Obama Names New Commander for Gitmo (That He Was Going to Close)

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right
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Remember when Heir Barackmeister promised he would close that awful torturing prison at the Guantanamo Bay Naval base in Cuba? Well, its apparently not closing today.

The Barackmeister Meisterbarack named Navy Rear Admiral Kyle Cozad as the 14th commander of the Naval Base and the terrorist prison camp. Stipes.com reports the prison at Club Gitmo is…

“…holding 154 foreign men as war-on-terror prisoners. Six await death penalty trials, three others have been convicted at the war court and some 77 of the captives are approved to leave the prison camps once the State Department negotiates suitable resettlement or repatriation agreements.”

That’s right, the anti-war hero, the guy who won the nobel peace prize for doing… er… for not doing anything… is just going to set another 77 Islamist Terrorists free. These people want nothing more than to have everyone who is not an Islamist put to death. They are not the kind of people you just want to set free.

But of course YOU wouldn’t just set them free. You love your country and you understand that enemies must be defeated, not given a lunch and sent back home. But then again, YOU are not Barack Obama.

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