Obama Promises Melt like Snowflakes – & We list the Snowflakes!

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org

“I think many of the readers of Daily Kos have become numb to the disappointment of watching one Obama promise after another fall to the ground and melt like snowflakes.”

The Uber Progressive Lib Website, Daily Kos

Hey Kos readers, ConservativeAmerican.org is on “ground watch” for you, counting all the snowflakes!

The list below contains all of the Obama Administration mistakes, blunders, broken promises, flip flops, gaffes, lies, etc. That’s too long of a name, so we called it “the Official Obama Administration Scandals List.” This list covers Barack Obama and his pals from day one through September 4th, 2011. At that point, the list was discontinued. We present this list to you as an accurate and complete historic detail of the Legacy of Lies President Obama leaves behind for the time period starting with his youth and going until September 4th, 2011. Not responsible for any broken or out-of-date links. They worked when we posted them. Some may redirect you to the wayback machine.

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SCANDALS By Scandal Number:1-100101-200201-300301-400401-500501-600601-700701-800801-900901-1000. 1001-1100. 1101-1200. 1201-1300. 1301-1400. 1401-1500. 1501-1600. 1601-1700. 1701-1800. 1801-1900. 1901-2000. 2001-2100. 2101-2200. 2201-2300. 2301-2325. – Find more ways to search the list at the bottom of this post.You can also use the search bar on our page.


  1. Obama’s Wiki-Intelligence Failure Leads to Shake Ups at Embassies Around the World!
  2. 12/05/2010 The Independent reports on the latest episode in the Wikileaks humiliation: “Battered by a scandal which seems to provide a fresh wave of embarrassment with each passing day, the US government is being forced to undertake a major reshuffle of the embassy staff, military personnel and intelligence operatives whose work has been laid bare by the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks… amid growing evidence that the ongoing publication of a tranche of supposedly-confidential communiqués will make normal work difficult, if not dangerous, for important State Department employees across the world… destabilising US relations with almost all of its key allies and inflaming tensions with already-hostile governments in the Middle East and beyond. “In the short run, we’re almost out of business,” a senior US diplomat told the Reuters news agency, saying it could take five years to rebuild trust. “It is really, really bad. I cannot exaggerate it. In all honesty, nobody wants to talk to us …” — ConservativeAmerican.org notes that instead of improving our status around the World, the nation’s first socialist president has destroyed it. We were telling the truth about Obama before his election, but people simply didn’t want to listen. It’s a shame.

  3. Obama Admits Broken Tax Promise!
  4. 12/06/2010 The National Review Online: “Obama all but ceded that the deal amounts to a broken campaign promise, saying that “ever since I started running for this office, I’ve said we should only extend the tax cuts for the middle class” and that he “completely disagree[s]” with Republicans on the issue of top-earners. But he said that he won’t allow the tax “stalemate” to go into next year, turning taxpayers into “collateral damage” in a political fight.” UPDATE 12/8/10: Obama had promised over and over on the campaign trail that he would raise taxes on those making more than $250,000 a year. However, Foxy Blondes News reports: “Democrats have been fuming over Obama’s concession to include Bush-era tax rates for the wealthiest in America, which he did in part to ensure Republicans would extend unemployment insurance. Those in his base — ranging from Moveon.org to newspaper columnists to lawmakers on the Hill — are saying that he gave in too much and should have stuck to his core Democratic beliefs.” Uber Leftists at the Daily Kos call this lie Obama’s “Read My Lips” Moment!

  5. Something Fishy About Obama’s Payouts to Black Farmers
  6. 12/08/2010 Big Government reports: “…the Pigford settlement story is a complex one that has major political implications, at the heart of it is a very simple question: does the settlement contain a significant amount of fraud?…One brave whistleblower is Arkansas farmer Jimmy Dismuke…”

  7. Team Obama Admits Mistake on Taxes! Predicts Double-Dip Recession
  8. 12/08/2010 In a statement that is tantamount to admitting Conservatives have been right all along, outgoing Obama Economic Adviser Larry Summers today said if Dems fail to pass the extension of the Bush tax rates (that Obama flip-flopped on), they risk putting the nation into another recession! How can that be?! Now that Obama’s own rear-end is on the line in 2012, he wants a deal that he knows will actually stimulate the economy. He knows without it, voters will kick him out. One problem with the Bamster’s plan; Pelosi and Reid don’t care if Obama gets reelected! So with unemployment on the rise and up to 9.8%, Obama’s own administration now is predicting a double dip recession… unless, you do what Conservatives have said all along; lower taxes!!

  9. Bachmann Catches Obama Lies [Obama Press Conference Lie #1]- O Claims GOP wants to end tax cuts for middle class!
  10. 12/08/2010 Conservative American Congresswoman Michele Bachmann: “I watched the president’s press conference afterwards. He was highly partisan, bitter, angry; he made contradictory statements. He made odd statements. He said, for instance, and I wrote ‘em down…The Republicans want to end middle class tax cuts. I thought – are you kidding me? The Republicans want to end middle class tax cuts?” – Another obvious lie.

  11. Bachmann Catches Obama Lies [Obama Press Conference Lie # 2] – Says GOP Opposes credits for Middle Class!
  12. 12/08/2010 More from Michele Bachmann: “He said that it’s his job to grow the economy. He made one, kinda, odd statement after the other. And he said that Republicans oppose various credits for the middle class. Those are flat out lies!”

  13. Bachmann Catches Obama Lies [Obama Press Conference Lie # 3] – Says GOP only Wants Tax Cuts for Wealthy
  14. Bachmann: “And then he said that it is our “holy grail” to be able to stand for tax cuts for the wealthy. So he is continually setting up … “Marxist Economics” … He’s already laid out his game plan for the next two years. He’s gonna drive harder on this class warfare argument and I think a lot of people are going to get really tired of him because he’s supposed to represent all Americans – not be about punishing success. And that, fortunately, does get tiring after a while, to hear someone continually punishing success.” Conservatives want tax cuts for all and spending cuts for government.

  15. The Audacity of an Obama Lie! [Obama Press Conference Lie # 4]
  16. 12/8/10 Unable to control his endless tangle of lies, President Obama let out a big one yesterday at his presser: “Take a tally. Look at what I promised during the campaign. There’s not a single thing that I’ve said that I would do that I have not either done or tried to do. And if I haven’t gotten it done yet, I’m still trying to do it.” – As Rush Limbaugh pointed out today, Obama even wants credit for keeping a promise when he “tried” to do it! There are so many broken promises on our list, this comment is nothing short of pompous, arrogant, brazen, out-of-control lying by the President of the United States.

  17. Obama Lies About Why Social Security was Started! [Obama Press Conference Lie # 5]
  18. 12/8/10 Even the extreme leftists “Democrat Underground” website calls this one a lie: “From the WH transcript: [Obama] ‘This is why FDR, when he started Social Security, it only affected widows and orphans. You did not qualify. And yet now it is something that really helps a lot of people.’ A few weeks ago he repeated the same lie on The Daily Show: [Obama] ‘Look, when Social Security was passed, it applied to widows and orphans. And it was a very restricted program.’ I’ve heard key Obama appointee Republican Alan Simpson use this argument in the past as a basis for slashing Social Security: his theory is that Social Security’s purpose has been perverted which is why it’s going broke, and we need to return to what FDR intended. Of course, the reality is that FDR started Social Security very specifically for retirees…”

  19. Did Obama (& The GOP) Lie About Extending Unemployment Benefits? [Obama Press Conference Lie # 6]
  20. 12/8/10 Websites like The Daily Sheeple and America Speaks Ink are claiming both sides are lying, or at least misleading, about the news of a deal to extend unemployment benefits. Here’s what they say, “Everyone who is on unemployment was being cut off, no matter where you were in the process. No matter how many months you got, they were cutting everyone off. All this extension does is allow the people who did not receive (the “up to”) 99 weeks, who were going to be cut off before the (“up to”) 99 weeks, to obtain the rest of the money that was funded for the (“up to”) 99 weeks…”

  21. Obama Contridcits Himself About Jobs Created By Extending Bush Tax Rates
  22. obama-pattern1-250x17212/10/10 President Obama told a democrat reporter for the liberal “national public” radio: “..this package would, in fact, increase potential economic growth by as much as 1 percent and could end up meaning an additional million and a half jobs. And that, I think, has got to be the highest priority for everybody.” – Later in the same interview, the reporter said, “One came from a man named Tom Pluck of Montclair, New Jersey — a man who describes himself as a supporter. The question that we got was: “Please ask him how keeping the tax rate for the richest the same as it has been for a decade creates one single job.” OBAMA: It doesn’t, which is why I was opposed to it — and I’m still opposed to it. The issue here is not whether I think that the tax cuts for the wealthy are a good or smart thing to do. I’ve said repeatedly that I think they’re not a smart thing to do…”

