporate interests…”

  47. Obama “Hypocrisy Meter Explodes!”
  48. 7/12/11 The website, “Jammie Wearing Fool,” notes: “After Shedding 36,000 Jobs, Obama Adviser [Jeffrey] Immelt Tells Businesses to Start Hiring! Not only did this Obama stooge not pay any taxes on $5-billion in profits, his company has shed 36,000 jobs since 2009. Now as Obama’s unemployment rate threatens to sink his presidency, here comes Jeffrey Immelt to lecture… On the upside, Immelt is actually creating some jobs. In Mexico.

  49. Obama’s Black Let Down – Half-Black President All Bad for Black Americans!
  50. 7/13/11 Walter Russel Mead writes at the Business Insider today: “…The future, however, may remember this administration as a giant step back for Black America during a period of deepening alienation, anger, and despair in America’s inner cities. Not since the 1960s, when scores of American cities were shaken by one race riot after another, have African Americans faced such deadly conditions: high expectations and hopes running up against a reality of vanishing jobs, shrinking government budgets, and a fractured and fragmented leadership. Barring an unlikely change in economic fortunes, we could soon face a new period of explosive anger and even violence…”

  51. Obama Throws Temper Tantrum, Packs up Toys, and Leaves Meeting!
  52. 7/14/11 Upset that republicans still have options in the Obama 2012 campaign’s debt ceiling circus, President Obama acted like a two-year-old today. As Dr. Laurie Roth put it, “Regarding the ‘drama queen’ debt ceiling talks, yesterday Obama stormed out in a huge huff, saying ‘no more.’ There will be no temporary move and only permanent solutions.’ He said unless Congress agreed to increase the debt ceiling by Aug. 3rd, all hell will break lose, …What contrived , ‘Rules for Radicals’ crisis do we have in the making? Obama stormed out yesterday not planning to cut any of his entitlements programs, endless peripheral and waste of money budget items, saying the debt ceiling must be raised…” –ConservativeAmerican.org says leave the debt ceiling where it is and instead raise the hopes of Americans who still believe in this great country! Obama will be a one-termer.

  53. Obama & Democrats Threaten to Harm Seniors!! That’s what they always say the GOP will do, but now Obama and his Democrats are the ones Doing it!
  54. 7/14/11 Upset that republicans won’t fall for Obama’s tricks and raise the debt ceiling, President Obama threatened senior citizens today!! These freaking hypocrites whine every election cycle about how those meanie old republicans are going to take away food from babies and social security from seniors. The TRUTH is, it is Obama who wants to harm the seniors! Dr. Laurie Roth reports, “He said unless Congress agreed to increase the debt ceiling by Aug. 3rd, all hell will break lose, apparently against our seniors. [OBAMA] “I cannot guarantee that those checks go out on August 3rd if we haven’t resolved this issue. Because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it.” Obama told this to CBS News anchor Scott Pelley …The emerging tool and useful crisis for the progressive left and Obama is that seniors might not get paid their social security payments, no doubt because of the evil and uncaring Republicans. Conservatives don’t care about seniors, those with disabilities and women you know... our coffers have more then enough to pay for all our Entitlement programs, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans and Federal salaries, even throwing in extra for interest…” – ConservativeAmerican.org remembers this is the same Barack Insane Obama who has blasted republicans for using what he called “scare tactics!” Seems it’s okay for this half-black goose to use scare tactics! UPDATE 7/19/20: An item in the Northwest Herald calls this “Fear Mongering!!”

  55. Obama WH Lied About War with FOXy Blondes News
  56. 7/14/11 After lying when it claimed it did not have a war with Fox News, new emails released show the Obama White House did, in fact, have it out for FOXy Blondes News.

  57. Obama’s Second Gun Runner/Fast & Furious Scandal: Castaway!
  58. 7/15/11 FOXy Blondes News reports: “Several lawmakers are questioning the Obama administration about whether the controversial “Fast and Furious” gunrunning probe may have had a cousin in Florida that resulted in guns being trafficked to Central America. Rep. Gus Bilirakis, R-Fla., penned a letter Tuesday to Attorney General Eric Holder and ATF Acting Director Kenneth Melson inquiring about a program known as “Operation Castaway.” Other top lawmakers are also starting to look into it, though ATF claims the program was above board and not similar to Operation Fast and Furious at all. The Justice Department says Castaway was an anti-gun trafficking operation handled by an ATF division in Florida. It resulted last year in a slew of convictions for defendants the department claimed provided firearms linked to violent crimes around the world. But in light of questions surrounding the Fast and Furious probe out of ATF’s Phoenix division, Bilirakis questioned whether Castaway bore the same suspicious hallmarks…”

  59. Obama Lies Again: Says Bush is to Blame for Debt and Deficit Troubles! LIAR! !
  60. 7/17/11 Jim Hoft has an excellent summary of the issues at Gateway Pundit. Rush Limbaugh also did a great job this week of explaining the audacity of this confused and bizarre lie from Barack Insane Obama…

    As Hoft notes, “Barack Obama and Democrats also added over One Trillion Dollars to the Federal Budget in the last 4 years.”

  61. Obama’s Commie Ron Bloom Admits He Stole GM & Chrysler all for his Union Brothers!
  62. 7/17/11 White House Mao-Lover Ron Bloom has been promoted twice within Team Obama for his confused and radical Marxist Workers Party views. Now, his big mouth has him in trouble. The Wall Street Journal reports, “A Congressional oversight committee last week asked Mr. Bloom to “clarify” comments from a recent hearing in which he denied saying, at a farewell party administration’s autos team, that “I did this all for the unions,” in reference to the bailout… Bloom repeatedly told a Congressional panel he made no such statement. “I do not recall making the alleged comment,” Mr. Bloom said in a letter sent Thursday to the oversight committee, a copy of which was viewed by the Wall Street Journal. “Nonetheless, given the amount of time that has passed since the dinner in July 2009 and the fact that others may have a different recollection, I cannot say with absolute certainty that I did not make the alleged comment.” It’s a politically charged issue because some critics of the General Motors Co. and Chrysler Group LLC bailouts have argued the Obama administration favored union-represented workers over investors, dealers and their salaried workforces…” ConservativeAmerican.org says it is an easy position to take. Team Obama stole both auto giants from the rightful and legal creditors (without any legal authority to do so) and simply gave them away to the unions. This was done to continue the democrat union corruption circle.

