Obama Levels Up: U.S.A. No. 2!

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org


President Barack Obama has ‘leveled up’ in his game knock down America.  This president, who seems to have always had a resentment for this success of our nation, has achieved his goal to knock us down a notch.  After all, who do we think we are being number one in the world?!

Unfortunately for him, you normally don’t hear people cheering, “We’re number two! We’re number two!

The Obama-Kerry Friday afternoon news-dump deal with Russia effectively makes them the world leader and delegates us to so-called “leading” from behind.   The deal gets his Barackness off the hook for his goof of inventing, then later denying, a red line with Syria.  This president has demonstrated the USA will not act on its own and the deal with Russia assures the U.N. won’t do anything about Syria either.

Obama-Kerry gave team Russia veto power to reject any U.N. resolution calling for action against Syria.  Did you ever dream growing up that our great country would take a back seat to the Russia?!

Obama, dreaming of his father, has always had a chip on his shoulder against this nation.  He no doubt wondered, “What makes the United States think it could possibly be better than any other nation?  What makes Americans think they somehow are more exceptional than individuals from other nations?”  His goal to right the wrongs of this nation is a step closer to reality today.  He has effectively assured the world that the United States talks big, but won’t really act on what it says.

So much for “restoring” our reputation in the world!

This fits so well with his whole persona.  Obama said in a radio interview in 2001 (see scandal # 13 at this link) that the U.S. Supreme Court did not go far enough in helping black Americans because it did not redistribute all of the white wealth to them!  In that same interview (see scandal # 14), Barack Obama said the U.S. Constitution is a failure!

So, none of us should surprised to see a man like this want to bring our nation down several notches.  It’s only “fair.”

Voters need to wake up and STOP judging candidates on the color of their skin.  They should instead be judged on the content of their character.  President Obama’s character has a void of positive content.


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