  23. Obama Expands Lefty Lie About “Paying For” Tax Cuts! Nonsense!
  24. 12/10/10 Here comes more of the democrat pushed, media accepted lie about paying for tax cuts. It’s a tired old lie but one most people will accept. President Obama pushed the lie even further today proclaiming you now also have to “pay” to extend current tax rates. Sooooooo, you’re supposed to believe that you need to somehow, from somewhere, come up with additional money to “pay for” leaving things exactly as they are now… because when you do nothing, and leave things exactly as they are now, everyone knows (????) that will cost additional money! WTH?! Seriously, people can’t really be that stupid. Here’s what he said to NPR: “The issue here is not whether I think that the tax cuts for the wealthy are a good or smart thing to do. I’ve said repeatedly that I think they’re not a smart thing to do, particularly because we’ve got to borrow money, essentially, to pay for them.” – What a huge lie! We don’t have to borrow any money from China or anywhere else to leave things as they are now! Here’s the truth: Obama and the Socialist-Democrats have spent a trillion on the porkulus bill and another trillion on the ObamaCare Nightmare. They were counting on soaking small business owners and the wealthy to pay for all that. Now that they got shellacked in the election, that isn’t going to happen. So now they have to borrow money to pay for socialist garbage we never wanted in the first place!

  25. Michelle Obama’s Fat Hypocrisy!
  26. Michelle Obama fat butt12/14/10 Queen Michelle Obama says parents can no longer be trusted to feed their kids the right food. Does that mean Michelle Obama’s Mama screwed up? I hate to do this, but she brought it up… or should I say she brought it down… and even sat on it! Wouldn’t her little war on fat make a wee bit more sense if her own rear end was smaller? Remember this: Anti-Fat Crusader Michelle Obama Burger Scandal # 2! – Five Guys Burgers & Fries! 10/23/2010 …we told you about First Lady Michelle’s sneak into a Milwaukee fast food place for a cheeseburger and fries. “Five Guys Burgers and Fries has stolen the hearts of burger lovers everywhere, even the White House. In fact, Michelle Obama has admitted to sneaking out to grab a bite of this guilty pleasure. “I went to Five Guys and nobody knew it,” she told children visiting the White House, “It was good.” Hypocrisy is the norm for the left.

  27. Michelle Obama Claims Fat Kids are a National Security Threat!
  28. 12/14/10 As website Abbey Roads reports, “the first lady says in the prepared remarks, “childhood obesity isn’t just a public health threat, it’s not just an economic threat, it’s a national security threat as well.” These from the people who can’t use the word “terrorist” when it comes to talking about real national security threats.

  29. Wiki-UhOh Obama used CIA for Political Purposes!
  30. 12/17/10 Tea Party Org website says, “Obama employed covert CIA operatives to try to dig up scandalous data on countries opposed to the Copenhagen Climate Treaty which he’d so actively seek to sell to the world in December, 2009. Of course, one month prior to the Copenhagen meetings, the infamous release of tens of thousands of e-mails from the Climate Research Unit (CRU) of East Anglia (England) University which came to be known as “Climategate,” destroyed all of Obama’s dreams of triumphing on the world stage by leading virtually the entire planet into signing a Copenhagen Treaty with far sharper teeth than the nothing paper that the 2009 meeting produced. ”

  31. Team Obama Lying About Dream/Nightmare Act!
  32. 12/17/10 From MMD Newswire… “(2) WAIVER.-With respect to any benefit under this section and sections…the Secretary of Homeland Security may waive the… ground of inadmissibility …and the ground of deportability… for humanitarian purposes or family unity or when it is otherwise in the public interest.” This provision will grant the Obama administration the power to declare full amnesty for the 12 to 20 million adult illegal immigrants in America! “Most of America has been suckered into thinking this Dream Act Amnesty cloture vote will just be about a subsection of illegal aliens brought here as kids and that’s a lie,” said William Gheen. “Americans need to call the Senate today to oppose this bill because it gives the Obama administration the power to grant Amnesty to tens of millions of illegals who will in turn destroy the borders of the United States.”

  33. Obama Appointment Scandal # 166 – Louis Butler
  34. 12/20/10 Conservative Radio Talk Show Host Mark Belling, who often subs for Rush Limbaugh, is reporting today that Obama will apparently not have his way with an appointment to a federal judge’s seat in Wisconsin. Judge Louis Butler is a controversial liberal looney judge. He was on the Wisconsin Supreme Court but was just soundly voted off that bench by the people of the state! Belling says that’s the first time an incumbent Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice has been voted off the bench in more than 40 years. Suddenly unemployed, what was Butler to do? Enter team Obama, which decided to promote the man voters had rejected by giving him a lifetime appointment as a federal judge! Belling says a deal reached today in Washington will result in 19 Obama judges winning approval and the President will not get approval on some others, including Louis Butler.

  35. Obama’s Intel Chief Missing the Chief Intel!
  36. 12/22/2010 Foxy Blondes News is reporting today, “The White House counterterrorism adviser acknowledged Wednesday that the reason the nation’s top intelligence official was stumped on an interview question two days ago about a major set of terror arrests in Great Britain was because his staff hadn’t told him about it. Adviser John Brennan said that Director of National Intelligence James Clapper should have been kept abreast of the situation and that “steps” are being taken to ensure he’s not kept in the dark on such significant developments in the future…” – ConservativeAmerican.org notes that’s not very comforting.

  37. Obama’s Homeland Security Department is Closed One Day a Yearl!
  38. 12/22/2010 Fox & Friends notes there was another goof in the same interview in which Clapper had no idea about the London terror arrests. Janet “When are they going to fire me?” Napolitano said, “Thousands of people are working 24/7 364 days a year to keep the American people safe.” – ConservativeAmerican.org asks, Uhm… wouldn’t you want to be open every day of the year?!

  39. Obama’s Broken Promise on Indefinite Detention!
  40. 12/25/2010 The ultra left Socialist-Democrat website The Daily Kos is upset with Obama over this one! They even compare him to Bush! “…the new executive order, about to be signed by Obama, which will allow indefinite detention of prisoners without trial. She makes note of what really haunts those who worked so diligently and passionately for Obama’s election: ‘The problem is not just the disturbing fact that the Obama policy perpetuates a piece of the Bush detention regime. Indefinite detention was the very heart of the Bush policy’ Have we managed to elect a smarter Bush? A man with the same ideals as his predecessor, but someone who manages a more eloquent and palatable shoving down the throat of the public his neo-conservative views. There are caveats in the article that many of us would like to cling as compromises, but in the end it is still an end to due process, to basic human rights and basic human dignity.”

  41. Obama’s Broken Promise to Phase Out Deductions for the Wealthy!
  42. 12/27/2010 It’s so much fun when liberal sources come up with the lies on our list. Here’s a few from the pretend “Politi-fact” website. First this: “Obama said during the campaign that he wanted to reduce exemptions and deductions for high earners, which would have the effect of making their tax bills higher. But the tax compromise continued the current levels on exemptions and deductions. We rated this one Promise Broken.”

  43. Obama’s Broken Promise to Expand Child Care Credit!
  44. 12/27/2010 And another from the pretend “Politi-fact” website: “Obama said during the campaign he would increase the child and dependent care credit. It’s not in the new tax legislation that covers the next two years. We rated this one Promise Broken.”

  45. Obama’s Broken Promise to Stick it to the Rich with Higher Capital Gains Taxes!
  46. 12/27/2010 And another from the pretend “Politi-fact” website: “Taxes on capital gains and dividends stay the same under the tax deal. We rated this one Promise Broken.”

  47. Obama’s Broken Promise to Double the Peace Corps
  48. 12/27/2010 Here go us crazy conservatives making things up again! Oh wait, this is another one from the progressives! Salon says Obama broke his promise to double the size of the Peace Corps. “Obama promised: “Barack Obama will double the Peace Corps to 16,000 by its 50th anniversary in 2011 and push Congress to fully fund this expansion, with a focus on Latin America and the Caribbean.” So what actually happened? According to PolitiFact, the administration’s 2011 budget proposal called for a modest increase in funding for the popular program. But the promise to double the corps has gone out the window.”