    ConservativeAmerican.org's Democrat Union Corruption Cirle
    ConservativeAmerican.org’s Democrat Union Corruption Cirle

  63. Forget the Debt Ceiling, Obama Still Spending
  64. 7/18/11 The Sacramento Bee reports Barack Insane Obama has nominated the former Ohio Democrat Attorney General, Richard Cordray, to run a brand new agency; Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. However, “In May, 44 of 47 Senate Republicans sent Obama a letter threatening to block the appointment of any proposed agency chief unless the bureau is reformed to ensure more “accountability and transparency.” If the Republicans hold firm, Democrats would lack the 60 votes needed to break a filibuster and win Cordray’s confirmation.Don Stewart, a spokesman for Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, said Sunday that “the White House still hasn’t addressed the concerns raised by Congress.”

  65. The Obama Mama Lie!
  66. 7/18/11 The International Business Times reports on a new book coming out that makes the claim President Obama was not very truthful about his own Mom! “A new book by a NY Times reporter casts doubt on the anecdote, suggesting that it was a disability claim rather than cancer treatment that was disputed.”Ann’s compensation for her job in Jakarta had included health insurance, which covered most of the costs of her medical treatment,” Janny Scott writes in “A Singular Woman: the Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mother.” “Once she was back in Hawaii, the hospital billed her insurance company directly, leaving Ann to pay only the deductible and any uncovered expenses, which, she said, came to several hundred dollars a month.” That seems to contradict the statements Obama would make while stumping, including a 2007 claim that “in the last month of her life, she wasn’t thinking about how to get well, she wasn’t thinking about coming to terms with her own mortality, she was thinking about whether or not insurance was going to cover the medical bills and whether our family would be bankrupt as a consequence.” – UPDATE 7/20/11: Brent Bozell writes at Newsbusters about the lack of DeadStream Media coverage of this huge Obama lie! “…Barack Obama in 2008 claiming his mother Ann Dunham died of cancer battling with insurance companies all the way through. Dramatic? Yes. But an utter lie. Network coverage of this new jaw-dropper on ABC, CBS, and NBC? Also zip, zilch, zero… How pathetic. This is the same set of networks that devote multiple heavy-breathing stories to “correcting” non-candidate Sarah Palin’s historical knowledge of Paul Revere, or Michele Bachmann’s location for the birthplace of John Wayne. But Obama lies about his mother – a shameless, pandering tug using his mother to get socialized health care, and they’re mute!”

  67. The Obama ‘Great Temperment’ Myth!
  68. 7/18/11 Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post calls all the DeadStream Media talk of how great Barack Obama’s temperment was simply “a myth.” From her report: “…He was cool, calm, unflappable — a sort of Mr. Spock who put rationality above emotion. Has there ever been a worst case of false advertising? Throughout his presidency Barack Obama has shown himself to be thin-skinned and cranky (be it with regard to the Chamber of Commerce, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, town-hall protesters, Wall Street). His ire when met with opposition (even from his own party) has been displayed in White House news conferences on a regular basis. Republicans were “holding the country hostage” last December (but then he caved on the Bush tax cuts)…”

  69. Another Obama Lie Exposed: Bush Tax Rates Helped MIDDLE CLASS more than the So-Called Rich!!
  70. 7/18/11 Gateway Pundit has the facts to show that 85% of the so-called “tax cuts for the rich” that you always hear the left whining about actually went to the MIDDLE CLASS!! “Of course, it was just another lie. Verum Serum found the actual tax cut breakdown at CNN Money: Bush tax cuts: $544.3 billion…The bulk of that cost — $463 billion — is for the extension of cuts for families making less than $250,000, including two years of relief for 2010 and 2011 for the middle class from the Alternative Minimum Tax…”

  71. Obama Whopper of a Lie: Americans Want Tax Hikes?!!
  72. 7/19/11 President Barack Hugo Obama told the nation “80% of the American people support a balanced approach” to fixing the so-called debt crisis that includes “revenues”/tax hikes. REALLY?! 80% want to pay higher taxes?! Oh, c’mon! Conservative Radio Talker Jay Weber today said this was “entirely made up” and that liberals suffer from “make up facts disease!” He pointed out the DeadStream media types did not even question the President about his made-up facts. Weber detailed how Zogby, Rasmussen and Gallup polls all show 55 to 65% of Americans say no way to tax hikes!

  73. Obama Libyan Scandal # 56 – Huge Obama Flip-Flop on Libya!
  74. 7/19/11 ConservativeAmerican.org is reporting Barack Obama has reversed course in Libya and now WANTS regime change after all! As we pointed out almost four months ago…”On March 28th, the President repeated his “decision” that Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi had to step down. Yet he contradicted that moments later saying a “mission of regime change would be a mistake.” Glad he cleared that one up for us. It all makes great sense now. NOT.” Interesting. a “Mission of regime change would be a mistake.” I guess he is admitting that what he is doing now is “a mistake!” From FOXy Blondes News today… “Representatives of Muammar al-Qaddafi’s embattled government held face-to-face talks with U.S. officials in neighboring Tunisia over the weekend, a Libyan government official said Monday, describing the meeting as a first step in opening dialogue. A U.S. State Department official confirmed the meeting took place but said it was only to deliver a clear and firm message that Qaddafi must step down. The U.S. official said it was not a negotiating session and no future meetings were planned…” More details here.

    Charlie P. Brannan counted 36 lies from the Barack Obama press conference last Friday! He details them at one of our favorite websites, the American Thinker. His list rivals our own “Ali Obama & the 40 Lies!” List from 9/9/9or his 24 debt talk lies in on dayor the 27 Libya lies he told BEFORE he even started talking in is Libya address!or the 40 lies he told in his 2011 State of the Union – or… well, you get the idea. In any event, here’s a brief overview of Charlie P. Brannan’s list from the American Thinker. You’ll want to read the whole article by clicking here.

