Obama Must Have Plan that Disrupts Healthcare!

By Peter Andrew
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The President of the United States tonight told the American people he must have a plan that “would disrupt the healthcare most people currently have!!!” Unbelievable.

You may have missed it. Here is how it went down…

…He said some on the left want a single payer system. Meanwhile, he said, some on the right want to drop the idea of having businesses provide health insurance and just have people buy it on their own. So, in talking specifically about those two things….the very next words out of his mouth were…

“Either one of these ideas represents a radical shift that would disrupt the health care most people currently have!”

He just said the public option “represents a RADICAL shift.

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, President Obama just spoke out against his own goal of having a single-payer system. He said a single payer system “represents a radical shift” and that it would “disrupt the health care most people currently have!”

Obama public option is bad and good

Obama public option is bad and good

I was so excited to hear it! I thought, “Yes! He just dropped the public option under the bus!” Wishful thinking (sorry) on my part.

Yet later in his speech, he promised…

“I will not back down! If you can’t find affordable health insurance, we will provide you with a choice!

Liberal socialists applauded loudly to hear their Commander promise there will be at least some sort of public option in the final plan…even if it is a public option within a so-called “insurance exchange.”

Now, back to our point…the President said both that a public option would “disrupt the healthcare most people currently have!” …and that he will not back down, a public option will be provided!

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This entry was posted on Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

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