Obama: Nationwide Protests “Understandable?!”

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right

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A second night of “understandable” rage blew up in cities around the nation last night after the Ferguson grand jury correctly concluded the police officer should not face charges in the shooting death of Mike Brown. Fox News reports, “demonstrations shut down major roadways in New York, causing massive traffic jams, while protests in Oakland, Calif. turned violent, leaving trash burning in the streets and buildings vandalized…”

Never letting a crisis go to waste, the nation’s first half-black President and his racist attorney general sidekick are loving this chaos. President Barack Insane Obama all but endorsed the violence when he supposedly called for calm. After faking concern, he said the reactions were “understandable.”

No, Mr. President, this is NOT understandable!

In fact, it takes quite a giant leap away from sanity to conclude it is anywhere near understandable. All of the facts, all of them, say that this thug, Michael Brown, reached into a cop car and started attacking a police officer. The cop had every right to defend himself and did so. None of this has anything to do with the color of either party’s skin.

When the bad guy ran away, the officer rightfully gave chase. When Brown decided against running away and instead turned to again attack the officer, he was shot again and died. His own actions, his own choices resulted in his death.

The only thing understandable here, or perhaps a better word is predictable, is that race profiteers like Al Sharpton, Barack Barry Sotero Obama and racist Eric Holder are adding gasoline to the fire and staying nice and cozy warm by its flames. These are awful human beings who care nothing for their neighbors.

Understandable, my rear end.

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