  75. Obama’s 36 Debt Lies – # 1
  76. 7/20/11 From Charlie P. Brannan at the American Thinker: [OBAMA] “make sure that the United States does not default on our obligations, and that the full faith and credit of the United States is preserved.” [BRANNAN] There is zero risk of a default to the creditors of US debt.” — ConservativeAmerican.org asks, A deliberate scare tactic?!

  77. Obama’s 36 Debt Lies – # 2
  78. 7/20/11 From Charlie P. Brannan at the American Thinker: [OBAMA] “I think we should not even be this close to a deadline on this issue; this should have been taken care of earlier.” [BRANNAN]
    …Obama’s own failure to submit a budget which could gain even a single vote directly caused the entire crisis.”

  79. Obama’s 36 Debt Lies – # 3
  80. 7/20/11 From the American Thinker: [OBAMA] “Congress has run up the credit card, and we now have an obligation to pay our bills.” [AMERICAN THINKER – AT] …Republicans in Congress want to reduce those obligations …Obama is saying “No, continue to spend.”

  81. Obama’s 36 Debt Lies – # 4
  82. 7/20/11 From the American Thinker: [OBAMA] “We could end up with a situation, for example, where interest rates rise for everybody all throughout the country, effectively a tax increase on everybody.” [AT] Obama is painting a fundamentally dishonest scenario. His strategy to continue debt spending will saddle future generations…

  83. Obama’s 36 Debt Lies – # 5
  84. 7/20/11 From the American Thinker: [OBAMA] “businesses that are trying to make payroll, all of them could end up being impacted as a consequence of a default.” [AT] Obama is …Putting aside the fact that failing to increase the debt limit will not result in a default unless Obama chooses to default, even a default and the increased interest rates will have little if any effect on most “businesses…

  85. Obama’s 36 Debt Lies – # 6
  86. 7/20/11 From the American Thinker: [OBAMA] “We have a chance to stabilize America’s finances for a decade, [AT] …Fourteen years at this rate would still double our national debt with $15.4 Trillion of new deficit spending…”

  87. Obama’s 36 Debt Lies – # 7
  88. 7/20/11 From the American Thinker: [OBAMA] “let’s still try to at least get a down payment on deficit reduction.” [AT] The notion of getting “a down payment on deficit reduction” is a lie… If Obama wants to get a “down payment on deficit reduction” then he must plan for follow on payments …Language only a lawyer could twist.

  89. Obama’s 36 Debt Lies – # 8
  90. 7/20/11 Another from the American Thinker: [OBAMA] “And that we can actually accomplish without huge changes in revenue or significant changes in entitlements,” [AT] Except that according to his own deficit commission (Bowles-Simpson) significant changes in both revenue and entitlements are required…

  91. Obama’s 36 Debt Lies – # 9
  92. 7/20/11 Another from the American Thinker: [OBAMA] “but we could still send a signal that we are serious about this problem.” [AT]…In no way could this single reduction demonstrate that the US government is serious about this problem.

  93. Obama’s 36 Debt Lies – # 10
  94. 7/20/11 Again from American Thinker: [OBAMA] “…all of us believe that we need to get to a point where eventually we can balance the budget.”?[AT] Nobody who has the audacity to submit a budget with $1.1 Trillion in deficit spending can be trusted when they say they “eventually” want to balance the budget.

  95. Obama’s 36 Debt Lies – # 11
  96. 7/20/11 Charlie Brannan offers another: [OBAMA] “what we need to do is to do our jobs.” [AT] Obama submitted the 2012 budget on Feb. 14, 2011 with a $1.1 Trillion deficit, …Clearly Obama finds it impossible to do his job.

  97. Obama’s 36 Debt Lies – # 12
  98. 7/20/11 Charlie Brannan offers another: [OBAMA] “And we have to do it the same way a family would do it. A family, if they get over-extended and their credit card is too high, they don’t just stop paying their bills. What they do is they say, how do we start cutting our monthly costs? We keep on making payments, but we start cutting out the things that aren’t necessary.”?[AT] Actually, Mr. President, …they don’t “start cutting our monthly costs”, …they immediately curtail spending

  99. Obama’s 36 Debt Lies – # 13
  100. 7/20/11 Charlie Brannan offers another: [OBAMA] “And we do it in a way that maintains our credit rating. We do it in a way that’s responsible” [AT] Another Obama deception. He is implying that Republicans want to damage the USA credit rating…”

    President Obama is a myth. The Obama people voted for never existed. He’s a fraud and a fake and we track his lies, broken promises and flip-flops to prove it. ConservativeAmerican.org helps you keep track of the Obama Myths with this Official list of Team Obama Lies, Broken Promises, Flip-Flops, Gaffes & Scandals!

    “It is interesting that as this is all going on, the New York Times tells us about a new book from one of its reporters: ‘During his presidential campaign and subsequent battle over a health care law, Mr. Obama quieted crowds with the story of his mother’s fight with her insurer over whether her cancer was a pre-existing condition that disqualified her from coverage.In offering the story as an argument for ending pre-existing condition exclusions by health insurers, the president left the clear impression that his mother’s fight was over health benefits for medical expenses. But in “A Singular Woman: The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mother,” author Janny Scott quotes from correspondence from the president’s mother to assert that the 1995 dispute concerned a Cigna disability insurance policy and that her actual health insurer had apparently reimbursed most of her medical expenses without argument. Most people would recoil at the lie, and moreover the use of Obama’s dead mother as a prop in his myth-making. But Obama made a career of, and lifted himself to the presidency, on the fusion of myth and reality, perhaps losing track along the way of which was which.”

    Jennifer Rubin, The Washington Post

  101. Obama’s 36 Debt Lies – # 14
  102. 7/20/11 From Charlie P. Brannan writing at the great American Thinker website: [OBAMA] “I think that American consumers and American businesses would benefit from a continuation of that tax cut next year.” [AT] Obama is advocating the increase of taxes for “the rich” and in the same speech advocating extending subsidies to the unemployed. What happened to a “balanced approach”?