  49. Obama’s White House Denies Medicare Rule is “New!”
  50. 12/27/2010 Politico reports, “…a new Medicare directive guides doctors if a patient is too sick to make health decisions, but it doesn’t specify that they should discuss expensive treatment to keep them alive for longer, as outlined in draft legislation that Democrats scrapped during the health care debate after Sarah Palin referred to “death panels.” The Obama administration says the new directive is different from the legislation…” – ConservativeAmerican.org agrees with “This Week” in asking if this is the Return of Death Panels?! UPDATE: From the Washington Times: “Those death panels that the White House first promised were never a part of Obamacare and then promised had been removed from Obamacare are back in Obamacare, but the White House promises us it’s nothing new. If this doesn’t trouble you, I’ll make a promise of my own: When your mother gets caught in the cross hairs, it will. The liberal intelligentsia, prisoners of their own conditioned reflex response, mocked Sarah Palin when she warned America in a Facebook post of the Obamacare death panels. The excitable Keith Olbermann even crowned it a 2009 “Lie of the Year.” Specifically, the ex-governor of Alaska referred to the Advance Care Planning Consultation provision in the Affordable Care Act, Section 1233 of H.R. 3200, which specifically called to pay doctors to discuss – some say encourage – withholding end-of-life care with their elderly patients once every five years. The White House denied impropriety but removed the provision when fellow Democrats balked. Only then did the bill pass by a single vote…”

  51. Obama Hearts Michael Vick, the Dog Killer?!
  52. 12/28/2010 Even the Progressive nuts at Democrat Underground are upset over this stupid nonsense from the embarrassment in chief! They quote NBC Sports as saying “…that President Barack Obama recently called Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie to congratulate the team for giving quarterback Mike Vick a second chance. President Obama explained that a level playing field rarely exists for prisoners who have completed their sentences. Vick’s success gives all of them hope. In our view, Obama’s gesture also provides Vick with the kind of positive reinforcement that will help keep him out of any trouble during the 2011 offseason, once he is left to his own devices.” — ConservativeAmerican.org asks; So, the President of the United States takes time to call the Eagles owner to thank him for hiring a sicko convict who tortured dogs? He has time for that?! He signs letters to the families of deceased soldiers. No phone calls. Bush called every single family.

  53. Obama Appointment Scandal # 167 – Joseph Smith
  54. 12/28/2010 Talking Points Memo reports Team Obama may be trying to pull a fast one on the mortgage crisis via its nominee for the regulator over Fannie Mae, Tammy Faye and Freddie Mac: “Reuters also reported that the Senate adjourned last week without confirming a new head for Fannie and Freddie’s regulator. Republican Sen. Richard Shelby put a hold on President Obama’s nominee, Joseph Smith, voicing concerns that Smith would support changing the rules to allow Fannie and Freddie to grant principal reductions.”

  55. Obama Administration Lying About Healthcare in Afghanistan?
  56. 12/28/2010 A self-described socialist website says Team Obama is fibbing about healthcare in Afghanistan. From the Party for Socialism and Liberation (clearly just another right wing source since we get criticized for only using them!): “According to the U.S. Agency for International Development, “more than 85 percent of the [Afghan] population has access to some form of health care, up from 9 percent in 2002.” (USaid.gov) But health workers in Afghanistan say that this statistic is vastly inflated. According to the Afghan minister of public health and other officials, 85 percent of Afghanistan’s districts have one health facility. Not every Afghan living in each district has access to that one facility. A Dec. 5 U.N. statement says, “only 52 percent of the rural population have access to a health facility within one hour walking distance.”

  57. Obama Appointment Scandal # 168 – Looney Lefty James Cole!
  58. President Obama this week skipped congress and used his recess appointment powers to put some unpopular people into powerful positions. One of them was James Cole to be deputy Attorney General for the Department of Black Justice. Fox News says the liberal Cole once compared the attacks of 9/11 to the drug trade! Foxy Blondes News reports “Cole, had been in limbo since he was nominated in May, though his name did clear the Senate Judiciary Committee over the summer. Republicans had questioned his past consulting work with bailed-out insurance giant AIG but had been particularly critical of his stance on prosecuting terror suspects. That concern flared up again after Obama installed Cole on Wednesday. Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., incoming chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, accused Cole of wanting to pursue terror suspects as a criminal matter in civilian courts. He cited a 2002 Legal Times column in which Cole called the Sept. 11 attacks “criminal acts of terrorism against a civilian population” – like the Oklahoma City bombing. Cole went on to write that the United States has faced “many forms of devastating crime,” from the drug trade to organized crime to rape and child abuse. “The acts of Sept. 11 were horrible, but so are these other things,” he wrote…” UPDATE: 5/9/11 While Cole has been serving as the top deputy under an Obama recess appointment, he failed today to win approval from the senate. FOXy blondes news: “GOP problems with the deputy attorney general are two-fold. Not only is there concern about Cole’s tenure as an independent consultant to insurance industry giant AIG prior to the company’s near-collapse in 2008 and its subsequent government bailout, but Republicans also voiced strong concern about what they believe to be his soft-on-terrorism stance…”

  59. Obama Appointment Scandal # 169 – Robert Ford
  60. 12/30/2010 President Obama is rewarding the terrorist-supporting nation of Syria by restoring an ambassador to that nation with the appointment of Robert Ford. Foxy Blondes News notes: “Making underserved concessions to Syria tells the regime in Damascus that it can continue to pursue its dangerous agenda and not face any consequences from the U.S.,” Republican Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, the incoming chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said in a written statement. “That is the wrong message to be sending to a regime which continues to harm and threaten U.S. interests and those of such critical allies as Israel.”

  61. Obama Appointment Scandal # 170 – Matthew Bryza
  62. 12/30/2010 Obama also named Matthew Bryza as the new ambassador to Azerbaijan. Foxy Blondes News notes Bryza: “…was opposed by some in the Armenian-American community because of comments he made in his previous position as deputy assistant secretary of state for European affairs while trying to negotiate an end to the Nargorno-Karabakh conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan.” – ConservativeAmerican.org notes this won’t be the first time Obama has let down Armenians. He also broke his promise to recognize Aremenian genocide.

  63. Obama Appointment Scandal # 171 – Francis Ricciardone
  64. 12/30/2010 No real issue here accept that Obama skipped the senate to name Ricciardone as Ambassador to Egypt. One republican senator reportedly had concerns about Ricciardone because he promoted democracy… imagine that… while stationed in Cairo in another diplomatic position.

  65. Obama Appointment Scandal # 172 – Head-in-the-Sand Liberal Lawyer Norman Eisen
  66. 12/30/2010 The nutty Norman Eisen has been featured on ConservativeAmerican.org before for his ridiculous and outrageous claim that President Obama had the most scandal free start of any administration!!! He even lied about how many lobbyists he helped Team Obama bring on board. Only counting appointment scandals (including lobbyists and tax cheaters), Obama is up to a whopping 172!!! Yet, Eisen claimed Obama was scandal-free! He was part of the team that helped get lobbyists into the administration with waivers to Obama’s “promise!” What good is a promise if there are waivers?! Well, it’s good enough for a job. Eisen is rewarded by being named to the go-away position of Ambassador to the Czech Republic. Foxy Blondes News notes: “The nomination of
    Eisen, a lawyer who has worked in the Obama White House on ethics and reform, was being held up by Sen. Charles Grassley, an Iowa Republican who said the nominee had made misrepresentations to Congress about the firing of a federal official.

  67. Obama Appointment Scandal # 173 – William Boarman
  68. 12/30/10 This one is more like Ricciardone in that the only apparent ‘scandal’ is Obama skipping the Senate to name William Boarman as the nation’s “Public Printer.” Who knew we even had one? According to info at Politico, Boarman seems highly qualified. In order to make the appointment, Government Executive reports Obama gave the current director a quick push out the door, “GPO spokesman Gary Somerset told Government Executive that [Director Bob] Tapella resigned effective immediately following discussions with the White House.” Tapella is credited for taking the agency from losing millions to being a revenue source for the government. Despite his good job, Obama wants his own guy in there.

