Obama Preps to Blame Congress for Syria

By David Kraemer

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Big Surprise (not).  While protests rage on in Syria, Barack Hussein Obama (the white-black President) just can’t figure out how to win with the situation in Syria.  He drew the red line and said by golly, if those nasty Syrian leaders use chemical weapons then he’ll act to punish them.  Oops.  So apparently Syria does use the weapons and now Obama’s in a jam.  He never actually intended any consequences!  It’s the same old Obama pattern we always get.


It seems the white-black Obama was for attacking Syria before he was against it.  No doubt this was based on advice from the Vietnam liar, John Kerry.

So what to do?  Maybe the decision would be easier for Obama if it involved rescuing birthday girl Queen Rania of Jordan!  However, no fairy tales in Syria.

Aha! But, David Axelrod (inventor of Astroturfing) figured it out.

Just go ask congress.  Then, Obama wins no matter what.

If congress says attack and the attack fails, he blames congress!  If congress says attack and the attack works, he takes the credit himself.  After all, congress only did what he asked them to do.  If congress says no attack, and things work out fine, then he can again take all the credit for being level-headed (unlike Bush, he’ll say).  If congress says no attack and things in Syria only get worse, again he can blame congress.

The ONLY reason Obama is going to congress, is to make sure he can blame them if something goes wrong.

Our first white-black Commander-in-Chief is a coward.


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