  103. Obama’s 36 Debt Lies – # 15
  104. 7/20/11 Again from Charlie P. Brannan writing at American Thinker website: [OBAMA] we can, as I said before, fix this thing probably for a decade or more” [AT] …implying …Congress will not have to increase the debt limit again “for a decade or more.” …In reality the present proposed $2.4 Trillion debt limit increase will only last until 2013, conveniently after the 2012 election.

  105. Obama’s 36 Debt Lies – # 16
  106. 7/20/11 The American Thinker: [OBAMA] “I think this notion that things got ugly is just not true.” [AT] When the President of the United States verbally threatens a member of Congress saying “Eric, don’t call my bluff. I’m going to the American people on this,” that is ugly…

  107. Obama’s 36 Debt Lies – # 17
  108. 7/20/11 The American Thinker: [OBAMA] “Bowles-Simpson … was originally bipartisan legislation that some of the Republican supporters of decided to vote against when I said I supported it” [AT] …in reality Obama never supported the Bowles-Simpson budget, in whole or in part.

  109. Obama’s 36 Debt Lies – # 18
  110. 7/20/11 The American Thinker: [OBAMA] “a lot of the components of Bowles-Simpson we are willing to embrace — for example, the domestic spending cuts that they recommend we’ve basically taken.” [AT] Obama’s 2012 Budget proposal with a $1.1 Trillion deficit is evidence of this lie.

  111. Obama’s 36 Debt Lies – # 19
  112. 7/20/11 The American Thinker: [OBAMA] “… you have 80 percent of the American people who support a balanced approach. Eighty percent of the American people support an approach that includes revenues…” [AT] From a July 7-10 Gallup poll. 69% of the people support spending cuts together with new taxes

  113. Obama’s 36 Debt Lies – # 20
  114. 7/20/11 The American Thinker: [OBAMA] “It turns out that our problem is we cut taxes without paying for them over the last decade” [AT] Obama implies that the deficits we have now have been going on for the last ten years, insinuating it is an ongoing problem from the Bush administration…

  115. Obama’s 36 Debt Lies – # 21
  116. 7/20/11 The American Thinker: [OBAMA] …every commission that’s been out there has said the same thing” [AT] Bowles-Simpson, a commission which Obama organized outlined far more reaching cuts in entitlements …which Obama ignores, again deceiving the American public.

  117. Obama’s 36 Debt Lies – # 22
  118. 7/20/11 The American Thinker: [OBAMA] “And they don’t require “job-killing tax cuts.” [AT] Study upon study have shown that in the short term tax cuts increase jobs

  119. Obama’s 36 Debt Lies – # 23
  120. 7/20/11 The American Thinker: [OBAMA] “They require us to make some modest adjustments …” [AT] The bipartisan Bowles-Simpson commission organized by Obama suggested much more drastic measures are required

  121. Obama’s 36 Debt Lies – # 24
  122. 7/20/11 The American Thinker: [OBAMA] “let’s at least avert Armageddon.” [AT] Another typical liberal Obama lie / scare tactic …there is zero risk of Armageddon…

  123. Obama’s 36 Debt Lies – # 25
  124. 7/20/11 The American Thinker: [OBAMA] “I’d like to solve that second problem.” [AT] Obama was given the opportunity to solve the second problem …He ignored almost all of the recommendations from his own deficit commission.

  125. Obama’s 36 Debt Lies – # 26
  126. 7/20/11 American Thinker: [OBAMA] “… a balanced approach that includes some revenue is the right thing to do. The majority of Republican voters say that approach is the right thing to do.” [AT] Obama ignores the polling data he is citing …Obama is deceiving the public

  127. Obama’s 36 Debt Lies – # 27
  128. 7/20/11 American Thinker: [OBAMA] “The question is going to be whether at any given moment we’re willing to set politics aside, at least briefly, in order to get something done.” [AT] Obama misleadingly implies that he is above the fray while the other side is playing politics. In reality both sides are playing politics. In fact his entire press conference is just another example…

  129. Obama’s 36 Debt Lies – # 28
  130. 7/20/11 American Thinker: [OBAMA] “I’ve got an infrastructure bank bill that would start putting construction workers back to work rebuilding our roads and bridges.” [AT] This statement belies Obama’s ability to compromise. Just how does he expect to pay for these infrastructure bills if not with more deficit spending?

  131. Obama’s 36 Debt Lies – # 29
  132. 7/20/11 American Thinker: [OBAMA] “I’ve got three trade deals … being held up because some folks don’t want to provide trade adjustment assistance to people … displaced as a consequence of trade.” [AT] Again, how does Obama plan to pay for this trade adjustment assistance if not with deficit spending?

  133. Obama’s 36 Debt Lies – # 30
  134. 7/20/11 American Thinker: [OBAMA] “I’m going to keep on trying” [AT] This implies that Obama started trying.

  135. Obama’s 36 Debt Lies – # 31
  136. 7/20/11 American Thinker: [OBAMA] . “American people are going to say … if a party or a politician is constantly taking the position ‘my way or the highway,’ constantly being locked into ideologically rigid positions, that we’re going to remember at the polls.” [AT] Classic Obama obfuscation. Is he genuinely trying to tell the voting public to throw him out in 2012? Obama began saying my way or the highway on January 24, 2009…

  137. Obama’s 36 Debt Lies – # 32
  138. 7/20/11 American Thinker: [OBAMA] “… what the American people are paying attention to is who seems to be trying to get something done, and who seems to be just posturing and trying to score political points.” [AT] Obama is again using deception by raising an issue to imply that he[‘s] above “just posturing and trying to score political points.” Except the entire press conference is nothing more than political posturing by Obama!

  139. Obama’s 36 Debt Lies – # 33
  140. 7/20/11 American Thinker: [OBAMA] “I said the American people do not want to see a bunch of posturing; they don’t want to hear a bunch of sound bites. What they want is for us to solve problems, and we all have to remember that. That’s why we were sent here.” [AT] This statement by itself is nothing more than a sound bite. Until July Obama did almost nothing personally to try and resolve the debt limit problem.

  141. Obama’s 36 Debt Lies – # 34
  142. 7/20/11 American Thinker: [OBAMA] “… we know how we can create a package that solves the deficits and debt for a significant period of time.” [AT] Nothing Obama has discussed with any Republican …would raise the debt limit and lower spending beyond 2014.

