Obama on American Idol?

March 26th, 2009

By Peter Andrew ConservativeAmerican.org

As I have said before, I love American Idol.  It is a fun break from the day.  I enjoy the music and love how blunt (and correct) Simon Cowell is.  Tonight they had singing megastar Stevie Wonder on.  He was great.  He also had to toss this kiss into one of his songs:

“I love you, Barack Obama!”

Could have lived without that.  Shut your political mouth and open up your singing mouth, Stevie.  We know you love Obama.  We know Mrs. Obama loves you and already had you at one of the weekly Wednesday parties at the White House.  They (and you) party every week, while Americans lose their life savings and their jobs.  Let the good times roll for your side.

Back to the show.  Adam and Allison were great this week.  I’m glad Megan survived too.  She is unique, talented and just plain fun and dorky.  I like her.  I don’t think she’ll win, but she will have a career.

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