  69. Obama Breaks Foreclosure Promise (Again)!
  70. 1/1/11 The Think Progress-ives website is pointing out Obama has again broken his promise to reduce the number of home foreclosures happening in the USA. “…foreclosure activities were up significantly in the last quarter: The number of new foreclosures increased to more than 382,000 — 31.2 percent more than in the previous quarter and 3.7 percent more than a year earlier. The number of foreclosures in process increased to 1.2 million — 4.5 percent more than in the previous quarter and 10.1 percent more than a year earlier. The number of completed foreclosures also increased to nearly 187,000 — 14.7 percent more than in the previous quarter and 57.5 percent more than a year earlier.‘ A large reason for the jump, according to the report, is that mortgage modifications under the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) — the Obama administration’s signature foreclosure prevention effort — have dropped significantly…” – ConservativeAmerican.org says so much for that plan!

  71. Obama’s Half Brother Uses Donations to Help Secure Development Deal
  72. 1/1/11 President Obama apparently has a half-brother who is not broke and living in a hut. Rebecca Kimitch of the San Gabriel, CA Tribune reports one of the Bamster’s half brothers works for Chinese developer trying to secure a deal in El Monte, CA. “On Monday, [Bang Zhao] Lin [from the Chinese company that is the primary owner of TV LLC development] is being introduced to the city of El Monte in a luncheon at the El Monte Chamber of Commerce. At the event, Lin and Mark Okoth Obama Ndesandjo, President Barack Obama’s half brother who works in China, will make various donations to several El Monte non-profit organizations… Mayor Andre Quintero said he is open to listening to TV, LLC’s proposals, but is wary of working with the developer. “The historical experience with TV, LLC has not been positive… I am a little concerned about having them as a partner moving forward,” he said…” – ConservativeAmerican.org wonders if that Obama name and some cash floating around El Monte might not change the mayor’s mind.

  73. Obama’s Environmental Lawlessness Scandal
  74. 1/1/11 Cliff Kincaid notes in The Post Chronicle that the media simply excuses President Obama’s illegal power grabs. “Juliet Eilperin of the Washington Post reported on Friday that “the Obama administration is prepared to push its environmental agenda through regulation where it has failed on Capitol Hill…” There was no hint that this approach is illegal or unconstitutional. The account simply assumes that the Obama Administration can do what it wants, no matter what Congress or the law says. This kind of matter-of-fact reporting about lawlessness by the federal government is typical of the decline, if not death, of adversary journalism in the nation’s capital…”

  75. Obama’s Broken Inaugural Promises – American Thinker – # 1
  76. 1/2/11 Lee Cary has an excellent, must-read, piece at the American Thinker today… one of our favorite websites. In it, he looks back at Obama’s own words to see how he’s doing. The answer is; not so well! Number one from Cary: “Back then he said, “We the People have remained faithful to the ideals of our forebears, and true to our founding documents.” But, during the Obama administration, the Constitution has become a founding document to be subverted rather than served.”

  77. Obama’s Broken Inaugural Promises – American Thinker – # 2
  78. 1/2/11 Lee Cary’s second: “Obama said, “Our economy is badly weakened, a consequence of greed and irresponsibility on the part of some, but also our collective failure to make hard choices and prepare the nation for a new age.” But the irresponsibility over several administrations whereby banks were forced to artificially support a sub-prime interest rate that led to the housing bubble and brought down a financial house of cards gets translated into the president’s distorted notion of class warfare, where the greedy and irresponsible “some” are at fault.”

  79. Obama’s Broken Inaugural Promises – American Thinker – # 3
  80. 1/2/11 Lee Cary’s # 3: “Obama said, “On this day, we gather because we have chosen hope over fear, unity of purpose over conflict and discord.” But hope and unity have not been byproducts of the Obama style of boot-on-the-neck governing — one that most closely resembles the one-party tyranny of his hometown, Chicago.” – At ConservativeAmerican.org, we call it Chicago style Street Gang politics!

  81. Obama’s Broken Inaugural Promises – American Thinker – # 4
  82. 1/2/11 Lee Cary’s Fourth: “Obama said, “On this day, we come to proclaim an end to the petty grievances and false promises, the recriminations and worn-out dogma that for far too long have strangled our politics.” But petty grievances and false promises have flourished during the last two years as recriminations and worn-out dogma rule.”

  83. Obama’s Broken Inaugural Promises – American Thinker – # 5
  84. 1/2/11 Lee Cary’s Number Five: “Obama said, “We will act not only to create new jobs but to lay a new foundation for growth.” But even Pollyanna must admit that new jobs are not being created…”

  85. Obama’s Broken Inaugural Promises – American Thinker – # 6
  86. 1/2/11 Lee Cary’s # 6: “Obama said, “We will build the roads and bridges, the electric grids and digital lines that feed our commerce and bind us together.” But when none of that happened, he announced that there really never were any “shovel ready” projects after all…”

  87. Obama’s Broken Inaugural Promises – American Thinker – # 7
  88. 1/2/11 Lee Cary’s # 7: “Obama said, “We will restore science to its rightful place and wield technology’s wonders to raise health care’s quality and lower its costs.” But the legacy media never asked, “Just what does ‘restoring science’ mean?” And anyone today who thinks that Obamacare will lower costs is delusional…”

  89. Obama’s Broken Inaugural Promises – American Thinker – # 8
  90. 1/2/11 Lee Cary’s # 8: “Obama said, “What the cynics fail to understand is that the ground has shifted beneath them, that the stale political arguments that have consumed us for so long, no longer apply.” But the translation to that became “I will decide the lay of the land, and I’m not interested in any political debate, since I won the election. And those…” Read the rest from Cary here. The scandals list continues on page 38!

  91. Obama’s Broken Inauguration Promises – American Thinker # 9
  92. 1/2/11 Lee Cary has an excellent, must-read, piece at the American Thinker today… one of our favorite websites. In it, he looks back at Obama’s own words to see how he’s doing. The answer is; not so well! Number nine from Cary: “Obama said, “Those of us who manage the public’s dollars will be held to account, to spend wisely, reform bad habits, and do our business in the light of day[.]” But the myth of federal government transparency is as great, if not greater, than during any previous administration. And major legislation drafted during the last two years was done, out of all places, least often “in the light of day.”

  93. Obama’s Broken Inauguration Promises – American Thinker # 10
  94. 1/2/11 Lee Cary’s #10: “Obama said, “The nation cannot prosper long when it favors only the prosperous.”

    But the nation doesn’t prosper at all when its leader pits one group of citizens against another and plays the Marxist class warfare card over and over again. It’s a…”

  95. Obama’s Broken Inauguration Promises – American Thinker # 11
  96. 1/2/11 Lee Cary’s #11: “Obama also said, “With old friends and former foes, we’ll work tirelessly to lessen the nuclear threat and roll back the specter of a warming planet.” …the hoax of man-made global warming has been exposed, as has its High Priest, a former U.S. vice president, who’s made a mess of his private life and a fool of himself…”

  97. Obama’s Breaks Gulf Oil Drilling Promise
  98. 1/3/11 OpEdNews reports, “Obama Administration Allows Oil Companies to Resume Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico” ” 1/3/2011 Last week, just months after saying it would require stricter safety regulations for offshore drilling, the Obama Administration flip-flopped, giving 13 oil companies the go-ahead to resume deepwater drilling in the Gulf without providing proof that their wells are safe and defect-free…”

  99. Health Care Reform Obama’s “Choice and Competition” Lie!
  100. 1/5/11 The Washington Times reports, “When President Obama signed his health care plan into law, he promised it would foster “choice and competition.” Nine months later, Americans can count this as another Big Lie. Obamacare has instead reduced competition in the marketplace for health services. The New York Times recently reported that Obamacare has spurred a wave of mergers among doctors, hospitals and other providers “eager to share costs and savings, and cash in on the incentives.” The Wall Street Journal noted a growing trend of hospitals merging into large regional networks and purchasing physician practices to lock up guaranteed sources of patients…”

  101. Obama CIA Scandal Reveals He’s Not So Tough After All!
  102. 1/7/11 The Canada Free Press reports, “In the strange world of The Washington Post, the arrest of a former CIA officer on charges of helping Iran is another indication that the Obama Administration is tough on national security problems. “The indictment is the latest in a series of cases the Justice Department has brought against alleged leakers of government secrets since President Obama took office,” Post reporter Greg Miller reported. But the story reveals in the second to the last paragraph that the FBI was investigating the former officer, Jeffrey A. Sterling, back in 2003—five years before Obama was elected and when George W. Bush was President. So the Obama Administration had no alternative but to pursue the case. The real question is why it took so long to get an indictment…”

  103. Even Democrats Try to Stop Obama’s Weak Stance on Terrorism
  104. 1/7/11 Jake Tapper at ABC reports, “President Obama today signed the Pentagon Authorization into law today – and issued a “signing statement”… Section 1032 of the Pentagon Authorization bill bans the use of defense funds from being spent on transferring detainees from Guantanamo into the United States. President Obama called that a “dangerous and unprecedented challenge to critical executive branch authority to determine when and where to prosecute Guantanamo detainees, based on the facts and the circumstances of each case and our national security interests.” He said the prohibition, which was inserted by Democrats in the Senate, “undermines our Nation’s counterterrorism efforts and has the potential to harm our national security.”