  143. Obama’s 36 Debt Lies – # 35
  144. 7/20/11 American Thinker: [OBAMA] if the only thing we’re talking about over the next year, two years, five years, is debt and deficits, then it’s very hard to start talking about how do we make investments in community colleges … how do we actually rebuild $2 trillion worth of crumbling infrastructure.” [AT] This statement exemplifies the chasm between Obama and conservatives. The Tea Party does not want to increase the debt limit because they do not trust the government to control spending.

  145. Obama’s 36 Debt Lies – # 36
  146. 7/20/11 And the final entry from Charlie P. Brannan at the American Thinker: [OBAMA] “It would be very helpful for us to be able to say to the American people, our fiscal house is in order… [AT] Which is a great sound bite and a wonderful note to end the bully pulpit press conference on except that Obama just finished saying he has plans to spend over a trillion dollars

    Be sure to read Charlie’s entire piece and all the details by clicking here!

    It’s not the first time Obama has racked up quite a list of whopping lies in one talk! This list rivals our own “Ali Obama & the 40 Lies!” List from 9/9/9or his 24 debt talk lies in on dayor the 27 Libya lies he told BEFORE he even started talking in is Libya address!or the 40 lies he told in his 2011 State of the Union – or… well, you get the idea.

  147. Obama Lies About the Poor!
  148. 7/25/11 President Obama asked one audience, “Are we a nation that asks only the poor and middle class to bear the burden?” In talking about his desire to raise taxes, especially on the wealthy, Obama claimed we ask the poor to help “bear the burden!” This is utter nonsense! The so-called poor in the USA (who are not “poor” when compared to truly poor people in other nations around the world) are not asked to help bear any burden! The poor don’t pay any federal income taxes at all.

  149. Obama Lies About the Middle Class!
  150. 7/25/11 President Obama also lied about the “Middle” class. By the very meaning of the word “Middle,” those in the middle of the income range in the USA, the President is wrong. Take whatever percentage you want… the middle 2%, the middle 10%, the middle 50%… it doesn’t matter. Half of the people in the group you select will be above the center in income and half will be below the center in income. Nearly ALL of those below the center in income pay NO federal income taxes at all! Nearly 50% of all Americans pay no federal income taxes at all! At least HALF of the so-called “Middle Class” are NOT helping to bear any burden as the President suggests!

  151. Obama Lies About “Shared Sacrifice”
  152. 7/25/11 The nation’s first Socialist President is trying to create a new “American value” out of thin air! The President told the same group, “We believe in shared sacrifice.” Again, this is confused talk from a lying President. If we really did believe in “shared sacrifice,” then all would help to “bear the burden” of running the federal government. That’s what “shared” means. That would mean the roughly 48% of Americans who now pay no federal income tax at all, would need to start paying their “fair” share! If we truly believed in SHARED sacrifice, then each person, regardless of income would pay the same percentage of their income to the federal government. That would be a fair system where the burden and sacrifices are shared by all. What President Obama means by “shared sacrifice” is the exact opposite of what those words actually mean!!! He means that a select few people will pay the huge majority of all of the burdens and sacrifices to run the federal government. He wants the so-called “rich” to pay it all. Watch out for how the socialist-democrats define “rich.” For President Obama this has been all over the board. Remember his 2008 rhetoric about the rich making more than $250,000 a year? That included most small business owners. Democrats back then moved the line from $250K to $200K and on down to $150K or less! Now the President wants you to believe that he just means “millionaires and billionaires.” How in the HOLY FREAKING HELL is it “Shared Sacrifice” to have only these super-wealthy pay the bills?! It isn’t.

  153. Obama Hypocrisy! Uses So-Called “Scab” Labor for His Birthday Party!!
  154. 8/4/11 TownHall has the video… via Fox News… via Breitbart!

  155. Obama’s Harold Koh is a Hypocrite… Big Surprise (Not)
  156. 8/6/11 Even the liberal DeadStream Media’s NY Times says Harold Koh is a hypocrite on this one. “During the Bush administration, he was legendary for his piercing criticisms of “executive muscle flexing” in the White House’s pursuit of the so-called war on terror. Even more, he was described by those who knew him as the inspiration for a generation of human rights activists and lawyers passionately committed to a vision of a post-imperial America as a model of constitutional restraint. His colleagues viewed him as not only a brilliant scholar but a “liberal icon.” Suddenly, though, Mr. Koh seems to be a different person. Just over two years ago, he became legal adviser to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s State Department, and in that job, he has become the administration’s defender of the right to stay engaged in a conflict against Libya without Congressional approval. He argues that the president can proceed because the country is not actually engaging in “hostilities.” –ConservativeAmerican.org points out these liberal leaders who will flip-flop on a dime are far too common.

  157. Has Obama Ended Democracy in the USA?
  158. 8/6/11China Daily asks if Obama has already ending democracy in the USA: “It was hardly surprising, though, what happened in Congress. That is the way of American politics. The US, on a mission to spread “democracy” to the farthest corners of the world, long ceased to be governed by democracy itself. The “land of plenty” is now for those who already have plentiful. In presidential democracy, which the US is, the president is elected by the people, and he is the face of the people and works for the people. But today this axiom is confined to textbooks. Reality is otherwise: corporate influence has weakened American values, presidents have become prisoners of their donors and corporations rule the roost.” – ConservativeAmerican.org points out China Daily only mentions corporations, not labor unions. Labor unions rule the democrat roost!

  159. Obama Debt Ceiling Hypocrisy!
  160. 8/8/11 The Northwest Indiana Times points out, “When President George W. Bush wanted to raise the debt ceiling, Democratic congressional leaders all voted against raising the limit. Sen. Barack Obama said he would not vote for the increase because it was the result of Bush’s failed economic policies. This time it was Democrats and Obama pushing for an increase… We now have the most hypocritical and incompetent president to ever occupy the White House.”

