Obama Rejects Clean Bill He Said He Wanted!

obama stops WWII vets
Obama acting like a 2 year old again!
Media reports today, including one on the Rush Limbaugh show, say Barack Hussein Obama has rejected the so-called “clean” bill he wanted to end worry about the government defaulting on its debt payments! He doesn’t care. His pals in the press will only blame republicans. They’re so in love with the idea of the first black (he’s just as white as he is black, btw) president that they just can’t report anything that would put at risk the chance of his face replacing Lincoln’s on the one-dollar bill.

Meanwhile, HotAir.com is reporting Harry Reid has just offered republicans another deal.

And another media sin in this whole fiasco, is they don’t report that it is the president only (not the republicans in congress) who decides what is essential and what is not. It is the president only who kicked WWII vets off the memorial. It is the president only who stopped food stamps for a day (not the republicans). The media has become an enemy of the nation rather than the 4th estate (not to be confused with the 5th estate movie out about Wikileaks).

Barack Hugo Obama is the same man who stood up in front of democrat media microphones and yelled that “never before in history” (even though it happend 27 times before) had anyone dared to attach another issue to funding the government. Now, Dictator Obama won’t sign any deal on the government shutdown unless he gets to attach another issue to the bill!! He wants to increase federal government spending by getting rid of the sequester cuts.

Will anyone in the media report what a huge hypocrite this dictator wannabe really is?

Hello? Is this thing on?

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