Obama Just Like the Others

Here’s a tricky one…Who said this about Barack Hugo Obama?

“His election was significant at the time, but now it’s meaningless because he’s becoming just like all the others (in the Establishment).”

Any guesses?  I suppose today it could have been any one of a million Americans.  It was, however, a woman named Christine Lee.  She was a black second-year law student at Harvard back in 1990 when Obama was elected the first socialist (and black) president of the Harvard Law Review.  Most of the criticism B. Hugo Obama faced at Harvard came from Black Students, according to the LA Times:

“Yet some of Obama’s peers question the motives of this second-year law student. They find it puzzling that despite Obama’s openly progressive views on social issues, he has also won support from staunch conservatives. Ironically, he has come under the most criticism from fellow black students for being too conciliatory toward conservatives and not choosing more blacks to other top positions on the law review.”

Guess he didn’t redistribute enough of the former white “wealth” to his black pals back then.  Today, no one is critical of him for being “conciliatory toward conservatives!!!”

Some have questioned how Obama became the Editor of the Harvard Law Review.  They wonder if his admission to the school and/or his selection as Editor happened only because of the color of his skin.  Was it a case of just being in the right place at the right time?  Is that also how he won the White House?

“In his second year at law school, Obama decided to run for law review president after a conversation with a black friend. “I said I was not planning to run and he said, `Yes you are because that is a door that needs to be kicked down and you can take it down.’ ” It was a marathon selection process, an arcane throwback to the early days of the review. The students editors deliberated behind closed doors from 8:30 a.m. until early the next day. The 19 anxious candidates took turns cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner for the selection committee, whose members emerged with a historic decision.  “Before I could say a word, another black student who was running just came up and grabbed me and hugged me real hard,” Obama recalled. “It was then that I knew it was more than just about me. It was about us. And I am walking through a lot of doors that had already been opened by others.”

Others have been critical of the fact Obama himself wrote very little (perhaps only one article without his name on it) for the Review. Do you think he got special treatment at Harvard because of the color of his skin?

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