  161. Obama The Bush-Hater Tries to Learn From… George Bush?!! Hypocrisy!
  162. 8/9/11 Jennifer Rubin has the deets at the Washington Post: “In a move that will make some Democrats shudder, Obama’s high command has even studied President George W. Bush’s 2004 takedown of Sen. John F. Kerry, a senior campaign adviser told POLITICO, for clues on how a president with middling approval ratings can defeat a challenger. “Unless things change and Obama can run on accomplishments, he will have to kill Romney,” said a prominent Democratic strategist aligned with the White House.”

  163. Democrat Obama Wants to Hurt Old People/Cut Social Security!
  164. 8/16/11 For decades now republicans have had to put up with democrat politicians and the DeadStream media reporting how those mean wascilly wepublicans want to hurt old people by cutting their Social Security. It was never true. Now, FOXy blondes news reports, “Obama has again acknowledged the necessity of doing something many Democrats fiercely oppose – reforming entitlement programs such as… Social Security!”

  165. Democrat Obama Wants to Hurt Old People (AGAIN) – Cutting Medicare!
  166. 8/16/11 OMG! What are democrats going to do in 2012?! They’re also told not to vote for (republican) politicians who want to cut Medicare and hurt old people. It’s the democrat politicians now saysing Medicare must be cut! Those mean ‘ol democrats want to take away your mother’s Medicare!FOXy blondes news reports, “Obama has again acknowledged the necessity of doing something many Democrats fiercely oppose – reforming entitlement programs, such as Medicare… On a Midwest bus tour stop in Minnesota, Obama spoke in favor of changes to entitlement programs being eyed by the 12-member congressional committee charged with finding budget savings”

  167. Obama Redefines “Listening Tour!”
  168. 8/16/11 When the President’s team said his current Midwest bus trip is a “listening tour,” no one knew they were redefining what that means. You see, it’s not that President Obama will be doing any listening. Noooo! Instead, he wants YOU to LISTEN TO HIM!! It seems he told Tea Partier Ryan Rhodes that a conversation they were having was over because Rhodes wasn’t willing to listen! From Hot Air.com: “As someone who’s been called a socialist, not born here, taking away freedoms for providing health care, I’m all for lowering the rhetoric,” Obama said [to the heckler, tea partier Ryan Rhodes]… Rhodes added that Obama brushed him aside. “Then he said ‘we can’t have a conversation because you’re saying I called you a terrorist,’” recalled Rhodes. “The fact is it demonstrates the deep divide that he is unwilling to negotiate without going after the other side, the whole day was about going after republicans and talking about how unreasonable they are.”

  169. Obama’s Memory Fading! Calls Tea Partiers ‘Hostage Takers!’
  170. 8/16/11 One thing Obama did not inherit from Bush, is his unprecedented audacity! Tea Partier Ryan Rhodes says President Obama told him, “We can’t have a conversation because you’re saying I called you a terrorist.” As Rush Limbaugh noted today, the President basically DID call Tea Partiers terrorists. Here’s what he said, “It’s tempting not to negotiate with hostage-takers,” referring to Tea Party Conservatives in the US House of Representatives! I believe another name for “hostage-takers” is “terrorist!” President Obama is a fraud and his memory is not allowing him to keep up with his own entangled series of lies!

  171. Obama Lies About Biden Comment!
  172. 8/16/11 Also on the Obama busT trip, Hot Air.com notes what Obama said when asked why his Vice President, Joey Buttafuoco Biden, called Tea Partiers ‘terrorists:’ “In an interview later with Fox News, [Ryan] Rhodes claimed that the President insisted that Biden had not made the original comment. “He just denied it, he said the Vice President didn’t make any of those assertions,” said Rhodes. “He doesn’t want to even admit what was on TV nationally — all over the place — then how can you have a conversation?” – ConservativeAmerican.org notes Rhodes’s obvious mistake. It’s not supposed to be a conversation, Ryan. It’s supposed to be you listening to Obama while he enlightens you with his wisdom.

  173. Obama Continues Latino Let Down with Deportations!
  174. 8/17/11 Reuters is reporting that lefty Hispanics are ticked off that Obama really is the Latino Let-Down! “Latino activists held a protest outside President Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign headquarters on Tuesday to ask him to end a criminal deportation program they say is snaring large number of illegal immigrants who have not committed crimes… “They’re saying it is to deport criminal immigrants, but in reality, that’s not happening,” said Xochitl Espinoza, of the National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities activist group, which took part in the protest on Tuesday.

  175. Holder’s Racist Department of Justice-for-Blacks-Only Strikes Again!!
  176. 8/17/11 From Big Government: “On March 15, 2011, civil rights activist Ted Hayes testified, by invitation, before the Judiciary Committee of the Maryland House of Delegates, against providing taxpayer dollars for in-state tuition benefits for illegal aliens. Shortly after his testimony, Mr. Hayes was subjected to vicious retribution by a radical Hispanic group known as “The Timmytop,” which posted a hate video on a YouTube channel that included racist smears and death threats. The video begins with the message “[expletive] you ‘Mayate,’” which is reportedly a racist and derogatory term used to smear African-Americans and “dark skinned” people…” – ConservativeAmerican.org notes that Team Obama’s Eric Holder plans to do NOTHING about this. Could have seen that one coming. These people are horrible, racist, excuses for human beings!

  177. Obama’s “Big, Fat Lie in Iowa”
  178. 8/17/11 Rob Port at the SayAnythingBlog: “Obama, …claimed that over 2 million private sector jobs had been created since he assumed office but… he deliberately told another outright lie. The private sector has not produced 2 million jobs since January of 2009, when he was inaugurated. In January 2009 the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in its Employment Situation News Release showed that 119.7 million [jobs] were in the private sector and overall unemployment rate was 7.6%. Fast forward to June of 2011; the Employment Situation News Release for that month revealed that … there were thus 117.2 million employed in the private sector, a decline of 2.5 million. The overall unemployment rate: 9.2%.” — ConservativeAmerican.org asks, Fuzzy math? Private sector jobs may have been added, but they were more than offset by huge losses. More on the story here.

  179. Obama’s “Made in America” Gaffe
  180. 8/17/11 This one from Dolphin79swim on the AOL message boards! “Now the dumb POS makes another gaffe! He says he wants goods sold all over the world that are stamped with three words — Made in America. When have you ever seen a product marked Made In America? It’s MADE IN U.S.A.!” — Good point Dolphin swimmer!