  105. That’s Not Mojo Obama Has Back, It’s Manipulation!
  106. 1/8/11 When all of his pro-regressive pals were up for election in 2010, Obama didn’t really care about fixing the economy so they could win. He stuck with tired old democrat plays that have never worked. Now that his own butt is on the line in 2012, the media is saying has his “mojo” back. Uh-huh. Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuure, he does. You have to ask yourself if these ideas were so good, why didn’t obama carry them out two years ago? From The Hill: “The bill passed during the lame-duck session of Congress in December extended the Bush-era tax cuts, expanded unemployment insurance benefits, cut payroll taxes by 2 percent during 2011 and allowed businesses to write off all their capital investments between Sept. 9, 2010, and Dec. 31, 2011.” Obama said he worked hard to pass those things because economists agreed they would help. Hmmmm. Then why not make the Bush tax cuts permanent? Why not cut payroll taxes by 2 percent (or 6 percent) forever? Why not allow capital investments to be written off starting day one of your Presidency? The fact is, none of this is about helping the economy. It’s about having the appearance of helping the economy. It’s about pretending to be a centrist. It’s about his own, half-black, rear end in 2012. Nothing more.

  107. Obama Appointment Scandal #174 – Inspector General Forced to Resign Under Pressure!
  108. 1/10/11 Jake Tapper at ABC News: “Under pressure, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, Maj. Gen. Arnold Fields (Ret.), came to the White House today and resigned… a White House source …insisting Fields was not forced out. Last fall, a bipartisan group of senators -– calling the Special Inspector General’s office a “failing organization” –- called for President Obama to fire Fields and replace him …The office is responsible for monitoring the $56 billion sent to Afghanistan since 2002 for humanitarian and non-military development programs….”

    This listing has no number because it turned out not to be true. This only the second item ever on our list that we actually are removing from the list… Here’s why:
    Obama Creates Confusion with His “She Opened Her Eyes for the First Time” Remark – Not Worded Very Well 1/13/11 UPDATED… not really a ‘Lie’ after allWhile Politically Incorrect originally reported: “Dr. Rhee, the Chief Trauma Surgeon at the University Medical Center, said Gabrielle Giffords opened her eyes on the night this tragic event happened. Three whole days before Obama’s visit.”
    That’s true. And what Obama said, though not worded very well, was true as well…

    Jake Tapper at ABC News explains: “…doctors today provided a simple explanation: Wednesday was the first time Giffords opened her eyes on her own, which Giffords’ neurosurgeon, Dr. Michael Lemole Thursday called “a major milestone.” “When we examine patients, particularly in this state we have to ‘wake them up,’ give them some stimulus, and with that stimulus they might crack their eyes,” Lemole said today. “That’s very different from speaking to someone and having them open their eyes, or having them open their eyes spontaneously in response to familiarity.” “Eyes” in the case of Giffords is actually just “eye” since her right eye is bandaged.” & The quote from the Obama video is… “…Gabby opened her eyes for the first time. Gabby opened her eyes for the first time. Gabby opened her eyes. Gabby opened her eyes so I can tell you she knows we are here, she knows that we love her…” — Perhaps it would have been better to say she opened an eye on her own for the first time. Nitpicking? Now that we know more, granted. And that’s why we removed this one from the list. While not counted, we leave it here to admit our mistake.

  109. Obama Perpetuates Lie in Arizona
  110. 1/14/11 Don Surber points out: “President Obama received much praise for his speech this week in Tucson. I don’t know. He seemed to perpetuate the lie that somehow heated political debate caused this… Obama should be ashamed of perpetuating that lie.”

  111. Obama Gaffe: Calls France our Strongest Ally!
  112. 1/15/11 Conservative Watch News reports British headlines sum up this gaffe: “Barack Obama Calls France America’s Strongest Ally. The President Gives Britain the Boot Again!” From the report: “…not many people picked up on it. But some did — especially those in Britain. “We don’t have a stronger friend and stronger ally than Nicolas Sarkozy, and the French people,” Obama said while seated next to the French president…”

  113. Another Obama GM Lie!
  114. 1/15/11 Congressional Watchdog says President Obama lied about the amount of money the government will get back from it’s GM Takeover. As noted by Scotty Starnes: “By selling a block of its shares in General Motors Co. for $33 each — a price far below the “break-even” point — the government sharply reduced the chances of taxpayers fully recovering their $50 billion investment in the auto giant,..”

  115. All That Obama Applause was Staged! (& Gibbs Lied About it!)
  116. 1/15/11 The Lonely Conservative reports: “The other day outgoing White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs told us they were surprised by the applause at the pep rally memorial service in Tucson. “I will say that I read the speech several times and thought that there wouldn’t be a lot of applause if any… the Jumbotron instructed people to applaud.” — Some liberal websites are saying this one is a “made up” lie. They claim the text on the Jumbotron was simply live captioning like you can get your TV at home. Okay. How does that change the fact that the Jumbotron said “Applause” and Obama supporters looking at the screen would then be likely to join in on the applause that had started? I will leave this one on the list, However I will grant Pam, at Pam’s House Blend, the fact that on a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of importance, this one is a 1.

  117. Obama To Extend Patriot Act for 2nd Time – No One Cares Now that Democrat is in White House!
  118. 1/17/11 Blogger Tom Elliot points out: “If passed, this would be the second time the Obama administration has punted on campaign promises to roll back excessive surveillance measures allowed under the act. Last year’s extension passed under the heading of the Medicare Physician Payment Reform Act.”

  119. Obama Has Failed To Improve US Reputation as Promised!
  120. 1/17/11 Even the Associated Democrat Press notes: “The shaky trust between the United States and China has been eroding recently because of an array of issues – currency policies and trade barriers, nuclear proliferation and North Korea – and both sides seem to recognize the need to recalibrate relations.” Obama reportedly will be wining and dining China this week to try to get the relationship back to where it was when Bush was President!!

  121. Dictator Obama Requiring Cheap Laptops and Hi-Speed Internet for All!
  122. 1/19/11 Rush Hudson Limbaugh reported today that Obama’s administration has some requirements of Comcast before it can go through with its merger with NBC. Among them, Comcast must provide hi-speed internet to homes for less than $10 a month and make computers available for less than $150. Self-respecting, capitalist shareholders of Comcast should reject these dictates from Team Obama.

  123. Actor Obama Pretends He Has Truce in His War on Business
  124. 1/19/11 The Heritage Foundation notes: “…unemployment is over 9 percent for a post–World War II record 20th month in a row, the Obama Administration is desperate to convince the public that their war on business is over. Hence President Barack Obama’s Wall Street Journal op-ed yesterday announcing “a government-wide review of the rules already on the books to remove outdated regulations that stifle job creation and make our economy less competitive.” This is a nice sentiment. But even a cursory examination of the President’s actual order shows he is all talk and no action. First of all, the President’s executive order doesn’t actually require federal agencies to identify harmful regulations during the next 120 days. It merely requires that they submit a “preliminary plan” for reviewing regulations sometime in the future…”

  125. Left Says Obama is Lying About WikiLeaks
  126. 1/19/11 Uber lefties at Salon.com say all this fuss about WikiLeaks is overblown on purpose by Team Obama, “…To say that the Obama administration’s campaign against WikiLeaks has been based on wildly exaggerated and even false claims is to understate the case. But now, there is evidence that Obama officials have been knowingly lying in public about these matters. The long-time Newsweek reporter Mark Hosenball — now at Reuters — reports that what Obama officials are saying in private about WikiLeaks directly contradicts their public claims: Internal U.S. government reviews have determined that a mass leak of diplomatic cables caused only limited damage to U.S. interests abroad, despite the Obama administration’s public statements to the contrary…”

  127. Obama’s Healthcare Actuary Admits ObamaCare Lies!
  128. 1/20/11 Conservative Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin told radio talker Jay Weber in Milwaukee today that Obama’s own healthcare actuary admits the administration’s lies about the ObamaCare Nightmare! Ryan said he has had direct conversations with the actuary and that the actuary told him all the promises of healthcare reform reducing health expenses and reducing the federal deficit are simply not true! More here on what Ryan told Weber.

