Obama Lying – Where it All Began

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org

Obama lies list
Obama Lies Book

In a President’s second term, the focus is frequently on the legacy that will be left behind. For Barack Obama, history will grant him only one choice; a Legacy of Lies.

In my book, “Legacy of Lies,” you will learn about the people who influenced Obama, the poor choices he made, and how he has always played the victim, just an innocent bystander. His lying is based on some faulty belief that it is okay to lie if you can achieve an end that will punish the people making him the victim.

The book is more relevant and important today than it was the day it was published!

Hundreds of these items were never on your nightly news! You will be stunned to meet the real Barack H. Obama, Hypocrite-in-Chief! And you’ll want to buy more copies of Legacy of Lies for your friends and relatives! This book makes a great gift or Christmas present!

Now for only $16.61, you can buy the ultimate Conservative American tea partier’s guide to the Obama galaxy!

This book features an amazing list of nearly 1000 lies, flip-flops, broken promises and scandals from Team Obama! You’ll read about 154 items in just the ObamaCare Nightmare section alone! Each listing contains an anticipated liberal response and your comeback for your lefty friends. This exciting book includes details of 105 Czars, lobbyists, appointment scandals and nominees with tax problems! You’ll read about Obama’s radical friends, his outrageous comments, and teleprompter gaffes!

Far from a political rant, Legacy of Lies is a reference guide backed up with dates, facts, figures, sources and links.

Use the 18-page index to easily search for scandals on the economy, war, terrorism and more! Featuring 22 pages of sources! Legacy of Lies is the most interesting political history that is relevant today.

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