  181. Obama Uses Foreign-Made Bus for His Bus Tour!
  182. 8/17/11 Oops. Obama lectures Americans about the cars they drive: “We’ve got folks in America driving Kias and Hyundais. I want to see folks in Korea driving Fords and Chryslers and Chevys,” Obama said Tuesday in Peosta. “ I want to sell goods all over the world that are stamped with three words: ‘Made in America.’” He might want to check the keys to his own ride!!! The Bamster Bus was made in Canada!

  183. Obama Gaffe Causes Chicago Bears Fans to Turn on Him!
  184. 8/18/11 In the Chicago Sun Times’ Post Tribune, comes this: “The president last week was put in the difficult spot of having to welcome the 2011 Super Bowl-champion Green Bay Packers to the White House. That’s pretty heavy duty for a president who calls Chicago home and happens to be a staunch supporter of the Chicago Bears. “I’m just gonna come out and say it,” Obama said. “This hurts a little bit.” …Then, the Packers did the unthinkable during the ceremony on the South Lawn — they gave the president a few shares of the publicly owned Packers, thus making him a part owner. Then, Obama did the unthinkable by saying, “Well, if I’m a part owner, I think … we should initiate a trade to send (Packers quarterback Aaron) Rodgers down to the Bears.” Oh, my. We hope that comment gets the Bears fired up enough to reach the Super Bowl this season.”

  185. Biden also denies having made Gaffe calling Tea Party members Terrorists
  186. 8/18/11 From Glenn Kessler at the Washington Post: “[original story]…Vice President Joe Biden joined House Democrats in lashing tea party Republicans Monday, accusing them of having “acted like terrorists” in the fight over raising the nation’s debt limit, according to several sources in the room.” [Kessler:] The report did not quote anyone on the record saying Biden said this… Yet the response from the vice president’s office was a bit vague: “The word was used by several members of Congress. The vice president does not believe it’s an appropriate term in political discourse.” In journalistic circles, reporters would look askance at such a statement, because it did not forcefully deny that Biden made those remarks. Biden did better in an interview with the CBS Evening News, saying the report was “absolutely not true.” – ConservativeAmerican.org: Besides, Kessler says, Bush people did it [called people terrorists over raising the debt ceiling] too!

  187. Obama’s Lie about Fixing the Economy
  188. 8/18/11 Ben Stein writes at Newsmax, saying “Obama Racks Up List of Broken Promises.” No kidding! We have a huge list and most of the ones Stein mentions are already on our list. Here’s a few he adds: “That he would end the recession and bring back a healthy, booming economy. – Has he done it? Obviously not… I don’t see any causative link between Mr. Obama’s trillion-dollar “stimulus package” and his supersize deficits and the modest recovery we have. We still have extremely high unemployment and a genuine catastrophe in housing. Mr. Obama completely failed in his promises about the economy…”

  189. Obama’s Lie about Repairing Relations with Russia!
  190. 8/18/11 Ben Stein writes at Newsmax, “That he would “reset” relations with Russia. He would get us friendly relations with this immensely important country. Has he done so? Not in the slightest. The Russians mock us and balk us in the U.N. and everywhere else they can…” — Stein also mentions Obama’s broken promises to go over spending “line by line,” to bring ALL troops home from Iraq, to have “Tea with the Tollah” creating peace and love between Iran and the USA, and that he would make the world better for students. All of these have previously been featured on our list.

  191. Team Obama Hypocrisy over Hollywood’s ‘Obama 2012’ Movie
  192. 8/18/11 Tara McKelvey writes at the Daily Beast: “The White House cozies up to the makers of a film about the death of Osama bin Laden… Republicans see it as the height of hypocrisy. While Obama administration officials aggressively prosecute leaks to the press, they are opening the door—perhaps even sharing classified details—to the makers of a movie about the killing of Osama bin Laden. The film will presumably make President Obama look good, and even worse—for Republicans, at least—it is slated to open on Oct. 12, 2012, shortly before the presidential election…”

  193. Obama Lied About Not Signing Deal Unless it Increased Taxes!
  194. 8/18/11 Charles Krauthammer reminds us of this one…

  195. Levin Catches Obama’s Vacation Hypocrisy!!
  196. 8/18/11 The Great One, Mark Levin, reminds everyone that Obama despises all those millionaires and billionaires. You know, the ones with evil corporate jets, the fat-cat CEO’s with big energy guzzling homes and the like? Levin as quoted at DirectorBlueBlogspot: “Nine days! He “wants to be with his children.” Really? Aren’t they in the White House? Listen to these idiotic arguments. No, he wants to be on Martha’s Vineyard with the beautiful people; the millionaires and the billionaires. And the private jets and the yachts! This is what kills me: the hypocrisy of how this man lives! He lives a life of luxury, which you and I subsidize… while he attacks a life of luxury by people who pay for themselves! He takes the biggest corporate jet in the world — in terms of its cost, operation and construction — Air Force One, there’s gonna be yachts, millionaires, billionaires. They’re going to be eating all kinds of food with salt, fat and all the rest of it, wonderful desserts, cheesecake, chocolate, mousse — you and I, were supposed to act like we’re living in hovels.

  197. Obama’s Huge Hypocrisy on Deficit Spending!!
  198. 8/18/11 Barack Obama has insisted on record shattering deficit spending and his democrat congress has gone along with it. Yet, he had the audacity to tell Wolfy Blitzer: “I guess here’s the question is, why can’t Congress make good choices? Why can’t the President and Congress working together get a handle on our debt and deficits? Why do we need to go through a Constitutional Amendment process and have a whole bunch of contortions and try to write in every single contingency that might come up instead of simply saying the same thing that people all across Iowa and all across the country do which is: You know what? Here’s how much money we’re bringing in and here’s how much money we’re spending and if it’s out of balance, fix it.” — Who is he talking to?! Himself?! Okay, Mr. President, why havent’ YOU made “good choices!?” Why have you exploded our debt and deficits?! This man is completely out of his freaking mind!! That’s a damn good question, Mr. President! Why can’t “the President” (That’s actually YOU, Mr. Obama!) get a handle on our deficits?!!! This is one of the most outrageous things on this entire list of 2,300 items!