  129. Obama’s HUGE Flip-Flop on Military Tribunals!
  130. 1/20/11 Day one in office, President Barack Hugo Obama put an end to those nasty Bush-supported military tribunals. So there! Guess what? Democrat-run Couric-BS News is reporting that Team Obama is “…reportedly preparing to drop a ban on military tribunals against prisoners at the Guantanamo Bay terror detention facility which has been in place since the day Mr. Obama was inaugurated. The New York Times reports… the president is relenting… Defense chief Robert Gates is expected to sign off on an order permitting the tribunals to resume at Guantanamo, and new charges against some of the people in detention could be filed within weeks.” Obama sure had all those lefty, anti-Bushers snowed. All he cares about is his own rear end and his own power. Now that his name will be on the ballot, he’s trotting right back to Bush policies!!

  131. Another Obama Wal-Mart Flip-Flop!
  132. 1/21/11 When running for President, Barack Obama made Wal-Mart one of the evil capitalist corporations. He even blasted opponent Hillary RahmRod Clinton for serving on that evil company’s board of directors! Flip-flop time. It’s all love now for the Obama’s and Wal-Mart. Not only did Wal-Mart support ObamaCare, now they are supporting Michelle Obama’s FatCare! From a democrat at AOL (who somehow twists this story into an anti-Sarah Palin item) comes this report, “…the nation’s largest retailer announced it was joining forces with first lady Michelle Obama in an effort to promote healthy eating,…the company would lower prices on healthier items, increase the amount of money it donates to nutrition programs and pressure its suppliers to lower sodium and sugar levels in foods sold in its stores. “When I see a company like Wal-Mart launch an initiative like this, I feel more hopeful than ever before,” the first lady said today. “We can improve how we make and sell food in this country.” — Oh gag me already. Hypocrites! First you hate Wal-Mart (without disclosing the fact the Obama’s made tons from an investment in a firm that does business with Wal-Mart), now you love them? Sit down and be quiet already. Oh, and Michelle? How was that 5 Guys Burgers and Fries you snuck into the White House last night?! Did they lower the salt and sugar for you? More here.

  133. Obama’s Peace Prize Hypocrisy!
  134. 1/21/11 As the fabulous Rush Hudson Limbaugh put it, “2009 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Hosts the Man Who Has Imprisoned the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize Winner.” Well said.

  135. Obama’s Special Deal for General Electric (GE)
  136. 1/21/11 Rush Limbaugh: “General Electric and Obama are in bed with each other. General Electric got gobs of TARP money… TARP was to bail out banks. TARP was expanded by Obama for GE, which didn’t qualify as a bank. GE’s “bank” became the top beneficiary of TARP funds. Jeffrey Immelt is involved here. The story from the Washington Post is Monday, June 29th, 2009: “How a Loophole Benefits GE in Bank Rescue — Industrial Giant Becomes Top Recipient in Debt-Guarantee Program.” You need any more? I’ll give you more. It’s astounding here. There needs to be a stop right now and an investigation of all of this. “General Electric, the world’s largest industrial company, has quietly become the biggest beneficiary of one of the government’s key rescue programs for banks. At the same time, GE has avoided many of the restrictions facing other financial giants getting help from the government. The company did not initially qualify for the [TARP] program, under which the government sought to unfreeze credit markets by guaranteeing debt sold by banking firms.”

  137. Obama’s SECOND Special Deal for General Electric (GE)
  138. 1/21/11 Rush Limbaugh: “Also unlike firms that have received bailout money in the Troubled Assets Relief Program, or TARP, GE is not subject to restrictions such as limits on executive compensation.” So GE — unlike AIG and Goldman Sachs — can bonus their execs whatever they want. They can pay their execs whatever amount they want.’ — ConservativeAmerican.org notes that it pays people like Jeffrey Immelt to be pals with Obama.

  139. Obama’s THIRD Special Deal for General Electric (GE)
  140. 1/21/11 Rush Limbaugh: “and now yesterday GE’s chairman ends up on a new advisory committee on jobs and the economy set up by executive order. And the Washington Post is totally unfazed as they report this. Ho-hum! It’s just more Obama structural brilliance as far as they are concerned. Now, this seems to call for an investigation. I mean, this is serious insider dealing here between this company and this president. Now, it’s obvious, it’s been clear to everybody, Obama has a plan in place (and, again, as I say, it’s a very obvious plan) to use the bureaucracy, not legislation. Use the bureaucracy to advance the most radical agenda possible in health and environment (which is what this GE stuff is all about) while creating a PR perception in the opposite direction, that of the cool headed, moderate, open-to-ideas, civil president. It’s a complete ruse. It’s a complete attempt to deceive the people: Say one thing but act another way.” –ConservativeAmerican.org calls it the “Obama Pattern!”

  141. Obama Lies about Executive Order to “Help Business”
  142. 1/22/11 From the Washington Examiner: “…along comes Obama, promising in a Wall Street Journal op-ed that his new executive order will result in “a governmentwide review of the rules already on the books to remove outdated regulations that stifle job creation and make our economy less competitive.” Sounds good, right? Maybe Obama really did get the message voters intended for him to hear in November about too much federal spending, too much government red tape, and getting the economy growing again. Don’t get your hopes up, Bunky. As with virtually everything Obama says, there is less — and more — here than meets the eye. For one thing, the new executive order isn’t really new at all. It simply reiterates and restates principles and procedures President Clinton put forth in a 1993 executive order…”

  143. Obama Stands By & Does Nothing While Chinese Performer Insults USA!
  144. 1/22/11 From The Epoch Times: ““My Motherland” having been played at the White House will be seen as a propaganda triumph in China. “In the eyes of all Chinese, this will not be seen as anything other than a big insult to the U.S.,” says Yang Jingduan, a Chinese psychiatrist now living in Philadelphia who had in China been a doctor in the Chinese military. “It’s like insulting you in your face and you don’t know it, it’s humiliating.” Yang sees Lang Lang choosing this tune as an expression of the deeply anti-American propaganda that is constant in China. “This deeply anti-American chauvinism has been fanned by the CCP for years; Lang Lang is expressing the feelings of this generation of angry young people,” Yang said…”

  145. Obama Plans Even MORE Spending??!!!
  146. 1/22/11 Big Government is reporting today, “President Barack Obama will call for new government spending on infrastructure, education and research in his State of the Union address Tuesday, sharpening his response to Republicans in Congress who are demanding deep budget cuts, people familiar with the speech said. Mr. Obama will argue that the U.S., even while trying to reduce its budget deficit, must make targeted investments to foster job growth and boost U.S. competitiveness in the world economy.” — ConservativeAmerican.org points out how out of touch this President is with the desires of the American people for smaller government and less spending.

  147. Obama Breaks Promise to Reward Success in Education
  148. 1/24/11 From The Hill: “Obama said, “the idea here is simple. … Instead of rewarding failure, we only reward success. Instead of funding the status quo, we only invest in reform — reform that raises student achievement.” I have to admit I was suspicious. Rewarding success? Isn’t that what the DC Opportunity Scholarship program was — a successful alternative for D.C. students that resulted in higher student performance and increased graduation rates? But the president — with the help of Democrats in Congress like Sen. Richard Durbin (Ill.) — ended that program shortly after arriving in the White House… How did President Obama’s promise …hold up over this past year? Turns out, not so well. Just this month, Detroit Public Schools announced they plan to spend $49 million in federal money (thanks to “the stimulus”) to push more technology in the district, including the purchase and distribution of 40,000 new laptop computers for students. The problem? This is a school district rife with academic failure…”

  149. Scandal! Obama Spends $150 million in Taxpayer Money on Legal Fees for His Pal, Franklin Raines & Others!
  150. 1/24/11 Foxy Blondes News reports, “Taxpayers have spent more than $160 million defending executives of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, infuriating lawmakers who want to know why taxpayers are footing the bill for heads of agencies that have already cost Americans at least $150 billion. According to The New York Times, the bulk of those legal expenses — $132 million — went to pay for the defense of former top executives named in civil lawsuits accusing them of fraud and in various securities suits and government investigations into accounting irregularities that occurred years before the subprime lending crisis erupted. Of the payments, $24 million went to defend former Fannie CEO Franklin Raines and two other executives…” — ConservativeAmerican.org says what unbelievable nonsense and corruption this is! The government is paying legal fees to defend fat cat CEO’s (that’s what the left calls them) from “government investigations into accounting irregularities!!!” So, you are paying to go after these men AND you are paying to defend these men! What a crock of crap.

