Obama: Nothing is Beyond our Reach

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org
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What is with all of these federal government agencies and their round Obama-logo-like logos? For that matter, why do we have so many different agencies? Here’s our take of the latest logo. At least this one is honest. It comes from something called the National Reconnaissance Office. Yeah, I never heard of it either.

Octopus logo

Now, we added King O’s royal logo around the real agency logo, but it actually does say, “Nothing is beyond our reach.” Should be the NSA logo, eh? Below is an image of another agency’s logo and the trouble it caused for copying the royal family’s look and also having similarity to a communist symbol.


When you are the nation’s first socialist President, the nation’s first Imperial President, nothing strikes you as being wrong about saying, “Nothing is beyond our reach.” It’s all about The O.

And by the way, isn’t the flag supposed to be the symbol of the federal government?

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