Obama May Have Taken the High Road

While Obama says he had no personal dealings with Rod Blagojevich over the filling of his vacant US Senate seat, someone on his staff did.  Someone on Obama’s team let Blagojevich know who Obama wanted to fill his seat.  That person got some kind of a response from Blago or his people.  Still, there is evidence that his team quickly pulled themselves away from this guy once they knew what he was doing.  Obama certainly did not want to start his term under a cloud of controversy and he may have taken the high road.

Fox News is reporting, “That’s because shortly after Blagojevich allegedly told his advisers, in an expletive-laced conference call, that he would not appoint Obama’s pick to the Senate absent huge favors in return, Obama’s apparent pick promptly dropped out of the running for the Senate and joined the new White House staff. “Reading between the lines … clearly somebody from (Obama’s) operation did have a conversation with Blagojevich,” Democratic strategist Bob Beckel told FOX News.

Blago is in deep trouble on this one.  His friends and family may be involved too.  At least at this point, the early evidence seems to be clearing Obama of wrong-doing, or covering up a crime, or anything like that.

Here’s our concern though; Obama seems to have a very bad record in picking friends.  He seems to be in a room full of men who just rolled around in cow manure and yet he comes out smelling like Irish Spring.   That can’t keep happening.  If he can’t learn to pick better friends, he will eventually smell like all the rest of them.  The evidence is that Obama has not learned that lesson.  He is surrounding himself with Chicago style politicians who also hang around with smelly people.  The whole thing will stink one day.

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