  151. Obama;s Broken Promise to Meet Monthly with the GOP
  152. 1/24/11 From Far Right 30: “Needless to say, President Obama never scheduled the meetings he made such a big deal about in his address. Yeah, he probably said it with his fingers, or his toes, crossed. Why would anyone have taken this promise seriously?”

  153. Obama Flip Flops on the Chamber of Commerce!
  154. 1/24/11 Remember when the President lied about the Chamber of Commerce somehow using foreign money to support GOP candidates in the election? In yet another flip flop, Obama now hearts the Chamber… at least that is what his lefty pals say! From the ultra liberal H.R. Huff-n-Stuffington Post: “Wall Street’s takeover of the Obama administration is now complete. The mega-banks and their corporate allies control every economic policy position of consequence… Mr. Obama last week obediently recited the Chamber of Commerce’s liturgy about governmental regulation being the cause of what ails the American economy in the pages of the Wall Street Journal. This public oath of allegiance signaled his now admitted complicity with those who supposedly had been his opponents.”

  155. Huffington Posts’s List of Obama Broken Technology Promises – # 1 Net Neutrality
  156. 1/25/11 Marvin Ammori notes at Huffpo: “But first, the glaring failure named Julius Genachowski, the FCC Chairman. I (and others) have written previously about how he has broken the president’s promises and failed the public on network neutrality,…” and on his own site, keep in mind than many believe this FCC Chairman, Julius Genachowski, has followed the well-worn politician strategy–use legalistic details to cave to industry but fool the public–when he buckled to AT&T pressure and issued his “compromise,” loophole-riddled net neutrality proposal last October and then more recently…”

  157. Huffington Posts’s List of Obama Broken Technology Promises – # 2 Broadband Policy
  158. 1/25/11 Marvin Ammori notes at Huffpo: “Julius Genachowski, the FCC Chairman… has broken the president’s promises and failed the public on… broadband policies… He has even even broken these promises with impressive political incompetence.”

  159. Huffington Posts’s List of Obama Broken Technology Promises – # 3 Media Ownership
  160. 1/25/11 Marvin Ammori notes at Huffpo: “Julius Genachowski, the FCC Chairman… has broken the president’s promises and failed the public on… media ownership… and …Many people are privately calling Genachowski the most disappointing failure in FCC history.”

  161. Huffington Posts’s List of Obama Broken Technology Promises – # 4 Public Safety
  162. 1/25/11 Marvin Ammori notes at Huffpo: “…the glaring failure named Julius Genachowski, the FCC Chairman. I (and others) have written previously about how he has broken the president’s promises and failed the public on… public safety.” And details from website Wet Machine: “…the “D Block” is a 10 MHz block of spectrum left over from the auction of the returned broadcast spectrum (aka the “700 MHz auction”). AT&T, Verizon and a passle of national public safety groups want the D Block allocated for public safety use to join the existing 12 MHz public safety data block (and 12 MHz public safety narrowband block). From the standpoint of public safety, you get more spectrum — and it is a religious conviction among wireless users that you can never have too much spectrum. From the standpoint of AT&T and Verizon, who emerged as the big winners in the 700 MHz auction, this prevents rival carriers from bidding on primo spectrum. Further, The public safety guys have said they intend to partner with other 700 MHz licensees to lease out spectrum from D Block in strategic partnerships. And who are best positioned to partner with public safety? AT&T and Verizon, since they have most of the good 700 MHz spectrum and are already building a muckin’ huge network that will be compatible with the LTE standard adopted by public safety…”

  163. Obama’s State of Confusion Lie About Working Together
  164. 1/25/11 “I believe we can, and I believe we must.” Yeah right! Big lie. He promised to meet monthly with the GOP and never did. He never involved the GOP in any discussions about healthcare either.

  165. Obama’s State of Confusion Lie About Money for Infrastructure
  166. 1/25/11 The President tonight called for more spending (!!) on infrastructure, roads and the like. That’s odd. He told us his economic stimulus was largely for infrastructure and shovel ready projects, later admitting there were no shovel ready projects! Remember when VP Biden Declared Obama’s Deficit Stimulus Plan a Success Despite Not Delivering Needed Boost in Jobs back on 9/3/9 – The Associated Democrat Press said then: “Biden proclaimed success beyond expectations Thursday for the $787 billion economic stimulus, but his glowing assessment overlooks many of the program’s problems, including delays in releasing money, questionable spending priorities and project picks that are under investigation…The administration has struggled to make the case that the huge spending program has delivered real economic recovery at a time when the nation’s unemployment rate threatens to top 10 percent…(Biden) proudly pointed to more than 2,200 highway projects Thursday funded by the program, but didn’t mention the growing frustration among contractors that infrastructure money is only trickling out and thus far hasn’t delivered the needed boost in jobs — So now he wants even more than his $787-Billion for infrastructure again?!! Wonder where this money will really go!

  167. Obama’s State of Confusion – Fighting is bad, no wait, It’s Good!
  168. 1/25/11 After lecturing us about not fighting and having a more civil discussion, the President said “we fought fiercely, and that’s a good thing!” Can you please make up your mind Mr. President? Instead, he just bases it on his poll numbers after his Tucson talk.

  169. Obama’s State of Confusion – American’s paychecks are Bigger Now
  170. 1/25/11 He bases that comment on his tiny cut that he still lies about when he claims he cut taxes for 95% of Americans. He never did that, but that’s another story. While a few may see bigger paychecks, the truth is the effective unemployment rate is about 18% and many who still have jobs have seen cuts. To gloss over all that by pretending and implying that most Americans have bigger checks is a bold lie.

  171. Obama’s State of Confusion – Suddenly Pretends to be a Conservative?!
  172. 1/25/11 The President suddenly claims he wants to be the President of the Country that is the best place on earth to do business. That’s odd. Even the Huffington Post says Obama has been a terrible failure when it comes to living up to his promises to small business. He promised that the SBA dollars will actually go to small businesses and not giant corporations! He promised to make that a “change we could believe in.” Hasn’t happened.

  173. Obama’s State of Confusion – Still a Climate Hoaxer
  174. 1/25/11 They clapped when he called for one million electric cars on the road. The same cars that only go 50 miles on a good day at unimpressive speeds. He called the evil, black oil companies “yesterday’s energy,” and said we should stop spending on that and instead spend on clean energy like windmills. He still claims his energy nonsense “will create countless new jobs.” Wait,… that’s actually true. There won’t be any jobs to count at all! And he wants to spend, spend, spend like a mad liberal on new green clean energy.

  175. Obama’s State of Confusion – Government Invented the Internet!
  176. 1/25/11 The President actually claimed tonight that it was government spending that planted the seed that created the internet. I beg your pardon?

  177. Obama’s State of Confusion – Wants to Replace Ted Kennedys No Child Left Behind Bill
  178. 1/25/11 The President suggested a new education plan to reward success. That’s the same old lie he has been telling. He said the same thing last year and hasn’t lived up to it. From our Obama Scandals list dated just the other day: 1/24/11 From The Hill: “Obama said, “the idea here is simple. … Instead of rewarding failure, we only reward success. Instead of funding the status quo, we only invest in reform — reform that raises student achievement.” I have to admit I was suspicious. Rewarding success? Isn’t that what the DC Opportunity Scholarship program was — a successful alternative for D.C. students that resulted in higher student performance and increased graduation rates? But the president — with the help of Democrats in Congress like Sen. Richard Durbin (Ill.) — ended that program shortly after arriving in the White House… How did President Obama’s promise …hold up over this past year? Turns out, not so well. Just this month, Detroit Public Schools announced they plan to spend $49 million in federal money (thanks to “the stimulus”) to push more technology in the district, including the purchase and distribution of 40,000 new laptop computers for students. The problem? This is a school district rife with academic failure…” And he promised to spend, spend, spend like a mad liberal to help the Teacher’s union.

