Obama “Monitoring” Iraq – Yawn.

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

UPDATE 6/16/14: We were right. President Obama is sending a whopping 250-some troops to Iraq to help. As we predicted, he did nothing. Our Twitter friend got it right…


[ORIGINAL STORY:] President Obama says he is “monitoring” the situation in Iraq. Probably from the golf course this weekend. He’s monitoring it?! Does that mean all he plans to do is just watch? He said he’ll be doing that for the next several days. By then, it will be over and the Sunni Islamists will run the country.

Remember when he “monitored” the civilian uprising and protests in Iran? In that case monitoring meant abandoning. Remember how he monitored the missile tests in North Korea? In that case it just meant he would be doing nothing. He’s probably still monitoring Egypt and Syria as well.

Americans take no comfort at all in this bystander President who chooses to lead from behind while just watching the world go by. He promised to give the USA a strong reputation around the world. He has failed miserably. What did those who reelected this man think would happen? He told us prior to 2012 he was uncomfortable with the word “victory.” He eliminated the word “terrorist” from the federal government language, wiped out the terror threat levels, said he had Al Qaeda on the run and we were all fine now.

Al Qaeda is on the run. Running right into Baghdad, Iraq. But’s its okay. Obama is watching.

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