  199. Obama Lied About Not Resting Until Every American Had a Job!
  200. 8/18/11 So Obama is off in Martha’s Vineyard taking a rest. The Washington Post remembers when he promised he wouldn’t do that: “With 14 million Americans out of work, a volatile stock market and a historic downgrade of the country’s credit rating, President Obama is set to begin a 10-day retreat Thursday at a 28-acre Martha’s Vineyard compound called Blue Heron Farm, which costs an estimated $50,000 per week to rent. That divide — and the presumed hypocrisy of a president who has pledged not to rest “until every American looking for a job can find one,” going golfing and biking on an island playground for wealthy celebrities — has been too much for political pundits to resist…” — ConservativeAmerican.org: It should be too much for Americans to stomach. President Bush had to all but give up golfing because Michael Moore-on and others said he shouldn’t golf while soldiers die! Now, Obama golfs while one soldier has died every 16 hours of his Presidency. He vacations while Americans suffer from high unemployment. This is insane!

On 9/4/11, ConservativeAmerican.org discontinued the list. It was simply too much work to keep up with all of the Team Obama lies and broken promises. And, the majority of voters were not even willing to listen to the truth about Obama. As history taught us, President Obama was easily reelected in 2012. People still believed the “If you like you plan, you can keep it” lie. Only after the President broke that promise, one that impacted tens of millions of Americans, did citizens start to wake up and realize who the REAL Barack Obama is. This list is presented to all of those now willing to look into Obama’s past.

You can visit all the pages of the Official Obama Administration Scandals List!

SCANDALS By Scandal Number:1-100101-200201-300301-400401-500501-600601-700701-800801-900901-1000. 1001-1100. 1101-1200. 1201-1300. 1301-1400. 1401-1500. 1501-1600. 1601-1700. 1701-1800. 1801-1900. 1901-2000. 2001-2100. 2101-2200. 2201-2300. 2301-2325.

Page 1 – Official Obama Adnimistration Scandals List.
Page 2 – Obama Lies List.
Page 3 – The Tea Party Guide to the Obama Galaxy.
Page 4 The Obama Excuses List.
Page 5 Obama’s Broken Promises List.
Page 6 The Obama Mistakes List.
Page 7 Obama Scandals List.
Page 8 Obamacare Lies List.
Page 9 More Obama Lies.
Page 10 Official Obama Scandals & Lies List.
Page 11 The Obama-Nopoulus 26, 41 State of the Union Lies & Other Obama Scandals!
Page 12 How Many Lies Has Obama Told?
Page 13 More and More Obama Broken Promises! – 1300 & Counting!
Page 14 Obama Nominee Scandals & Other Team Obama Lies
Page 15 Obama Mistakes and Lies List.
Page 16 Never-ending List of Obama Lies
Page 17 The Best Obama Lies List
Page 18 Obamifact/ObamaWiki – The Obama List
BONUS PAGE: 310 Obamacare Lies and Broken Promises!
Page 19 Obama Promises Melt Like Snowflakes! – And We List the Snowflakes
Page 20 ObamaPedia Guide to Obama Lies
Page 21 Obama’s Endless String of Broken Promises
Page 22 Obama’s Broken Net Spending Cut Lie and 2,200 Other Fabrications!
Page 23 – Obama: “I want you to hold me Accountable!” – Okay, we will.
Page 24 – Keeping Track of Obama Lies, Broken Promises.

Obama’s Youth-through-Joe the Plumber (10/25/08).
10/30/08 Aunt Zeituni-through-Urban Czar 3/1/9
Broken Earmark pledge 3/1/9-through-4/13/9 Fascist Obama tells Cops to watch out for Conservatives!
Samson Obama 4/13/9-through-Energy Hypocrisy 5/22/9
Racist Sonia Sotomayor 5/26/9-through-Inspectors General-Gate (#3!) 7/8/9
Inspectors General-Gate (#4!) 7/8/9-through-Stimulus “bang” for the buck? 8/7/9
Biden Credits Stimulus 8/7/9-through-Obama Lies to Congress #5 9/9/9
Obama Lies to Congress #6 9/9/9-through-Broken New Orleans Promise 10/16/9
Obama is for drilling?! 10/16/9-through-Jarrett Disagrees with Obama 12/3/9
Obama Lies About Troops 12/3/9-through-Appoints a Transgender 1/5/10
Obama Shock & Awe 1/7/10-through-Obama Disagrees with Himself 1/28/10
Obama’s BS on Lobbyists 1/28/10-through-Obama’s Fake & Staged Obamacare Summit 2/24/10
Obamacare Nightmare gets worse 2/24/10-through-Obama screws up on pre-existing coverage for kids 3/24/10
Obama buys 2 Obamacare Votes 3/24/10-through-Obama stimulus didn’t save teacher jobs after all 5/7/10
Obama Gulf Oil Blunder 5/7/10-through-Obama’s Caribou Coffee Cover-Up 6/29/10
Team Obama says Taliban is Stronger now! 6/29/10-through-Obama again promises to work on economy 9/1/10
Gibbs Lies about Obama 9/1/10-through-Gibbs Flip-flops on Chamber of Commerce 10/17/10
Obama says Americans Don’t Think Clearly! 10/19/10-through-Obama stimulus a complete failure 12/5/10
Bonus Page: 310 Obamacare Lies!
Obama’s Wiki Failure 12/5/10-through-Obama’s State of Confusion Address 1/25/11
Obama’s State of Confusion continued 1/25/11-through-Obama’s Ambassador Forced to Resign 3/20/11.
Obama Libyan Scandals (#4)-through-Obama’s Fake Debt Concern Speech Lie # 23.
More Obama fake debt concern-through-Obama lying about cause of poor economy 6/10/11.
Obama Lying About Border Security 6/10/11-through-Obama’s Lie About Not Resting Until Every American Had a Job! 8/18/11.
Team Obama stops deportations of democrat voters-through-Unions Laboring over why Obama is governing “small.”

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