Obama Lays an ISIS Egg

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

What a dud! The President gave a boring and uninspired speech tonight with very little change or substance. Some lowlights…

  • He’s going to send some planes and bomb ISIS. Wait, aren’t we already doing that? Only change was he might toss a few over the border into Syria as well. He now claims he has some kind of “core principle” that he’ll fight terrorists no matter where they are. This man doesn’t have any core principles. His foreign policy is entirely based on his own persona’s victim mentality.
  • Non-Combat Soldiers
    Non-Combat Soldiers
  • He continues his bulls**t about combat troops vs. non-combat troops. One side of his mouth said he’s not going to send ground troops, while the other side of his mouth announced he’s sending nearly 500 more troops to Iraq.
  • He plans to talk to other countries to ask them pretty please to use their own troops on the ground. He’ll even ask the United Nations. Whoopee. Two weeks ago he belittled the Syrian rebels, now he is counting on them and planning to send them some support? Flip-flop anyone? Just another example of how this man believes in nothing but himself and stands for nothing.
  • He said he’ll degrade ISIS, go golfing, then someday, maybe, over the rainbow, eventually destroy ISIS. Maybe after he’s retired and on the golf course.
  • He said it’s not a war he’s starting and he’s not like Bush who formed a coalition when he (Obama) forms a coalition.
  • There was no admission of his mistakes and errors. No admission that he was wrong to pull all the troops out. No admission he and Hillary were wrong to leave without a status of forces agreement.

THere was, of course, no passion in what he said. Just some gaps in his words due to the teleprompter. He probably had his golf shirt on under the shirt and tie and is somewhere at an indoor golf training facility right now.

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