Obama: President only of the Blue States

Published may 12, 2011

Conservative American U.S. Senator Rand Paul yesterday asked if he was on Obama’s enemies list. Once again, there is talk of Obama’s ‘Richard Nixon-style’ enemies lists.


By Peter Andrew
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President only of the blue states?

Terrible fires in Texas and the republican, red-state Governor asks for a federal disaster declaration. Nope. Obama is president only of the Blue states.

Boeing builds a brand new plant to employ hundreds of people with great jobs in Conservative American Jim DeMint’s South Carolina. Wonderful news, right? Nope. Obama tries to kill the project through his union-stacked democrat party National Labor Relations Board by requiring Boeing to build the plant in a union state instead of a right-to-work state like South Carolina. Why? Because Obama is president only of the Blue states.

Now there’s word that before Obama’s administration will hand out large contracts to private industry, they want to check the list to see which party that industry has donated to! If you haven’t donated to Obama, a little kick-back don’t ya know, then forget it. You have to be a Blue donor from a Blue Socialist-Union-Democrat state to get to deal with Obama. Why?Because Obama is president only of the Blue states.

It’s campaign time and it’s all about the “O,” Obama that is. If you can’t help him win a second term, then to heck with you! Red states need not apply. Red states can sit in the back of the bus. Master Obama is a Blue man and he’ll only deal with other Blue men. No Red men, and especially no mama grizzly, Sarah Palin-type Red Women!

The great divider is running for reelection in 2012. How will you will vote?

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