  179. Obama’s State of Confusion – He Lied about Making College Affordable
  180. 1/25/11 President Obama said tonight that he took money away from the evil fat cat banks, and “used that savings to make college more affordable.” Not true. His plan actually raised the cost of education for new students. From our Scandals List: “Obama’s School Loan Takeover INCREASES Costs to College students by 17%!! 4/14/2010 President Obama bragged about his school loan takeover “cutting out the middle man.” He was referring to kicking private banks out of the business. What he forgot to mention comes from Into The Marketplace: “he lied to us again. In case you hadn’t noticed, the new Obamacare deal provided an opportunity for the federal government to hijack the student loan program, close out private banks from loaning money to students and then on top of this, students taking out new loans will be assessed an additional fee of $1700 for every $10,000 dollars in loans that they receive for their education. The net result will be that students will need to increase their indebtedness and the cost of education just increased by 17%.”

  181. Obama’s State of Confusion – Oops! He left out Employment FACTS!
  182. 1/25/11 The President said one-million private sector jobs were created last year. Cute that he forgot to mention that the private sector lost 4-million jobs since he took office. He promised to create 3 to 4 million jobs. So, he has 7 to 8 million jobs to go. Ah,… those annoying little facts.

  183. Obama’s State of Confusion – Promised Free Broadband to 98% of Americans!
  184. 1/25/11 The President set a “goal” to have 98% of Americans get broadband. That’s an awfully expensive proposition. How exactly does he intend to pay for giving away broadband?

  185. Obama’s State of Confusion – Repeats Business Roadblocks Lie
  186. 1/25/11 The President tonight repeated his very misleading claim that he’s interested in removing government roadblocks that hurt businesses. From our Obama Mistakes list: “Obama Lies about Executive Order to “Help Business” 1/22/11 From the Washington Examiner: “…along comes Obama, promising in a Wall Street Journal op-ed that his new executive order will result in “a governmentwide review of the rules already on the books to remove outdated regulations that stifle job creation and make our economy less competitive.” Sounds good, right? Maybe Obama really did get the message voters intended for him to hear in November about too much federal spending, too much government red tape, and getting the economy growing again. Don’t get your hopes up, Bunky. As with virtually everything Obama says, there is less — and more — here than meets the eye. For one thing, the new executive order isn’t really new at all. It simply reiterates and restates principles and procedures President Clinton put forth in a 1993 executive order…”

  187. Obama’s State of Confusion – We need to Spend, Spend, Spend… No, Wait! We need to Cut!
  188. 1/25/11 After detailing for congress how the President would like to increase spending by billions on research, education, and infrastructure, he flip-flopped and suggested that the worst of the recession is behind us and now the federal budget must be cut. Uhm… if the worst is behind and it’s time to cut, Mr. President, then why are YOU suggesting that we SPEND, SPEND, SPEND!!! After spending a trillion on a failed bailout and a trillion on socialist healthcare, now he says it’s time for the government to sacrifice! Uhm, wasn’t it time for that when you took office, sir?!

  189. Obama’s State of Confusion – Promises to Veto Pork and Earmarks for Special Pet Projects!
  190. 1/25/11 OMG! I can’t believe he repeated this lie. It was a constant lie of his 2008 campaign and yet he passed hundreds of billions of dollars of pork and earmarks in his own so-called “Economic Stimulus” plan. Rush Limbaugh even called it the “Porkulus” package. He has repeatedly claimed that “Now, I’ll stop okaying this.” Then he okays it again, and again, and again. This is a bizarre claim that demonstrates how stupid he thinks the majority of Americans are.

  191. Obama’s State of Confusion – Claims He Restored our Reputation Around the World!
  192. 1/25/11 Obama said our national reputation has been restored now. Comforting. An example he used is that the Iraq war is ending. Uhm, sir? You “inherited” the end of that war from George W. Bush, the man you claim ruined our national reputation! Hypocrite!

  193. Obama’s State of Confusion – Outrageous Claim That he has been tough on North Korea!
  194. 1/25/11 The President claimed that he is continuing to hold North Korea to its promise of getting rid of its nuclear weapons. He said he’ll continue to insist they do so. Not True! He has stood by and repeatedly done nothing as North Korea continues to make progress and test nuclear warheads! He begged and begged the U.N. to do something and they finally issued “tough new sanctions” that were sooooo tough, the only thing they did was said that the U.N. could WATCH North Korean ships and if the U.N was suspicious of the cargo it could ASK FOR PERMISSION to board the ship. That’s what he calls tough?! This is nothing short of a brazen lie! Oh, but his democrat-party pals at ABC help him with the lie.

  195. Obama’s State of Confusion – Wants to Cut Military Spending in the Midst of Two Wars!
  196. 1/25/11 The President proposed cutting “Tens of Billions” from the military, despite the fact our nation is involved in two wars. To the contrary, military spending should not be cut. And, while we’re at it, the pay for soldiers in battle should be increased and the care for injured soldiers should be improved.

  197. Obama’s State of Confusion – Suddenly Loves the U.S. Constitution?!
  198. 1/25/11 After calling the U.S. Constitution a flawed document, the President claimed that all believe in the rights “enshrined in the Constitution.” I thought the document was flawed and out of date, Mr. President?

  199. Obama’s State of Confusion – Forgotten Promise on Malpractice Reform!
  200. 1/25/11 Last year the President said he would support the republican idea of having serious and dramatic malpractice reform to reduce medical expenses. Words, just words. He and his democrat pals would have none of it. Despite that, he repeated his “promise” tonight. The Washington Post adds: “Even though the president said in his speech that he wants to work with Republicans, he has never supported one step the GOP has long said would control malpractice costs: creating federal limits on the size of damage awards patients can collect in lawsuits. ”

    Obama’s State of Confusion Lies continue on the next page of the list…

On 9/4/11, ConservativeAmerican.org discontinued the list. It was simply too much work to keep up with all of the Team Obama lies and broken promises. And, the majority of voters were not even willing to listen to the truth about Obama. As history taught us, President Obama was easily reelected in 2012. People still believed the “If you like you plan, you can keep it” lie. Only after the President broke that promise, one that impacted tens of millions of Americans, did citizens start to wake up and realize who the REAL Barack Obama is. This list is presented to all of those now willing to look into Obama’s past.

You can visit all the pages of the Official Obama Administration Scandals List!

SCANDALS By Scandal Number:1-100101-200201-300301-400401-500501-600601-700701-800801-900901-1000. 1001-1100. 1101-1200. 1201-1300. 1301-1400. 1401-1500. 1501-1600. 1601-1700. 1701-1800. 1801-1900. 1901-2000. 2001-2100. 2101-2200. 2201-2300. 2301-2325.

Page 1 – Official Obama Adnimistration Scandals List.
Page 2 – Obama Lies List.
Page 3 – The Tea Party Guide to the Obama Galaxy.
Page 4 The Obama Excuses List.
Page 5 Obama’s Broken Promises List.
Page 6 The Obama Mistakes List.
Page 7 Obama Scandals List.
Page 8 Obamacare Lies List.
Page 9 More Obama Lies.
Page 10 Official Obama Scandals & Lies List.
Page 11 The Obama-Nopoulus 26, 41 State of the Union Lies & Other Obama Scandals!
Page 12 How Many Lies Has Obama Told?
Page 13 More and More Obama Broken Promises! – 1300 & Counting!
Page 14 Obama Nominee Scandals & Other Team Obama Lies
Page 15 Obama Mistakes and Lies List.
Page 16 Never-ending List of Obama Lies
Page 17 The Best Obama Lies List
Page 18 Obamifact/ObamaWiki – The Obama List
BONUS PAGE: 310 Obamacare Lies and Broken Promises!
Page 19 Obama Promises Melt Like Snowflakes! – And We List the Snowflakes
Page 20 ObamaPedia Guide to Obama Lies
Page 21 Obama’s Endless String of Broken Promises
Page 22 Obama’s Broken Net Spending Cut Lie and 2,200 Other Fabrications!
Page 23 – Obama: “I want you to hold me Accountable!” – Okay, we will.
Page 24 – Keeping Track of Obama Lies, Broken Promises.

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Racist Sonia Sotomayor 5/26/9-through-Inspectors General-Gate (#3!) 7/8/9
Inspectors General-Gate (#4!) 7/8/9-through-Stimulus “bang” for the buck? 8/7/9
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Obama buys 2 Obamacare Votes 3/24/10-through-Obama stimulus didn’t save teacher jobs after all 5/7/10
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Bonus Page: 310 Obamacare Lies!
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