Obama promised you Same Healthcare Choices as Congress

We remember when President Barack Hugo Obama promised us over and over again that his Obamacare Nightmare would offer us “the same choices Congress has.” Do you have those now? Is one of your choices to have the government pay for more than 70% of your Obamacare premium?!! Of course not!

We told you back in 2010 that this Obama statement was a lie. We were right. From the Official Obama Administration Scandals List

Obama Repeats “Same Health Choices as Congress” Lie 2/25/2010 The “You Lie!” shout this time comes from GD Critter: “Obama claimed earlier this week that his plan gives ordinary Americans the same health care choices as the members of Congress. Presumably that also means at the same cost Congressmen pay — $503 per year for full coverage, including drugs.”

I think the President’s mental illness doesn’t allow him to tell the truth.

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